Bad Takes From Bad Actors Acting In Bad Faith Is Not A Good Look

Pablo Hidalgo has blocked Ethan Van Sciver on Twitter, publicly determining that Ethan does not deserve his Snagglepuss RTs.  But chances are, Pablo simply employed a block chain that blocks anyone who follows Ethan indiscriminately.  But that’s a bad take.  Ethan does indeed deserve Pablo’s Snagglepuss.

This development has inspired Ethan to commemorate the event in song:


The gulf that separates him from Ethan, fills Pablo with pain that he cannot bear.


Here’s the song:

Even Blind Squirrels Can Find Nuts


Did Jason Ward Lie?


In the tale of the frog and the scorpion, Jason would be the scorpion.

Here’s the story from Jason as Ethan related it on an episode of The High Council:

Jason’s former friends swarmed him and isolated him, in response to his stance on the Bobby Roberts situation.  Jason’s wife, Amanda Ward, before they were married or dating, around 2006 or 2007, went to San Diego Comic-Con with her former boyfriend.  Amanda’s boyfriend at the time dumped her at some party.  He then left Amanda at that party with his friends.  One of those friends then proceeded to rape her, after giving her some kind of date rape drug.  Jason then posted this story on Twitter after the release of Part 4 of Ethan Van Sciver’s Star Wars Fandom Scandal video.

So let’s review Jason’s story via his own tweets here:

So, the perpetrator who raped Amanda, was the business partner of some mutual friend of Jason’s and Bobby’s that attended this Comic-Con party, according to this account.

My first question is, why are they not naming this business partner?  Why keep his name secret?  Heck, why wouldn’t Bobby release this name, especially if it would exonerate him?  To protect Jason and his wife?  The individuals he had a falling out with?  Does anyone think Bobby Roberts is too big not to release the name to exonerate himself?

But a reader of this blog, not anonymous, pointed out something else that doesn’t quite fit.  Maia.

When going through past blog posts and reviewing the history of this matter, we’re reminded that Maia was a key figure that this Easter Egg hunt revolved around.  The very first post on this matter featured this exchange:


It also featured these comments directly from Maia:

Maia, one of the girls who engaged in a “kinky” underage sex chat with Bryan Young, was one of the primary figures accusing Bobby Roberts of sexual assault.

also why tf is a 37 year old man not immediately leaving when he sees there’s teenagers/young women talking about this? Pervy af

— Maia the 🐝99: spooky diced carrots (@semirose) June 22, 2018

yuuuuuuuuuuuup “oh but I was invited” well maybe be a damned adult/good person and leave instead of hanging around in an nsfw chat full of 19-23yos???

— Maia the 🐝99: spooky diced carrots (@semirose) June 22, 2018

hah I was blocked during the r*ylo chat thing when I said as a damned adult he should’ve just removed himself from the situation immediately instead of chatting kink with teens

— Maia the 🐝99: spooky diced carrots (@semirose) November 1, 2018

So the question is, was Maia herself assaulted by Bobby Roberts?  Or was she making this claim on behalf of someone else that assaulted Amanda?  If Maia was assaulted by Bobby Roberts, then there would be two separate assaults in this story; the assault against Amanda, and the assault against Maia.  If Maia is making the claim on behalf of Amanda, then that would be odd too because none of these personalities seem particularly fond of the Wards, not even of Amanda.

Saf once stated:

look, all I know is that he’s assaulted a good friend of mine and that’s all I need to fucking know, bryan. you can believe me or not, whatever, but don’t try to excuse how me and others have been treated this week.

— saf time (@Wanderlustin) November 1, 2018

So who is this good friend of Saf’s?  Amanda, or Maia?  Someone else?

A Twitter user by the name of Tom Owens made the following claim:

Official Star Wars artist for TOPPS said this:

It’s not vague, so much as a bunch of shit has been deleted now. Bryan Young

— Jordan Maison (@JordanMaison) November 1, 2018

If Jason Ward is a rock, an island, and operating on his own, then why would he work together with Bryan Young in keeping any of this quiet.  Wouldn’t they have taken different approaches if they were independent of one another?

