Alleged Transphobe Stands Up For Trans Rights


Supports whatever is politically convenient at the moment.

Recently I wrote about the frenzy of SJW mob justice as it descended upon Rosario Dawson over allegations which may or may not be true.  Even Lucasfilm associated authors partook of this sweeping pestilence.

Then Rosario started to virtue signal as a way to stay in the good graces of the collective, collaborative, cooperative, community, by retweeting communist propaganda.

And now, here she is, loudly proclaiming support for trans rights.


Normal people understand that trans folks have exactly the same rights as everyone else, and there is no such thing as special or separate rights for trans.  One may as well screech support for brunette rights or freckled rights.

But given that Lucasfilm Story Group member Matt Martin was recently spotted pandering to the trans crowd with his drag queen comment, there may be a larger game afoot here.  Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal also recently declared something barely intelligible about trans rights as well.

It’s good to know that drag queens and trans have such open and loud support from the creators of a “kid’s movie about space wizards with laser swords.”  But it will be interesting to see what if anything, the trans victim of the alleged assault, Dedrek Finley, has to say about Rosario’s new declaration of trans rights support.

George Lucas Proves Rae Carson Wrong



Recently the author of the Rise of Skywalker novelization, Rae Carson, was quoted as saying:

When I was 18 years old, I took on the moniker of my stepfather to honor the bonds of love and trust between us. I imagine it was much the same for Rey, who wanted to honor her own chosen family.

I recognize that Rey’s decision proved controversial, and I look forward to discussing this with fans for years to come. But my current take is this: The entire Skywalker saga is about Palpatine turning or trying to turn Skywalkers to the dark side. He especially hopes that Rey will prove a worthy vessel for his own power and ambition and become the Skywalkers’ final downfall. But in spite of all his efforts over the course of three generations, he fails. Rey rejects everything about him and takes on the Skywalker mantle and legacy. In the end, it’s a Palpatine who turns to the light, thus handing the Skywalkers their ultimate victory.

Well here’s what George Lucas had to say, confirming that the Disney Trilogy is in fact fan fiction:


Matt Martin Wants Drag Queens


“Do you have any frilly lacey things I could borrow, boss?” ~Matt Martin

Lucasfilm has been working to distance themselves from Leia’s spectacular gold bikini because of sexism this, and misogyny that.  But Story Group Members don’t have any problem promoting Star Wars drag queens.


Let’s just hope Lucasfilm doesn’t hold a drag queen brunch for kids, given this is a “kid’s movie about space wizards with laser swords.”

And let’s not forget that Matt was also the guy who was so disappointed at the appearance of attractive women at San Diego Comic Con:


Matt’s moral compass spins wildly out of control.

Readers are encouraged to cleanse their mental palates with a viewing of Star Wars Burlesque, which was empowering to women before 2012, but is now considered sexist and/or misogynist by the idiot SJWs who have taken over the franchise.  Burlesque, it would seem, has been replaced by drag queens.

Thanks to Zorro for the tip.

A Mary Sue Litmus Test

If you have to argue that Rey is not a Mary Sue 5 years after The Force Awakens, then yeah, she’s a Mary Sue.

But we can determine this once and for all, by using a simple online test.


50 shades of MaRey Sue.

Thanks to a Reddit thread, I found an online test at that promises to measure whether or not a character is a Mary Sue.  But this test also tells us more than that.  Here’s what the “about me” page of the website said in 2012 when it was first captured by

It wasn’t too long after this point (the very next year, I believe) that I encountered the term “Mary Sue” for the first time. After doing some research into the subject, I realized where I was going wrong with many of my characters. While there were many Mary Sue tests available at the time, there were a few problems – for one, most of my characters were used in roleplays, not fanfictions. For another, most of the tests were for specific works (most of which I wasn’t even familiar with), while I was roleplaying more in original universes at that point. There was only one solution – create a test that would work for anything and everything, and that’s what I did.

But in September of 2019, during the height of the debate over The Last Jedi and the moronic Rey character, the verbiage on that page was changed to this:

Sometime around that point (the very next year, I believe) I came across the term “Mary Sue” for the first time, and after looking into it I realized that I was going a little overboard with some of my characters. I wanted a general test to help me balance any character of mine from any fandom, whether for fanfiction or roleplay, and that’s how I ended up creating the Universal Mary Sue Test. That said, I’ve since come to disavow the term “Mary Sue,” because even though most Mary Sue tests were made in good faith, the term has gained widespread usage in disparaging female characters for completely ridiculous reasons – and besides that, there are better ways to troubleshoot potential problems in a character than a Mary Sue test.

The fact that she has to use the word “disavow” in reference to silly fan fiction terminology betrays just how political all of this really is.  So here’s what the revised text actually says when we translate SJW-speak into realitese.

The test she devised in “good faith” was probably being used to demonstrate that all of these recent feminist ciphers in modern movies were crappy Mary Sues.  The author, as an SJW, couldn’t have that.  So she was forced to “disavow” the term in order to maintain her place within the collective, collaborative, cooperative, community.  So much so, that she now had to update her online litmus test with the following disclaimer, in October of 2019:

I am no longer supporting this test, nor do I support using the term “Mary Sue” to describe any character for any reason. The test is simply here for archival purposes and to provide this message to anyone who follows a link to this page. Instead of using it, please go to “Does My Character Work Okay?” – How To Tell For Yourself!. This article streamlines everything into eleven simple questions that cut straight to the core issues.

If you still really really really want to use this test for some reason, please at least stop using the term “Mary Sue.” There are far better ways to talk about characters who just don’t work for one reason or another than using a term that’s more often than not just used to tear down female characters simply for having a prominent, active role in a story.

The term Mary Sue, it would seem, was far too successful a shorthand to describe the silliness of the modern feminist ciphers in film.  So the order to cease and desist using the term altogether had to be issued.

Having said that, since this test was created in “good faith,” go ahead and apply this test to the Rey character and see what the results are.


Kessel Run Transmissions Bashes Rebel Force Radio


Barely old enough to tie his own shoes.

Corey is the host of First Oder Transmission, one of countless SJW podcasts that have barnacled themselves to the Star Wars franchise in their driven goal to become Bryan Young.



Corey recently deleted an interesting tweet.  But as all adults know, the internet is forever, and ever, and ever.  Behold:


So who was this well-known podcast that had a Star Wars actor appearing on the 27th?


Imagine how hurtful this must have been to the SJW podcaster wearing the Ahsoka T-Shirt.  It makes me chuckle just thinking about it.



Rosario Dawson Retweets Communist Propaganda


Caviar pinko in pink.

Communists are opportunists.  So they’ll always use a crisis in human suffering to push their wacko agenda to create even more human suffering.  Whatever it takes for their lunatic march forward.

Actor Rosario Dawson was recently on the receiving end of a social backlash from some of her commie comrades over what may or may not be genuine accusations of transphobia.  So she may feel compelled to virtue signal her way back into the good graces of the Collective.

Behold as a woman who earns millions by pretending to be a space wizard in front of a camera retweets communist propaganda that would prevent that vocation from ever existing.


Hey Rosario, I have some more realistic propaganda for you and your idiot raised-fist comrades: