Former Contributor Faces New Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Here we go again…


Alan Kistler is a media personality who writes for, WIRED, and get this: The Mary Sue.


But even more amusing than that, is the fact that Alan Kistler sat on a panel at GeekGirlCon 2014, to discuss “The Heroine’s Journey: Moving Beyond Campbell’s Monomyth,” along with Tricia Barr.


Well, we all saw what moving beyond Campbell’s monomyth did for Star Wars.  But I digress.

The other person that Amy Ratcliffe speaks of, is Lucas Seigel.  Lucas is a comics journalist who used to be a contributor for  But back in 2017, Lucas was scrubbed from over allegations of sexual misconduct.  According to

Pop culture journalist Lucas Siegel has been accused by numerous women, including his ex-wife, comics editor and publisher Jannelle Asselin of serious sexual misconduct, groping and more.

Siegel is a former editor in chief at Newsarama, and was formerly a managing editor staff writer at Siegel left both positions abruptly. Most recently he was a writer for However, in the wake of the allegations, his stories have been removed and his bio page has been scrubbed.

Well, the Twitter thread that Amy Ratcliffe points her followers to is from Reilly Grey.  Reilly is apparently making new accusations against those two writers.  Unfortunately, it appears that Reilly has deleted the thread that Amy posts.

But the internet is forever.  So here’s what Reilly had to say:



Well, those of us in the normal sphere have always known the true nature of the male feminist.

Male Feminist

But all of this still makes Amy Ratcliffe steaming mad.


It’s almost as though all of those pop-culture journalists who called critics of The Last Jedi misogynists and sexists, are suddenly being revealed for exactly who they are.  That, also, seems to be a thing.


Rebecca Roanhorse Accused Of Being Racial Imposter

Readers of this blog may recall Lucasfilm author and trans-racial cultural appropriator Rebecca Roanhorsem who wrote Star Wars: Resistance Reborn.  Roanhorse is often cited as being part Ohkay Owingeh and part African American.  She was accused of the cardinal SJW sin, cultural appropriation, by Indian Country Today which published an article that claimed Ms. Roanhorse was not of Navajo descent despite writing about Navajos.  We can only hope that if Lucasfilm ever produced a biopic about Jabba the Hutt, that they can find a Hutt to write the screenplay.  We don’t need humans appropriating Huttese culture now.  But I digress.

But things may be taking a turn for the worse for Rebecca, who commonly expresses Lucasfilm’s required hatred of white people.


Rebecca discusses lineage options with a racial designer.

Apparently, investigative journalists have been looking into Ms. Roanhorse’s racial claims.


Well, the investigative journalist Acee Agoyo got back to work, and published the following article on

‘The Elizabeth Warren of the sci-fi set’: Author faces criticism for repeated use of tribal traditions

A popular author is facing renewed accusations of cultural appropriation after repeatedly using tribal stories and traditions without consent.

In her latest work, Rebecca Roanhorse describes herself as a being Native American from Ohkay Owingeh, one of the 19 Pueblo communities in New Mexico. But she is not a citizen of the federally recognized Indian nation, whose homelands are located in the northern part of the state.

Additionally, no one under the name Roanhorse, her married name, or that of Parish, her maiden name, is a citizen, Indianz.Com confirmed. And in public settings, she has told people she has never lived in the tribal community.

Despite the lack of formal or community ties to Ohkay Owingeh, whose leaders are regularly recognized for their contributions in arts, education and national policy, Roanhorse centers herself as a representative of the tribe to readers of science fiction and fantasy.

“She’s like the Elizabeth Warren of the sci-fi set,” Elena Ortiz, a citizen of Ohkay Owingeh, told Indianz.Com, comparing Roanhorse to a more recent example of a prominent political figure whose prior claims of a Native identity have often detracted from otherwise well-grounded efforts to advance tribal causes.

“What she wrote,” Ortiz said, “bears no resemblance to that story, what the message is, what it’s trying to teach us about Pueblo people and about our communities and ourselves.”

Ortiz thinks a different motivation is at play. She said Roanhorse is using her claim of Pueblo heritage to make sure she stands out in a crowded literary space, where few other Native Americans are able to achieve recognition in a medium largely controlled by non-Natives.

