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I’ve opened up a new YouTube Channel, and will be using it to demonstrate a point.

What many of the younger SJWs don’t understand, is that we’ve seen much of the Sequel Trilogy before, in the form of cheap Star Wars knock-off films that were prevalent from about 1978 to 1984, and even later.  I’ll be posting those knock-off films, in the hopes that younger fans will begin to see what many older fans see in the Sequel Trilogy.

To kick this off, I am posting probably the most famous of the Star Wars knock of films, Battle Beyond The Stars from 1980.



Star Wars Celebration To Be A Rumble, Or A Massacre?

Recently, I wrote about my prediction for violence at Star Wars Celebration based on the nature of recent events within geek culture and the nation as a whole.  Things continue to seemingly move in that direction.

Jess, feminazgûl, podcast star of Rebel Grrrl, “A Feminst blog from the @MakingStarWars podcast network.”


Will traditional invitees to Star Wars Celebration call for Antifa to crash the party, and “punch Nazis?”   Given the unhinged misbehavior we’ve seen out of unthinking SJWs thus far, it’s more than likely.   The safety of anyone in #TheFandomMenace attending Star Wars Celebration is at risk.

I’d guess that if #TheFandomMenace openly expresses outrage over this, that SJWs in the fanbase and in Lucasfilm will react by openly calling for Antifa’s attendance at Star Wars Celebration.  That is, if they haven’t already quietly done so.

Although, as Twitter user Boss mentioned:

But it could be far, far worse than merely punches.

Judicial Watch correspondent Jeremiah Stephan Dunleavy IV recently posted this picture of Antifa protesting in Lafayette Square in Washington:


The fact that Star Wars Celebration 2019 takes place in liberal Chicago where gun violence is already through the roof is disconcerting.

Nevertheless bringing firearms to Star Wars Celebration, would not be “playing by the rules” as Jess wishes of those who she appreciates.

That is, I imagine Star Wars Celebration may be an official “gun free zone.”  Kind of like the rest of Chicago.

Thanks to the tip from Adjacent Culture.


Another drone in the Collective.

John Talks Sense

I’ve been thinking a lot about this video:

John makes a lot of sense here.  The franchise truly is broken beyond repair. That was the topic of my very first real blog post here, so I’ve already accepted that some time ago.

The only really good thing Disney has done so far is designating genuine Star Wars as “Legends” so that it’s much easier for the consumer to distinguish the real stuff from Disney garbage.

But there really is no hope that this franchise will ever get better.  The SJW activists within Lucasfilm will continue to double down on the political nonsense, confident in the notion that they’re pissing off all the right people; racists, sexists, misogynists etc.

Even in the very best case scenario, where Iger would step in and completely clean house at Lucasfilm from top to bottom, what would happen next?  They’d have to restaff.  So they’d likely hire predominately from the local area around where Lucasfilm is based: San Francisco.  That doesn’t give the fanbase much hope that normal people will be working there any time soon, if ever.

So the reality is that all is lost.  All we can do now is be entertained by the inevitable implosion of the Lucasfilm dumpster fire.

But there’s one area in John’s statement that I would like to offer a counterpoint to.

John believes that this all started with The Last Jedi and Rian Johnson.  I have to differ on that.  It could be traced back to the hiring of Kathleen Kennedy who brought her political agenda to the table.  There was also some issues with the firebombing of the EU and the canceling of The Clone Wars that immediately agitated a portion of the fanbase before any Disney feature ever hit the screen.  But the real rot started with JJ Abrams and The Force Awakens.

I’ve already posted my reviews of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, so I won’t tread too deeply into that material here.

But the serious problems really started with The Force Awakens.  There’s no question that TFA did gangbusters at the box office and had many happy fans.  But the thing about sequels, particularly in large franchises like this, is that the box office for a sequel is representative of the general satisfaction or lack thereof that the audience had for the previous film.  So the audience was happy enough from the OT, to return to see the PT.  Even as lackluster as the PT was in some areas, there was still enough goodwill towards the franchise leftover, for people to go see TFA.  And folks were happy enough with TFA, to return to see The Last Jedi.  TLJ had a great opening weekend, before its steep decline immediately starting in the second weekend.  And then Solo bombed.

