Funny De-Feminized Fan Edit Sends Frantic Feminists Into Frenzied Conniption Fit

The De-Feminized Fan Edit was edited by a feminist.

But let’s back up and take you through the reasoning that leads us to that conclusion.

Someone recently created what is being called a De-Feminized Fan Edit of the “triumphantly feminist” The Last Jedi and uploaded it to Pirate Bay.   It cuts the 2.5-hour film down to about 47 minutes by removing what the editor has apparently interpreted to be feminist messaging in various forms.  One viewing of The Last Jedi was more than enough for me, and there’s a number of reviews of the De-Feminized Fan Edit on YouTube and elsewhere.  So I’m not really interested in critiquing this fan edit.

What I do find interesting however, is the hilarious reactions to this fan edit from feminists, which exploded onto the internet all at about the same time.  When we examine these reactions, we find a collection of similar themes.

Now, it’s important to understand that the SJW Collective thinks with a singular hive mind.  As a result, all of the articles that react to the De-Feminized Fan Edit generally follow the same formula, more or less.  So what I’m going to provide to you, is the number of times a given word or phrase appears in the articles that I was able to find, linked to the article that contains them.

The first common theme we find is the grossly overused and misapplied term misogyny, misogynist, and/or misogynistic.

misogynistic  misogynistic  misogyny crypto-misogynist misogynists  misogynistic  misogynistic

The next common theme we find is the equally overused and misapplied term, sexist:

overtly sexist    sexist  sad sexist cut  sexist  sexist  sexist  sexist  sexist  sexist  sexist

And of course, that old SJW standby, the word racist:

racist  racist   racist  racists  (but also racist)  racist racist  racist

So these writers really wanted you to know that this new fan edit and its editor was misogynist, sexist, and of course racist.  What makes it so?  Well, many of the articles claim that the fan edit removes all women:

without the women in it  Edits Out All The Women  removes every woman from the film  removes all of the women  Without Any Women  Removes All Of The Women  There’s No Women In It  Removes Women  A Woman Free Cut   Removes All Women  minus the women  remove the women  that cut out women   without any female characters  eliminates the female characters  a dark lord editor has risen up and erased any sight of icky, cooties-carrying girls from The Last Jedi  remove the female characters remove all the women  woman free  edited out all the women  editing out the women  remove all the women  Womanless

The amusing part of this, is that if the reviewers (people who actually watched the fan edit) are to be believed, then none of these writers actually watched the fan edit.  Multiple reviewers report that Rey is still the primary character in the fan edit, and that the edit only lessens the feminist aspects of the film, rather than just removing women.  Remember the distinction between feminist ideology and the female gender.  So there was definitely a concerted effort to mischaracterize the fan-edit, in an effort to bolster their accusations of sexism and/or misogyny.

Now, even though the fan editor is anonymous, many writers instinctively accused men’s rights activists or MRAs.  In fact, it’s the terminology that appears most often in these articles:

men’s activist  MRAs  MRA   “MRA,” or “Men’s Rights Activist.”    Men’s Rights Activists   MRAs  Men’s Rights Activist  Mens’ rights activist  Men’s Rights Activist dork  “MRA,” or “Men’s Rights Activist.”   Men’s Rights Activist  Men’s Rights Activist  Men’s Rights activist    Men’s Rights Activists   men’s rights activists  Men’s Rights Activist    Men’s Rights activist   ‘Men’s Activist’  men’s rights activist  MRA/anti-SJW crusader  ‘Men’s Rights’ Fan  Men’s rights activists  MRA  men’s rights activist  MRA  (I’m pretty comfortable assuming he’s male)

So these writers really wanted to call out Men’s Rights Activists for this dastardly deed.  And they also really wanted to make sure you knew, that this knuckle dragging MRA was mercilessly mocked and roasted by the cast and crew and fans alike:

