Kestutis Issues A Cease Of Last Jedi Hate Proclamation Across The Land

Contributor Kestutis Rushing writes an opinion piece at The Pioneer entitledEnough with the “The Last Jedi” hate.

“According to most fans, the movie was great.”

What data are you basing your determination on, that it was “most” fans?

“The problem is, these people are upset for all the wrong reasons.”

What are the right reasons to be upset?

“For starters, they say it’s too different from the originals, which is exactly what people said about the prequel trilogy.”

I’ve never read that argument before anywhere.  Rather, what I’m reading instead, is that the writing in the film sucked.  Which is what many have also said about the Prequel Trilogy.

“People have argued that the movie is too politically correct,”

If you’re referring to the shoehorned social justice silliness, then yes, it was.

“Even Mark Hamill admitted he initially had his doubts about the movie and his character during an interview while promoting the movie. Unfortunately, some have seized that opportunity to twist his words, and try to prove that he, too, hated this movie and franchise. He has since clarified his words and tried to show his love for the movie. But to no avail, haters claimed that Disney and Lucasfilm forced him to praise the movie.”

What he has done, is express regret over revealing aspects of the professional conversations that were part of the creative process.  That in no way negates Mark Hamill’s initial visceral reaction to Rian Johnson’s screenplay, which was shared by a sizable portion of the audience when they watched the film.

“One person has gone so far to cut all the scenes that feature women from their personal cut.”

Actually, the De-Feminized Fan Edit was edited by a feminist, who sought to mock the complaints of MRAs with this fan edit and its accompanying description.

“The Last Jedi” is not a perfect movie, but the movie is a great piece by Johnson.

So great, that folks are clamoring for appearances of his Explanation Tour.

There is nothing wrong with criticizing a movie or disliking a movie and its franchise. 

Then what are you complaining about?

But to make petitions and to say that Disney has ruined Star Wars does nothing constructive and is frankly childish.

Since when?  Signing petitions is a long honored and civilized form of protest.  There’s actually nothing childish about it.  Childish would be, if anti-Last Jedi activists showed up at Kathleen Kennedy’s private residence, and flung their own feces at her house, which is something that unhinged SJWs do routinely.

“The Last Jedi” succeeds because it first teaches a lesson of failure.

In its own failure?

Each character fails in some sort of way, and grows from that lesson.

Yes but these are contrived nonsense lessons that have no applicability in real life.

Rey is a strong, confident hero, Kylo is a conflicted villain and Rose is not a pointless character, which is what some critics have argued.

Rose Tico is entirely pointless.

Star Wars is not the same as it was a long time ago.

Yes.  Now it is dumb.

Lucas has said he was fed up with the franchise, especially after the debacle that was the prequel trilogy.

He wasn’t fed up with the franchise.  Rather, he was fed up with hysterical entitled fans screaming demands at him and telling him how terrible he was.

When the first of the prequels, “The Phantom Menace” was released in 1991, fans of the original trilogy were outraged, claiming that it had bad writing, questionable acting and too much CGI.

Yes, but many of those who watched it as kids loved it, and quote the Prequel films today as adults.

When “The Force Awakens” released in December 2015, some people could not believe that a woman was the main character, a black character had a large role in the movie and that Luke had no lines.

These claims simply have no basis in fact.  No one cared about a character being black, that was a completely and totally manufactured nontroversy.  No one cared about a woman as a main character, particularly since this was nothing new, as Star Wars has had main female characters for 4o years now.  For the love of God, please watch the following video:

These same people were quick to say that “The Force Awakens “was a “literal remake” of the original, and thus started the common phrase that “Disney killed Star Wars.” But that cannot be true. In fact, it is impossible.

An yet, the director JJ Abrams agreed:

 “I can understand that someone might say, ‘Oh, it’s a complete rip-off!’ “

Again, “The Last Jedi” is not the phenomenon that “Star Wars” had created 40 years ago, but it is wonderful film that proves that Star Wars can survive without the Skywalkers, new ideas can be expressed, and that anyone can be a hero without having a famous lineage.

Only the Box Office for Episode IX will determine how successful The Last Jedi was on that front.

In order for Star Wars to survive, Kylo Ren, who was played by Adam Driver, said it best, “Let the past die, kill it if you have to.”

Kylo Ren was the villain of the story, who echoed another villain from history who said, “Never before have the young men had so good a right to clean up the debris of the past.”  How interesting that Rian Johnson would then have Yoda burn books.

Letting the past die, rather than learning from it, is a monumentally stupid thing to do.

Star Wars has such a huge universe, with so many characters and possibilities. For Star Wars to truly have an expanded universe, we need to move past Han, Luke and Leia, and start focusing on Rey, Finn and Poe.

The problem with that is that Rey, Finn and Poe are incredibly boring and 1 dimensional card board cut outs.  There’s nothing of substance worth focusing on there.

It is tough to speculate if Star Wars can become bigger than it already is, but there will always be people who like it and dislike it. I guess it is true, nobody hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans.

Star Wars fans can be honest when something just sucks.  SJWs on the other hand, cannot be.


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