But I think TFA’s success can also be attributed to a combination of other things, in addition to the audience wanting to see more Star Wars.  I think there was a portion of the TFA audience that was genuinely entertained.  But I also think there was a portion of the audience that had nostalgia goggles on, and was just happy to see Harrison Ford in his Han Solo costume again.  But ultimately there was nothing there.

Only a few of us could see this at the time, but all the setup in TFA was for nothing.  There was no grand plan.  Those of us who were familiar with JJ Abrams’ work on LOST suspected this would be the case.  The new characters were 1 dimensional, and the plot was quite frankly boring.  The art design was pedestrian.  The whole First Order/Resistance conflict was so derivative of the OT, that it felt like many of the Star Wars knock-off films from the 1978-1984 period.  Before it came out, I remember saying on the old imdb message boards, that if the Resistance has to take out a “Necro Sphere,” that we were in trouble.  Boy, were we ever.  The whole thing played out like fan fiction, and that’s why Max Landis’ observation of Rey as a Mary Sue stuck so well; it rang true.

What TLJ did, is something that I don’t think has happened before in a major film franchise.  Planet of the Apes had some awful sequels, as did Highlander, and even 2001, and other franchises, but the first films were still regarded highly afterwards.  Star Wars itself survived the divisive PT.  But TLJ was so awfully bad, that it revealed the previous film TFA for the house of cards that it was.  It ripped nostalgia goggles right off.  Even previously ardent fans of TFA, started to see that the emperor had no clothes.  I think it was David Stewart on YouTube who said that if TFA was a love letter to the fans, then TLJ was hate mail.  That hate mail was a slap in the face that broke the spell and woke the fanbase up.  The fanbase may be woke now, but not in the way that Lucasfilm intended.

Jeff from World Class Bullshitters is concerned that people will forget their anger and go see Episode IX.  I understand and share his concern, but a part of me thinks that we may not have much to worry about.  Lucasfilm representatives will inevitably continue to lash out in meltdowns, reigniting fan anger again.  But I also think that apathy has set into the general audience, and that’s far worse for Lucasfilm than fan anger.

Make Mandalore Great Again

Jon Favreau’s Star Wars series is looming on the horizon and today we get a few tidbits on the show from comcibook.com.

…it might be picking up on some major events from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, as it’s said to focus on the planet of Mandalore.

The report from Making Star Wars states the series could be taking place three years after the destruction of the second Death Star and the death of the Emperor in Return of the Jedi. The series would be about Mandalore falling into a “state of turmoil” with many parties working to restore the planet to its rightful place, with those effects reverberating across the galaxy.


If only he could make Star Wars great again.

Call me skeptical.  Call me cynical.  Call me conspiratorial.  Tell me I should wear a tin foil hat.

But given what we now know about Disney’s track record thus far with regards to pushing political propaganda in Star Wars, this description sounds suspiciously allegorical.

“Restore the planet to its rightful place” seems like a not so veiled allegory of “Make America Great Again.”  When it’s said “with those effects reverberating across the galaxy,” I imagine what they’ll be doing is using this allegory to lecture the viewer about all of the bad things that are happening elsewhere in the world as a result of making America great again.  When it’s said, “The series would be about Mandalore falling into a ‘state of turmoil’ with many parties…” I imagine that they’ll be attempting to depict America’s current state of turmoil, which is really just a handful of malcontents attempting to recreate the “turbulent” 1960s.

How dreadfully dull, if this is the case.

Kathleen Kennedy popped her head up from her hole just long enough to make a brief statement:

“I couldn’t be more excited about Jon coming on board to produce and write for the new direct-to-consumer platform,” said Kennedy. “Jon brings the perfect mix of producing and writing talent, combined with a fluency in the Star Wars universe. This series will allow Jon the chance to work with a diverse group of writers and directors and give Lucasfilm the opportunity to build a robust talent base.”

Robust isn’t exactly the word I’d use to describe Lucasfilm’s current “talent” base.  Unless we’re talking about a lack of deodorant.