Then we have Bobby himself saying this:


Bobby was saying that there isn’t any cover up, about anything.  Yet, Jason told Ethan that there was in fact a cover up, purportedly to protect his wife.  So was Bobby lying then, or is Jason lying now?

And then there is this unfortunate business which has to be addressed.  Jason according to his own tweet in 2007.  Yet about two years previously, a user by the name of darthspychotic who wrote the now infamous thread, stated the following in reference to “Bacta” who apparently is Amanda Ward in a post dated from 2005:

Do you remember MF forums girl “Bacta”, who farmed MF for male followers? Well Bacta is the administrative power behind, whose public face is obscure MF poster “”.

You might be asking yourself “Darthy wtf how did you not recognize Amanda-bear on” 

Well I’m sorry it’s hard to recognize her with her clothes on.

“Bacta” along with her male following – left MF ten years ago over feuding with a “Stacy3po” (a mexican male posing as a jewish college girl – who subsequently used his then (now ex-)wife’s identity which led to getting outed.) 

“Bacta” then started her own forums taking her MF-farmed (and substantially older) male followers with her.

Another commenter, bearvomit, stated the following in that same thread:

hooooolly shiiiitttt!

I remember that bitch Bacta, the brunete whore on the far left (which i’d still hit), that was back in the day!

What a tangled web we weave. That was when that dork dribble Fatboy Roberts hung around here. He now posts on NeoGaf

Apparently Amanda Ward had a reputation for promiscuity in the fanbase as of 2005, two years before Jason claims she was raped at a Comic-Con party in 2007.

So we unfortunately have to ask, if Amanda lied to Jason about the incident, and told him it was rape in order to cover cheating on him with the guy at a later date.  “Oh, I’d never cheat on you with him, he raped me.”  Or perhaps there was some sort of consensual cuckoldry involved, and the Wards are now using the instance and distorting it to divert attention away from other matters.  That might explain why they haven’t released the name of the assailed, or why there apparently was never any investigations by law enforcement.  But all of this is speculation at this point.

On top of all of that, going back to my monster blog post that lays out evidence about the Racist KMT Wookieepedia Edit being perpetrated by Jason Ward or someone in close association with him, we see that Jason has a long and repeated history of lying and engaging in online subterfuge and deviant self-serving strategies for personal gain.  If there’s anything that The Duke LaCrosse Rape Case taught us, it’s that people sometimes unfortunately lie about rape too.

And now, other personalities are claiming that Jason is lying, including Feministnerd and Saf.  They’re also claiming that Jason is running around in DMs claiming that Ethan Van Sciver blackmailed him in an apparent attempt to snuff out the inevitable brushfire.

Here’s Feministnerd’s take on this:

Saf’s Tweets are now protected, but here’s what Maia had to say recently:

Unfortunately for these ladies, Jason Ward is controlling the narrative because he chose to call Ethan Van Sciver and be on his show in order to tell his side of the story.  If no one else is willing to do that, then Jason Ward will likely continue to control the narrative, at least in that septic side of fandom.

But I myself am skeptical of Jason Ward’s story.  He is a demonstrated liar after all.

I suspect there may have been some kind of sexual incident with Amanda Ward in 2007.  I cannot be certain as to the exact nature of that incident.  The very best way to craft and pass off a lie is to mix it with as much genuine truth as you can.  So the truth of that incident is murky at this point.

But whatever the nature of that incident was, I suspect it’s now being used and probably distorted to fabricate a story that is meant to divert discussion away from the published information at and elsewhere.  Away from Jason’s history of sock puppet activity, doxxing, false flagging, and being banned from forums for that activity.  Away from pretending to be insiders and feeding competitors false leaks.  Away from discussion about him posting a 5 minute old screencap from Down With Disney.  Away from his claim that he got the screencap from a Facebook group, and away from discussing being caught by that very same Facebook group who said that he never got it from him.

And most important of all, away from discussing the fact that Jason’s Costa Mesa studio is approximately 19 minutes from the IP address that made the racist Kelly Marie Tran edit in Wookieepedia.

