Rose Tico’s Moronic Social Justice Lectures Part Uno

What some are amusingly calling a “storytelling innovation,”  thinking people are instantly recognizing for the moronic social justice propaganda that it is.  There’s no innovation here, the Soviets engaged in this worthless garbage for decades and were far better at it.

Like the Soviets, Rose Tico‘s lectures to the audience seem to focus on various evil aspects of rich capitalists.

This post will focus on Rose Tico’s take on slave labor.

“When the two journey to a casino city draped in finery named Canto Bight, Rose rolls her eyes at Finn’s delight, pointing out that it’s a haven for arms dealers that runs on slave labor.”

Don’t you see?  The rich people that hobnob in casinos keep slaves!  So is this what we see when we vacation in Las Vegas or Atlantic City?  Hardly.

In 2013, the Washington Post published a map that showed where the world’s 30 Million (which CNN reports is 40 Million in 2017) slaves lived.


In 2016, the Credit Suisse Research Institute published a map showing the global distribution of wealth.


Now, compare these two maps from independent sources.  Pay particular note to how the poorest nations, also tend to simultaneously have the largest population of slaves.  Likewise, the richest nations simultaneously tend to have the lowest population of slaves.

Now let’s compare these two maps, to a third from an independent source.  Let’s compare them to the Heritage Foundation’s Economic Freedom Map.


Note again, how the areas with the most economic freedom (the economic environment most likely to produce more rich people) also simultaneously tend to have a smaller slave population.  While the areas with the least amount of economic freedom, tend to have much larger slave populations.

What this means, is that it isn’t rich people hobnobbing in casinos like Donald Trump that hold slave labor.  But rather, it’s rich people like Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, Mao Zedong, Nicolas Maduro, Kim Jong Un, Hillary Clinton, among others, who own slave labor.

So the moral lesson that the writers of The Last Jedi manufactured for Rose Tico to spew at the audience, has no basis in factual reality.  The real moral of the story is, don’t pay any attention to leftist propagandists; they’re full of it.

In Part Deux, we’ll tackle the monumental stupidity of Rose Tico’s lecture on arms dealers.


84 thoughts on “Rose Tico’s Moronic Social Justice Lectures Part Uno

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      • Such a brilliant well thought out response Itchy! Maybe rather than making blogs, you should start giving these lectures to public forums while showing your face and even doing it in real life debates and then we’ll see how receptive people are of your 50 year long arrogant attitude and stupidity rather than hiding behind blogs.

        The last Jedi is not CRITICIZING CAPITALISM, it is not criticizing RICH PEOPLE EN MASSE, it is criticizing douchebags like wall street bankers and corrupt capitalists like what Iron Man 1 did and focusing on a specific subset of people who DO own slaves. If you’re rich and you don’t endorse the first order, don’t use money to support the first order, and DON’T own slaves, you’re awesome! If there were rich people in star wars that used their money to help the rebels and NOT use slave labor, those rich people are awesome, yet you bring in all these facts and statistics to falsely proclaim that Rose is fighting capitalism when she is fighting a specific form of evil capitalism, similarly how great it would have been had someone called out the people on Wall street for betting on mortgages to fail. NOW I see why you like writing blogs, you insult people you hate, then run away when your arguments are proven false, a true nirvana safe space for a 50 year old man who has a miserable personality and whose wives left him because he is so arrogant and condescending rooted in a false sense of superiority. It only makes me wonder just how much people hate your guts in real life, I love looking at internet personas and seeing how the hate and anger then extends and proves how hated these people are in the real world, false narratives, narcissistic delusionment, inferiority complexes, welcome to the Trump era, where Itchy isn’t ignorant, he’s a brilliant god-send king of all intelligence and anyone who disagrees isn’t very bright!

        You bringing in the notion that communism sucks and capitalism is good is a mere projection of your childish political inferiority complex and projecting strawmans that don’t exist.


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