Toy Sales Grow Despite Claims That “Kids Don’t Play With Toys Anymore”

With the routine and now undeniable reports that Star Wars toy and merchandise sales were slumping, and with World Class Bullshitters really being at the forefront with videos showing the toys just sitting on shelves for weeks and months and even years on end, it was undeniable that merchandising in the Star Wars franchise just wasn’t what it used to be.

Therefore, the Collective needed to concoct a new reality defying narrative.  Kids don’t play with toys anymore, they now say.

Well hold on to your stormtrooper helmets.


They’re not playing with those.

pymnts.com is reporting that US Toy Industry Sales Grow To $7.9B After Toys R Us Closure.

In the first half of 2018, sales in the U.S. toy industry rose by 7 percent to $7.9 billion. The increase occurred during the liquidation of Toys R Us, market research group NPD said in a press release.

Toys set at between $5 and $19.99 led the market growth, and, when it came to categories, youth electronics increased by 43 percent and dolls rose by 17 percent. In addition, box office action figures and accessories grew sales by 16 percent.

If toy sales grow when kids don’t play with toys anymore, is that anything like a falling tree not making a sound if no one is around?

Episode IX To Be Dragged Out Over 2 Movies?

In the immortal words of Alfred E. Neuman, “yecch.”

There’s a number of stories circulating the web about rumors that Episode IX will follow in the footsteps of franchises like Harry Potter, Twilight, Avengers, and split the final Episode into two features.  So we’d get an Episode IX Part 1, and an Episode IX Part 2.  Others are claiming that the rumor isn’t true.

This is truly a terrible idea.  Can you imagine, that when Part 1 bombs at the box office as it almost certainly will, what chance would a Part 2 have at the box office after that?

I’m not sure how much of the fan base can be dragged to Episode IX even if it’s a single film.  John Talks Star Wars echos my own feelings on the matter, as to where I’m at with this franchise:

Indeed.  As John Boyega boldly told the fanbase, we too, don’t care.


I’m starting to suspect, that the box office for Episode IX will make Solo look like a genuine blockbuster. I suspect that the only audience that is left is the few fringe SJW freaks that don’t financially support the franchise anyways.

I’m struggling just to find any interest in even writing about it anymore.  I don’t care about the remaining legacy characters that they’re going to drag back into this, I don’t care about any of the new characters, I don’t care about the Legends characters they’re going to shoehorn into this, I don’t care about the First Order/Resistance conflict -none of it.  What would that say for the casual fan?  Why would the casual fan care?

On the other hand, and I’m just speculating here, what if the notion of producing a 2 Part Episode IX, is JJ Abrams’ back door way of overwriting Episode VIII?  It’s possible, but highly unlikely.  But even then, who cares?

There Will Be Violence At Star Wars Celebration 2019

I predict that there will be a large amount of physical violence at Star Wars Celebration 2019, which runs April 11-15.  That’s only 9 months away.

There will be multiple attacks, perhaps even a large scale mob brawl.  I predict that SJWs may even come to the convention armed.  There will also likely be multiple instances of vandalism and hate hoaxing.  I’m basing my prediction on multiple factors.


Coming to a convention near you.

First, let’s take a look at Left Foot Media’s prediction for Star Wars Celebration 2019.

So the financial failings that Lucasfilm is experiencing at the box office, and with the toys and merchandise sales, will have those working within the convention and within Lucasfilm operating in an agitated and potentially highly charged capacity.  They will want to claim some sort of SJW victory in the face of their continuing defeat, and gloat over angering the phantom racists and misogynists that they always point at, in the public content of the convention.  SJWs will undoubtedly be looking to lock horns with anyone who argues against that.  If attendance at the convention is at an all time low, as the box office for Solo suggests it could be, then that will only exacerbate and inflame SJW anger.

But there’s also more factors to consider here.

First is the instance at WonderCon 2018, SJWs had a collective meltdown over an author being “misgendered” at a panel.  For those who may not know, over the last 5 years or so SJWs have invented about 20 new pronouns to accommodate the 20 or so new genders that SJWs also invented.  SJWs have invented these things in order to give themselves something to react with outrage over, demonize their political allies who aren’t aware of this silliness as morally inferior, and virtue signal one another.

