Excuses for Solo are Already Being Written

Rather than work on the Obi-Wan movie that many people are asking for, Disney is busy working on a Han Solo movie that few if any are asking for.

For those who haven’t been following, the Han Solo film production has had its share of internal drama.

There were rumors that the star Alden Ehrenreich couldn’t act and needed an acting coach.  Within the context of that particular rumor, it’s interesting to watch the following exchange between the original director’s of the film, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and Kathleen Kennedy.  It seems as though Kathleen Kennedy may have muscled through her own personal choice for the lead actor, rather than rely on the standard audition process.  It makes one wonder if Kathleen Kennedy Weinsteined poor Alden Ehrenreich on a casting couch of her own.


Additionally, after shooting nearly 80% of the movie, the original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, were fired by Lucasfilm and replaced with Ron Howard of Apollo 13 fame.

Rumors mentioned everything from poor camera placement, to Lawrence Kasdan being dissatisfied with how Lord & Miller were handling his screenplay, to defying Kathleen Kennedy’s tight control of the set, to the screenplay being unworkable, that the crew broke into applause at being notified that Ron Howard would replace Lord & Miller, too much improvisation, and that Lord & Miller’s approach to the Han Solo film was far too jokey and comedic for what Lucasfilm wanted.

These rumors run counter to the statements made by Thandie Newton, an actress who worked with Lord & Miller on the Han Solo movie.  She stated:

“Obviously, it was a surprise. I love Phil and Chris — everybody loves Phil and Chris — they’re so brilliant.”

That doesn’t exactly sound like a disgruntled cast or crew member who would have applauded at Lord & Miller’s replacement.

Furthermore, given The Last Jedi’s notorious flat and inappropriate humor, does anyone still think that Lord & Miller were fired for making the Han Solo movie too comedic?  Something is fishy here, but I suspect the truth won’t come out until NDAs expire.

In any case, because of the rumors of a troubled production, and because of the general slide in Star Wars consumption since Disney’s feminist vision took over, and because the film may be close to 2.5 hours long, it is now rumored that Disney is expecting the Han Solo film to bomb, and are writing it off.

So Disney Star Wars apologists are now busying themselves publishing defenses of the Han Solo movie, even before the trailer is released.

The first defense comes to us from Scott Mendelson at Forbes, who essentially states that the Han Solo movie may suffer at the box office from all of the “divisive fan response,” though he’s seemingly reluctant to attribute that fan response to much more than “anti-SJW trolling.”

The second defense also comes to us from Scott Mendelson at Forbes, who frets that Deadpool 2 may present the Han Solo film with some unfair competition.

Mr. Mendelson may already have WORD documents with his post-release excuses for the Han Solo film ready to go.


A poor man’s Anthony Ingruber.



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