Pretending The Backlash Doesn’t Exist

When ignoring the backlash won’t work, some try to pretend that the backlash doesn’t exist.  Mark Hughes from Forbes writes:

“What will inevitably be the biggest film of 2017 is just days away from topping $1 billion, on its way to a top-10 spot on the all-time list of box office grossers. Star Wars: The Last Jedi will head into its third weekend of release with $920+ million in global receipts and will pass $1 billion by close of business Sunday. Why, then, are some fans and media outlets insisting director Rian Johnson’s sci-fi blockbuster is somehow a financial disappointment suffering widespread negative reactions from audiences and fandom?”

Well, because of this, this, this, and this.  Any questions?

“These are glaringly obvious points that any realistic, informed box office assessment has to consider and apply to the overall analysis. Ignoring that information — or being uninformed about it — inevitably results in flawed or disingenuous claims.”

See the links directly above for your reassessment.

“The Last Jedi was always likely to finish its theatrical run several hundred million dollars below the global cume of The Force Awakens, for obvious reasons. Framing that as a failure or insisting it is suffering major collapse is just silly and untrue.”

Unless you take the time to consider and apply the points in the link above to your overall analysis.

“Meanwhile, similarly clickbaiting and otherwise reactionary coverage about supposed major fan backlash against The Last Jedi is likewise contrary to reality. Being loud doesn’t equate to being a majority, especially in the realm of genre/brand fandom where exaggerated reactions are the norm and everyone is convinced their volume makes theirs the dominant opinion.”

  1. Isn’t the headling, Almost Everything Everybody Is Saying About Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Wrong itself a bit clickbaity?
  2. Why would the reporting on the fan backlash against The Last Jedi be contrary to reality?  What evidence do you have of this for your analysis?
  3. What evidence do you have for the analysis that the backlash does not consist a majority?
  4. Doesn’t the very fact that so many “journalists” felt compelled to write these kinds of articles itself demonstrate the existence of the backlash?

And yet the numbers and evidence I write about at the links above demonstrate the exact opposite.

All righty then.

“There are also a disturbing number of people who seem incapable of logical reasoning and critical thinking, who cannot reasonably apply data or understand the relationship between a variety of facts.”

Let us know when you’re able to apply the data provided here and understand the relationship between this variety of facts.

“Regardless of anyone’s personal opinion about the movie, it won’t change the facts.”

And the only fact that really matters, is what Disney actually put up on screen, which everyone can see for themselves, without regard to arguments over data.

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