So far, it seems to be working.


An interesting exchange has taken place that makes some seemingly plain statements:

One of the things I’ve noticed about these “authority” figures in fandom, is they love to broadcast how their DMs are open in instances such as these.  Of course they do.  On the one hand it makes them look magnanimous, as though they’re willing to listen and have a personal conversation with the little guy.  On the other hand, it helps to keep unwanted conversation out of the public eye.  It’s a win-win for them.


A couple more comments from Maia:

Is Maia stating here that she was not assaulted, but merely called Bobby a rapist because that’s her “opinion?”


Ethan Van Sciver comments:

Another Day, Another Plagiarism Claim

We’ve seen multiple claims that The Lest Jedi ripped off various other works.  And then there was the Solo poster fiasco.  Well here’s a new one for you.

This is in regards to the Star Wars: Imperial Handbook written by Daniel Wallace.  One of the illustrators of this book is Joe Corroney.

The blog Fractalsponge features 3D CGI art, and has an interesting blog post with regards to the Imperial Handbook.

The artist who runs that blog, was perusing the Imperial Handbook, and found the following similarities:

The blogger determined that Joe Corroney was responsible for these illustrations.


The blogger Fractalsponge had this to say:

So, I’ll be honest. I’m a bit annoyed. Someone takes some of my renders, desaturates them, gives them a background alpha and sells them off to Lucasfilm.

1. What the hell?
2. Disney, you paid Joe commercial rates for this?
3. That’s not an Executor, for the love of all that is holy.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the best imagineers Disney has are outside of Lucasfilm in the fanbase.

John Campea Takes His Ball And Goes Home

Many readers are probably familiar with shill extraordinaire John Campea, who is known for telling critical fans what they were feeling, and for playing the victim after being the bully, among many other things.


John struggles with closing his mouth.

A Twitter user alerted me to this development:


When one goes to this Twitter account:

One finds this:


That is all that is known as of this writing.

Nike CEO That Developed “Force Is Female” Campaign Is Also A Disney Shareholder

I wrote previously how the “Force Is Female” T-Shirts were explained away by SJWs as having nothing whatsoever to do with Star Wars.

Until we discovered that the event they were worn at, was an event specifically promoting women in film.  it was an event for the Archer School for Girls, Women in Film Festival of 2017.  Kathleen Kennedy was the keynote speaker.  Clearly film has more to do with Star Wars than running shoes do.

Kathleen Kennedy also spoke about Star Wars in speeches that she gave at that event.

Even so, many SJWs still held to the notion that the Force Is Female campaign had nothing whatsoever to do with Star Wars.  Some tried to misdirect the conversation by asking how it’s bad to promote women in film, as though that were the crux of the matter.

But now another connection has been uncovered, thanks in large part to Matthew Kadish.

According to The Portland Business Journal:

At its splashy new SoHo store in January, Nike launched a collection of re-imagined classic sneakers for its “Force is Female” campaign.

In a conference call transcript from December 2017, Mark Parker stated:

Another key piece of our digital strategy is to continue to advance the role that product plays in unlocking experiences. You know about our first step with the NBA Connected Jersey and next year we’ll introduce the Nike Connect in the Air Force 1. We’ve seen massive potential in a future where more NIKE products are connected, bringing consumers inspirational content and serving as the on-ramp for NIKE membership.

Nike Brand President Trevor Edwards then went on to explain the Air Force 1 line further:

Consumers are responding to the rich storytelling and the great product offerings at the Nike Sneaker Boutiques led by the Air VaporMax, the Air Max 97 and our Force is Female Air Force 1 collection. We’ve been rolling these out across the marketplace with our partners like Nordstrom’s. Ultimately, NIKE is the only brand that can bring all this together; footwear, apparel and deep storytelling, to serve her complete active lifestyle.

According to a Disney Shareholder’s report, Mark Parker is also a Disney shareholder, and a member of the Disney Board of Directors:


Ta da…

And incidentally, Mark Parker also helped develop Nike’s Kaepernick ad campaign.

Matthew Kadish talks more about the personalities running the Star Wars franchise into the ground: