Class Warrior Gets Her Classes Backwards

Kate Aronoff writes at The Intercept:

BEFORE TOUCHING DOWN on the planet of Canto Bight, Rose looks down forebodingly to tell us that it’s full of the “worst people in the galaxy.” Cut to champagne glasses clinking and a casino full of galactic 1-percenters.

“Only one business in the galaxy can get you this rich,” Rose — a new character in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” a mechanic on the Rebel flagship — explains to returning hero Finn as they look around the beachfront resort planet, “selling weapons to the First Order.”

I’ve written about how dumb that lecture was here and here.

She goes on to tell her family’s history: forced to work on a First Order mining colony before it was bled out and blitzed for weapons testing.

It came across as something that a Soviet indoctrinated child might recite:

 After being imprisoned on Canto Bight for parking their spaceship on a private beach, our heroes escape — in part — by corralling Dickensian child laborers to release a pack of abused extraterrestrial racehorses that then crash through the casino like Jesus cleansing the temple of money lenders.

I’ve written about the stupidity of that action here.

I also wonder why they freed the space horses rather than the child laborers.  Who knows.

With “The Last Jedi,” “Star Wars” has chosen a side in the class war.

The dumb side.

Libertarians could glom onto Han Solo’s mercenary entrepreneurship.

Libertarians support limited government, not anarchist prostitution.

Leftists could see the rebellion in terms of their own scrappy, uphill battle against authoritarians in our own time.

Leftists are authoritarians.

Liberals could celebrate the reverence for the republican institution of the Senate. 

Does she mean liberal in the original lassez-faire sense of the word, or in the sense of the word as FDR appropriated it to replace the “progressive” moniker that had fallen into disfavor in his time?

In 2002, conservative writer Jonathan V. Last wrote…  Bill Kristol defended the position at the time and again more recently…  

What you’re not understanding, is that this kind of intellectual gamesmanship is made possible because as Last explained, “But the truth is that from the beginning, Lucas confused the good guys with the bad.”

Conservative blog The Federalist used its review of “The Last Jedi” to mount a quasi-defense of eugenics and Confederate monuments.

No it didn’t.  Besides, eugenics was a product of the left.  As was the Confederacy, The Great Southern Strategy Switcheroo Myth notwithstanding.

Remember, leftists support big government like the Empire.  You can’t have a dictatorship without big government.

It’s a rebuke of elite politics and the rule of experts, whether they wield spreadsheets or light sabers, and it’s a welcome retcon of the prequels’ eugenicist argument that access to the force is genetic destiny.

This statement represents a misunderstanding of The Force as presented in the Star Wars films.  Everyone did have midi-chlorians, and thus, access to the Force.  Anankin and subsequent Skywalkers merely had a lot of them.

Think of it this way.  Most people have legs.  But are most people triathletes?  Only if they train.

What “The Last Jedi” advises is a radical break from resistance as we know it: abandoning old tactics and loyalties and handing the keys — or at least more of them — over to the grassroots: the mechanics, the child laborers, the Ewoks, and the rebel foot-soldiers.

The people that movie goers are least interested in.  No one goes to a Star Wars film to watch the mundane lives of average joes.  People can watch the mundane lives of average joes all around them all the time in person, at work, at school, at the shopping mall.  There’s no reason to pay admission for this when it’s already all around you in real life.

Its biggest heroes have been messiah figures, princesses, and the so-called great men.

What exactly is it that makes the men’s greatness “so-called?”

The biggest heroes of “The Last Jedi,” by contrast, are the proletariat — working stiffs who’ve gotten the short shrift throughout the franchise. 

The Rebellion is the proletariat.  All the rebels had to work.  The Princess you speak of lost her royal status when her homeworld was obliterated.  She then became one of the troops.  Seriously, what’s with the uneducated commie gobbledygook anyway?

They’re also mostly women, and many are people of color — not unlike the makeup of the American working-class. 

Meaning that white males are the new minority?

Rebel Admiral Leia Organa stays true to her roots as a class traitor and longtime consort to rebel scum:

How did Leia betray her class?

When hotshot resistance pilot Poe Dameron flies off the handle seeking glory, Leia brings him down to earth via a well-placed blaster shot.


By the end of the film, she’s still at it, investing faith in Rey — a former trash-picking drifter — to help lead the way forward alongside a fledgling young army of rebels, force-using, and otherwise.

And we all know how highly leftists regard trash-picking drifters.

You don’t need an encyclopedic knowledge of a galaxy far, far away to understand that today’s resistance needs fresh blood: new fighters and new strategies, but a new vision as well.

Maybe that’s why Holdo led everyone in the Resistance accept a couple dozen soldiers to their deaths.

Reconstituting the New Republic — the Obama era, in our case — can only stave off the Sith for so long before recreating the same flaws that let the Empire take power the first time around. 

The Obama Era was the Empire.  They’re the ones who believe in centralized power after all.

As self-styled #Resistance members are lifting up America’s political dynasties as the best hope to save us from Trump…

That’s a pretty romantic take on this:

maxresdefault (1)

These white males are really anxious to tell you how much they hate white males.

If “The Last Jedi” has a political takeaway, it’s for political revolution and a bottom-up transformation of not just who’s in power, but who gets to decide how that revolution happens.

The revolution will certainly be very smelly.  But listen to what KGB Defector says happens to children who play revolutionary, immediately after the revolution is won:

In the meantime, it’s hard not to watch the First Order picking off rebel ships and think of the first several weeks of the Trump administration; the onslaught of attacks on everything from immigrant rights to the environment.

Or to think of Deep State operatives refusing to accept the results of an election.

This is a long fight, and a lot of people will die. Victories are few and far between, and casualties are mounting.

Only if Clinton has something to say about it.

Let your heroes and old dogmas die. 

Or as another leftist folk hero once said, “Never before have the young men had so good a right to clean up the debris of the past.”  Now let’s go watch Yoda burn some books.


An angry SJW heatedly explains to me why I’m wrong, with peace and love.

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