Do Rey and Phasma Encourage Female Firearms Ownership?


Feminist icon shoots gun; a contradiction wrapped in hypocrisy wrapped in irony.

Dave Rutz of the Free Beacon reports on VICE tweeting complaints that the NRA wants to put guns in the hands of women.  Here’s one such tweet:


“There’s a little more to it than that.”

Dave Rutz writes:

The part about “women” linked to a The Trace article stating research showed a woman with a gun was more likely to have it used against her.

Wouldn’t that then mean, that our hero Rey, and our villain Captain Phasma, would be more likely to have their blasters used against them?  Should they not have blasters then?  Is it sexist and/or misogynist to refuse these strong female leads blasters?

The Trace article states,

Gun marketers, too, have pushed women to arm themselves. There are now whole stores set up to sell pink-hued firearms and accessories.


Not pink hued.

But aren’t Disney storytellers also pushing women to arm themselves, by depicting women empowering themselves with blaster (firearm) ownership and usage?

Every credible scientific study of women and guns in the last two decades strongly indicates that a firearm in a woman’s home is far more likely to be used against her or her family than to defend against an outside attacker. Increasing gun ownership by women would only heighten that risk.

Well then shouldn’t this also mean that Rey and Phasma’s blasters are far more likely to be used against them and their families, than to defend against a First Order goon?  Wouldn’t giving these strong female characters such weapons only heighten their risk?

Is Disney putting women at greater risk by inspiring them with strong female characters that brandish firearms? Aren’t they encouraging little girls to grow up wanting to own firearms, when they sell strong female action figures with blaster rifles?

Although this raises legitimate questions, many seem oblivious to the fact that women have already been brandishing firearms for a long time:



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