“She’s trying to use Indigenous stories to market her work,” Ortiz said. Yet, she added: “There’s no resemblance to what she’s writing and what the stories actually are.”

“For her to present to a larger audience that she knows what she’s talking is just ridiculous,” said Denetdale, who serve as chairs of the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission, whose role is to protect the well-being of the Dine people. “And it’s harmful and it’s violent.”

You can read the entirety of the article here.

In a normal world, writers ought to be able to write about anything they damn well please.  Particularly in the genre of “fantasy.”  But there’s an old saying, “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”  When you peddle repugnant race-baiting and nonsense crimes such as “cultural appropriation,” then it really should not come as a surprise if you find yourself the target of those same pointing fingers one day.

Regardless, we should all remember that Ms. Roanhorse is the victim here because she received a late-night phone call.


Perhaps Ms. Roanhorse should try turning her cell phone off after hours.  Just a thought.

Delilah Dawson Likes To Write About “Violent Women” Killing Rapists

File under “kid’s movie about space wizards with laser swords.”


I guess if you’re a polyamorous menstruator you might get a bit irritable and be prone to violence.

Now imagine a male writer proudly proclaiming on Twitter, that he writes about violent men killing false accusers or another variation of a misandrist.  What do you suppose the reaction would be?

But are the rapists who are getting killed attractive men in vests?  Only Delilah’s imagination knows for sure.

And how long before the feminists at Lucasfilm determine that Han Solo is a rapist that needs to be killed?


What every Star Wars feminist dreams of.


Kristen Hidalgo Sees Racism Lurking Everywhere

Lucasfilm’s Localization Coordinator is depressed that her sick obsession with race distorts her understanding of normal comments.


Context matters except when it doesn’t.

For Kristen, it’s racist to not see color, because in her bizarre race-obsessed world color is the only thing that she is capable of seeing.

And apparently, BLM has not gone far enough for Kristen.  For her, it’s racist to criticize or mock unhinged BLM stupidity such as this:


Racial justice, or something.

Kristen won’t be satisfied until every racist abolitionist statue is decapitated.  Perhaps her husband can help with the decapitations:

And apparently, it’s racist for pointing out that Martin Luther King Jr. was an advocate of peaceful protest in Kristen’s SJW pea brain.  I guess Mr. King’s dream is also racist according to Kristen, since it saw content of character rather than color.

For Kristen, racism must exist everywhere, if she’s to fancy herself as a social justice folk hero fighting it.


Possibly painted by Kristen.

Pete Fletzer Promotes The 2nd Amendment

By now, most have seen the video of St. Louis homeowner Mark McCloskey, who with his wife decided to defend his home from a roving band of savages who were operating under the false pretense of “peaceful protesters”


The couple were well within their rights, given that the savages broke down the iron gate that protected private property.



But that doesn’t matter to communist imbeciles who despise the concept of private property unless it’s their own.  Communists are of course bullies.  And bullies don’t like it when you defend yourself from their bullying.  They want you to sit back and take whatever they decide to dish out without a fight.  It’s why they constantly seek to undermine the 2nd Amendment and take away the ability of people to defend themselves.  They prefer helpless and defenseless targets for their bullying and don’t want any obstacles to their deeply smelly revolution.

When you do fight back, they become infuriated and offended and seek to do whatever they can to destroy your life for daring to defend yourselves against them.  Here’s a couple of examples:



This is where Pete Fletzer comes in.  The former contributing editor to Star Wars Galaxy Magazine and Star Wars Insider, and host of the Around The Galaxy podcast.


Pete’s one of them.

Apparently, Mark McCloskey has stated that the incident has ruined his life.  Pete Fletzer, along with the help of Star Wars author Jason Fry don’t care, because as idiot SJWs, they want to see the McCloskey’s take that communist bullying without a fight.


This of course serves as an excellent promotion for all normal Americans to purchase and own firearms.  And they are.


But I can guarantee, that should the peaceful protesters of BLM and Antifa find their way to Pete Fletzer’s and Jason Fry’s personal residence, that both Pete and Jason will change their tune on defense.  How can I be so certain?  Because hypocrisy is the foundation of all SJW thought, as is evidenced by Mark McCloskey, who also changed his tune when he needed to:



The circle is now complete.