World Class Bullshitters discussed the WonderCon incident in greater depth.

So we know that SJWs are actively looking for things at these conventions to excuse their uncontrollable animal-like misbehavior on.

Then of course we have the recent incident, where SJWs threw the first punch at GenCon 2018.  Jeremy Hambly of TheQuartering was attacked by SJW Matt Loter during GenCon 2018 for expressing opinions on YouTube that ran counter to SJW narratives.  Ethan Van Sciver discussed this incident in greater detail:

Readers can donate to Jeremy Hamby’s legal fund via GoFundMe, which Ethan Van Sciver has set up.

Justice for Jeremy Hambly

But even more disturbing than the physical attack itself, is the sweeping of the incident under the rug by GenCon, the owners of the Tin Roof tavern, and even the Indianapolis Police.  All of those parties seem to be doing their very best to ignore the attack, and suppress anyone who might want to speak about it.

Additionally, Matt Loter has cheerleaders.  Not only are SJWs applauding the physical violence, but they’re also openly calling for more, not just on Twitter, but in written articles published in the media.  Jeremy from TheQuartering gives an example of some of the applause that the physical attack is receiving from the SJW ignorati.

Nerdist producer Ben McShane posted the following:

Game Designer and former host on NPC podcast, Aaron Donogh, posted the following statement:

Dj3X-NFUcAAGs35.jpg large

So Matt Loter’s attack on Jeremy Hambly has emboldened SJWs.  SJWs are now elevating Loter to the status of social justice folk hero, and as such will now be seeking to emulate him.

Additionally, the lack of punitive action on Matt Loter from Quinnipiac University where Loter works as a professorGenCon and the Indianapolis Police will even further embolden SJWs, leading them to believe that they can engage in similar physically violent actions without fear of consequences.

Recently, in an unrelated story, a college professor and “anti-fascist” activist, physically attacked 6 people who attended a North California political rally with a bike lock.  He was given probation.

So it’s unlikely that Loter will face consequences, unless Hambly can get a good amount of donations for his legal fund.  This freedom from fear of consequences which is apparent widely will embolden SJWs further.

These sentiments have spilled over into the professional “fans” of Star Wars.  Jason Ward of MakingStarWars.net posted the following statement:


Will Star Wars Celebration take any kind of punitive action against MakingStarWars.net for advocating physical violence?  Unlikely.

How long before some representative of Lucasfilm comes out in support of Matt Loter’s violent attack, or proudly promotes “punching Nazis?”   Have Lucasfilm representatives already made statements similar to that of Jason Ward, supporting the violent actions of Matt Loter?  I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

But I’ll be genuinely surprised if some Lucasfilm representative doesn’t wear a “punching Nazis” T-Shirt at Star Wars Celebration 2019.  “Punching Nazis” is a major fashion trend within the SJW ignorati at the moment.

And then of course we have the city of Chicago, where Star Wars Celebration 2019 will be held.  The very liberal city of Chicago in general is currently a war zone, as anyone who reads the daily news will be aware of.   Many of the local violent SJW activists will likely be in attendance at Star Wars Celebration, and are probably already licking their lips over the opportunity to punch a Nazi and achieve social justice folk hero status themselves.

Between now and April 2019 when Star Wars Celebration takes place, there will be many other conventions taking place.  We’ll have to watch new coming from those conventions to see if this kind of violent misbehavior from SJW activists escalates in severity and increases in frequency.  I predict that it will, given that SJWs always want to out-virtue their peers.

All of these factors point to Star Wars Celebration as being the culmination of this brewing storm.

SJWs will likely target anyone who expresses any non-SJW opinions, particularly publicly at any speaking engagement.  Certainly anyone wearing Soylo or #TheFandomMenace t-shirts will likewise be unfairly targeted for violent attacks.

SJWs simply cannot, and will not, control their own behavior.  They have no internal mechanism for doing so.  So violent attacks are inevitable.

And of course Lucasfilm and the media will blame normal people for the attacks, and may even ban the victims of SJW violence from future events.

My primary piece of advice for anyone attending any of these conventions for the foreseeable future, is to carry lots of cameras with you, and be recording video at all times.  Godspeed.