It’s Super Embarrassing  gets mocked  Twitter gave the edit the roasting it deserve  more level-headed Star Wars fans have responded to roast the guy responsible  Being Roasted  Director Rian Johnson and stars Mark Hamill and John Boyega took time out of their day to respond appropriately  Rian Johnson and Mark Hamill aren’t having it  Director Rian Johnson took time out of his day to respond appropriately.  Many of them mocked the man  Others on Twitter had a lot to say about the revision  MARK HAMILL AND RIAN JOHNSON MOCK ‘STAR WARS’ FAN FOR SEXIST ‘LAST JEDI’ FAN EDIT  it’s provided many fans—along with director Rian Johnson and actor Mark Hamill—with a good laugh  The Last Jedi cast dunks on sexist fan edit  for some fun, let’s look at what the cast and crew of The Last Jedi think of the De-Feminized Fanedit   that hasn’t stopped them from commenting on its existence  director Rian Johnson and Mark Hamill weighed in themselves with good humor and relentless ridicule  The cast of the movie had a few choice things to say about it  at least it gave Rian Johnson, Mark Hamill, and John Boyega a good laugh  Cue appropriate Twitter reactions  it’s an incredible waste of time and effort for something people are just gonna (rightfully) laugh at  Twitter Roasts The ‘Men’s Rights’ Fan  News of the edit’s existence prompted an appropriate reaction from Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, which was then echoed by stars Mark Hamill and John Boyega:  the cast reacted brilliantly  the director and cast mocking the edit  Rian Johnson Laughs Off Women-Free Cut of The Last Jedi  writer-director Rian Johnson and stars Mark Hamill and John Boyega got on board with their own responses  The Internet has reacted to the “de-feminized” version of The Last Jedi, predictably, by laughing at this anonymous editor

So that should teach him a lesson.  Or should it?

My favorite remark is one that utilizes the commonly parroted “threatened by women” meme.

But of all the people I’ve talked to about The Last Jedi, not one has said to me “y’know, I just felt threatened by all the strong, smart and competent women in the film”.

Maybe that’s because no one is.

Ben Skipper of International Business Times remarked:

“There’s a chance that the cut was created as a joke sparked from the backlash the film received upon release from a minority of viewers angered by the direction Johnson took the series in after 2015’s The Force Awakens.”

Well guess what?

Ian Miles Cheong of the Daily Caller was able to identify the De-Feminized Fan Edit, for the joke that it was.  A joke, it turns out, that was intended to spoof the anti-feminist backlash to The Last Jedi.  Mr. Cheong writes:

“Called “The Last Jedi: De-Feminized Fanedit (aka The Chauvinist Cut),” the cut-down version is clearly intended to satirize the complaints about the movie’s heavy focus on Finn’s aimless sidekick, Rose (who’s referred to as “Asian chick” and “China girl), and the pink-haired admiral played by Laura Dern. Most of their scenes, along with Leia’s and Rey’s, are significantly reduced.

“The Kylo Ren and Rey battle sequence is also re-edited to de-emphasize Rey’s martial prowess.

“Just to make the joke obvious, the fight between Finn and Captain Phasma is cut down to Finn striking Phasma down with a single blow. The description reads:

‘Women are naturally weaker than men, she isn’t force-sensitive, and we know nothing about any exo-skeleton in her suit.’

“Despite having every indication of being a work of satire, the cut has sparked a backlash from the progressive media who are lamenting what they see as an insurgence of men’s rights activists in the geek community.”

So what this means is, in all probability; is that all of the reactionary feminists who gnashed their teeth over the audacity of the very existence of such a fan-edit were duped by…wait for it…a feminist.  The De-Feminized Fan Edit was edited by a feminist.  That’s right; the feminist writers of these articles were fooled by one of their very own, who was attempting to mock the purported complaints of MRAs with this fan edit and its accompanying description.

This should really come as no surprise though, given SJW’s notorious penchant for routinely perpetrating Hate Hoaxes in order to prove points that don’t exist.  Moreover, when reading the description of the fan edit that the editor wrote, it’s fairly obvious that this isn’t how an MRA writes.  Rather, this is how SNL staff writers write when they want to caricaturize an MRA.

Now, it’s very likely that many of those who wrote these articles and their supporters have since come to this realization, which would explain why not much more was ever heard about this, and why concerted efforts weren’t made to root out the identity of this “anonymous chickenshit” as one SJW called them, in the same manner that these fascists hunted down and intimidated the guy who created the CNN/Trump animated GIF.

So what’s the fallout from all of this?

Daniel Rutledge of NewsHub speculates:

“If there were a pool of misandrists large enough and pathetic enough to rival the internet’s population of misogynists, then we might get a women-only version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy with a runtime of 15 minutes or so.”

Well guess what?

We may not have a women-only cut of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but it appears we now have one of The Last Jedi.

“The Last Jedi: De-Meninized Fanedit. A relief to those who didn’t like the original movie, and a testament to how women get things done faster, the manless edit runs at a mere 36 minutes.”

And these are the people who generally accuse their political adversaries of being reactionaries.  Hilarious!

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