Another Shoe Drops At EA Star Wars

On the heels of the firing of Lucasfilm Partnership Specialist Tyler Westhause over sexual assault accusations, a new shoe has dropped.


Chris Avellone, writer of KOTOR2 and Jedi Fallen Order, is now being accused of sexual assault by multiple women.  From Kotaku:

Over the weekend, multiple women in the video game industry accused Chris Avellone, a writer on a number of renowned role-playing games including Planescape: Torment, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, and Fallout: New Vegas, of using his stature in the video game industry to prey on women.

The women accused Avellone, who most recently worked on the upcoming zombie blockbuster Dying Light 2, of groping, sexual harassment, and other incidents, some of which took place at game industry networking events. Thus far, Avellone’s only response has been a series of individual Twitter replies in which he apologized to some of the women but did not go into detail about the events in question. Avellone has not responded to Kotaku’s requests for comment.

One such tweet reads:


Here’s another accuser:





And another:





J. W. Rinzler Livestream Today 11am PST

Readers of this blog may be familiar with J. W. Rinzler, who wrote The Rise And Fall Of Star Wars blog which was shut down.  He has apparently finished the manuscript for what could be a book rather than a blog, and is currently seeking a publisher.  You can read a full PDF of the blog in its entirety before it was before it was shut down here:

Mr. Rinzler will be hosting a Livestream today at 11am pst:


Be there, or be square.

Discrediting Doomcock’s Discreditors

Doomcock recently released the following two videos:

Doomcock has gone out of his way to state that these are rumors, and to take them with a grain of salt.  He is merely reporting what he is being told.

The rumors essentially say that the Disney Trilogy is going to be retconned and wiped away.  Doomcock says that he is receiving tips from multiple insiders, that seem to corroborate one another.

There’s an old saying; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Retconning the Disney Trilogy would be a repudiation of Kathleen Kennedy and her awful political agenda.  Unfortunately, Kathleen Kennedy’s vagina shields her from responsibility and consequences in today’s political climate.  So no matter how diminished the Star Wars franchise becomes, this simply isn’t going to happen.  At least, not any time soon.

For myself, I am highly skeptical of these rumors.  It reminds me of the time that Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers and Ethan Van Sciver were receiving insider tips that pointed to Kathleen Kennedy being fired.  Shortly thereafter, Kathleen Kennedy’s contract was extended.  More on that later.

But Star Wars author Tricia Barr thinks there’s something to these rumors:



I don’t think Tricia is putting out insider knowledge here.  I think she’s only expressing an opinion.

Tricia Barr is co-author of Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia and Ultimate Star Wars: Characters, Creatures, Locations, Technology, Vehicles.  She also co-hosts the monthly podcast, Girls Going Rogue, which advertises itself as giving you “the fangirl point of view.”  But she has insinuated that Rian Johnson is racist, even though she declared The Last Jedi to be feminist.  Like many other Lucasfilm representatives, she’s not too fond of the white male.  She seems to think that the Reylo ship is a “white person’s ship,” and criticized the Shipping Panel at Celebration of not being inclusive enough, and focusing too much on white males.  And of course, she loves her Fanboy Tears mug.  So what she says here should also be taken with a grain of salt.

And the podcasters at Around The Galaxy are taking that grain of salt. Around the Galaxy is produced by Pete Fletzer, former contributing editor to Star Wars Galaxy Magazine and Star Wars Insider.  He’s one of the Lucasfilm imbeciles that went on a long Twitter rant complaining about the Fandom Menace.  He also disinvited Drunk3PO to a podcast when his SJW following began screeching about it.

In response to Tricia Barr’s thread, Around The Galaxy posted the following:




Merchandise sales say otherwise, particularly since no one is producing Disney Trilogy merchandise at the moment.  And let’s not forget that half of the “general audience” left the Disney Trilogy by the time The Rise of Skywalker oozed into theaters.

Oh, and Petey, J.W. Rinzler – a guy who has worked directly with George Lucas – already told us that George Lucas’ decision to sell the franchise was due to the problems he was having with county government when he wanted to expand his operation.  The decision had nothing whatsoever to do with the fans.  So stop stupidly making things up.



Doomcock made it up?  Or did someone else?

