Disney Revolutionized Star Wars?

Patrick Stuart of Fansided contends that Disney revolutionized an irrelevant Star Wars franchise.

“With Star Wars going nowhere for 10 long years, Disney came in and saved the day from its mainstream irrelevance.”

What are you talking about?  Lucasfilm had the extremely popular Clone Wars Television series airing on Cartoon Network, and the EU was publishing material routinely.  Additionally, Lucas was preparing to do the Sequel Trilogy himself shortly before the sale to Disney.  So the notion that Star Wars was going no where has no basis in fact whatsoever.  In fact, people who grew up with the Prequels like them very much, and can now be read quoting lines from them routinely.  And let’s be clear, 10 years is not a very long time.

“Disney saved Star Wars, and it is as popular now as it has ever been — just look at all of the Hollywood elite flocking to these films now. “

Well, except that it isn’t.  I’ve written here, here, here, and here, about how the numbers demonstrate that fans are actually shrugging their shoulders, and walking away from the franchise.  Any legitimate response will be required to take that information into account.  Hollywood elites can flock to these films all they like.  But somebody actually has to watch them, and then purchase the merchandise for it to actually be popular.

“Up until Disney acquired Lucasfilm, how many big-name actors have you seen in Star Wars? The correct answer just a few, with Liam Neeson as a prime example. But even at that point in his life, he wasn’t nearly as big as he is now — Neeson only had Schindlers List under his belt which made his name indeed well-known within the movie mainstream.

If you honestly think that Disney is ruining Star Wars, then why are we having so many celebrities flocking to be included in these films? Wouldn’t they would want to save their careers and stay away?”

This actually isn’t evidence of anything.  Firstly, the two big-name actors we saw in the first film would have been Alec Guinness and Peter Cushing.  They’re not big names anymore today, so it’s likely that many may not realize this, particularly given youth’s amusing penchant for letting the past die.

Secondly, one of the reasons for not casting big name actors in the primary leads was quite simply to keep the cost of production down.  Remember, the initial film was a massive experiment, and many doubted it would ever succeed.  Indeed, it almost wasn’t even finished.  It was only after Star Wars became a cultural phenomenon, that big name actors were willing to lower their salary requirements to be a part of it.  Craig likely received scale in order to avoid union problems, which means that as an extra he would have earned approximately $148 per day.  And there was little to no publicity benefits for it, remember, his face is covered with a helmet.  So these kinds of cameo appearances don’t really have much meaning.  The more prominent roles being filled by big-name personalities are again a sign of the franchise’s cultural prominence, which is really the result of everything that came before Disney.  Disney had no hand in making Star Wars a cultural juggernaut.  That fact was already there, which is why Disney was willing to pay 4 Billion for the franchise way back in 2012.  Because the franchise already had the very things that Stuart is claiming it didn’t.  Additionally, it’s highly unlikely that SJWs would have been screaming for equal represenation when the sale to Disney was made, if the franchise were irrelevant at the time.

“Disney is what saved Star Wars from irrelevance, and we should be truly grateful, not angry.

Of course, a galaxy far, far away still had a multitude of fans, but from a mainstream perspective, was way off the charted system. Irrelevant.”

Irrelevant to whom?  And why would it be irrelevant to them?

Before the sale to Disney, Star Wars Celebrations attracted thousands of people from all over the world, The Clone Wars television series was highly regarded with good ratings and likely would have continued for several more seasons which were planned and in the works, and merchandise was flying off the shelves.

“But, not anymore, thanks to Disney and their movie-making magic — as well as establishing an easy to follow, cohesive timeline.”

I would argue that perhaps the new timeline is a bit too easy to follow, being unnuanced and shallow.


Star Wars Celebration 2012 – An irrelevant crowd.

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