Coming back to the “Kathleen Kennedy was fired rumor,” it was something that I had warned others in the Fandom Menace about at the time.  Because during the KMT Instagram Incident investigation, a thread at was discovered, with screencaps of a private discussion forum, where Jason Ward ( and Manabyte ( discussed sending false tips to rival websites in an effort to discredit them, and even sending them from multiple different email accounts to give the illusion of corroborating insider tips.  Just as Doomcock described.


That’s not all, around the same time that Doomcock was receiving and publishing his insider rumors, I received the following email:


I’ve responded several times to the sender, but nothing more was ever received.  Was it a genuine insider?  Or was it an attempt to leak out a false rumor to discredit Fandom Menace voices?  I’m leaning towards the latter.

That’s not all.  Around the same time, Stephen Walton, the Fandom Menace Historian, tweeted out the following in response to Doomcock’s rumor:


How many more in the Fandom Menace have received such “insider” emails?  Is this an ongoing campaign to discredit the Fandom Menace?  I suspect so.

Now, the senders of these emails may or may not be Jason Ward and Manabyte.  Or perhaps the sender of the email could be Pete Fletzer of Around the Galaxy.

Because it’s interesting to note, that Pete Fletzer’s Around the Galaxy once belonged to Jason Ward’s Now This Is Podcasting network.  Did he learn the same tricks from them?

Because when the recent controversy surrounding Jason Ward occurred, podcasters from Jason Ward’s Now This Is Podcasting network left and made a statement when they did.  Steele Saunders left the network and made a statement.  The Sith List left the network and made a statement.  Rogue Won left the network and made a statement.  Blue Harvest left the network and made a statement.  Even Tricia Barr made a statement about Jason Ward.

But as of this writing, Around The Galaxy never made any formal announcement denouncing Jason Ward or on leaving his podcast network to my knowledge.  Funny that.  Because Pete sure is pushing the “discredit Doomcock” narrative hard.


Now I want to be clear, I am not making any accusations.  I’m only asking questions and pointing out interesting facts.

Thanks to Dataracer for the tip.

SC Reviews comments:

Ryan Kinel comments:

Clownfish TV comments:

Phil LaMarr: A Leading Name In Hypocrisy And Stupidity



Why isn’t this character voiced by a Nautolan?

The profession of acting is the profession of playing pretend.  Actors pretend to be things that they’re not.  This is a double-edged sword because while it affords normal people with endless hours of entertainment and escapism, it also leads actors to delude themselves into thinking that they’re as knowledgeable about complex geo-political and socio-economic matters as some of the characters they play.  Of course, they very rarely ever are.

But the concept of playing pretend is now taken very seriously by idiot SJWs who demand “representation” and other such foolishness.  So much so, that now even cartoon characters must be played by their corresponding racial counterparts.  For instance, virtue-signaling actors from the Simpsons and The Family Guy are walking away from roles that do not match the melanin content in their own skin in response to the current day political hysteria.  This leaves one to wonder what the status of Darth Vader is?


Mr. Jones’ melanin content does not match the character.

The pure insanity of SJW ideology can lead us down a rabbit hole of all manner of ridiculous questions.  For instance, what about Scooby Doo?  Surely there must be a dog who can voice this dog character.


Canine voices are underrepresented in animation.

But the voice of The Clone War’s Kit Fisto, Phil LaMarr, is having none of this, and is ordering critics of this ridiculousness to not speak his name.


For Phill LaMarr, it’s melanin matching for thee, but not for me.  Once again, hypocrisy is the foundation of all SJW thought.

But interestingly, one of the primary people who created a “false equivalency” about underrepresented minorities voicing majorities was Phil LaMarr himself.


Phil LaMarr has apparently changed his mind about voice not having a race now that the Collective has ordered the abject stupidity of this new programming in all of its drones.

But since Phill LaMarr is ordering critics of this stupidity to not utter his name, let’s go ahead and repeat his name as often as possible to piss him off, and to demonstrate his complete and total lack of all authority.


Apparenlty Phill LaMarr is also guilty of taking away an Asian voice acting role.  A terrible infraction in the collective, collaborative, cooperative, community.



Phil has not answered Shuunnico’s question as of this writing.


Apparently Phil LaMarr has also appropriated a Latino character, by voicing Bail Organa on The Clone Wars.


Latinos may or may not be underrepresented according to Phil LaMarr.