Boyega Dismisses Backlashers

John Boyega, the man who plays the Finn character in the Sequel Trilogy, and who played a role in the purely imaginary black stormtrooper nontroversy, tells The Daily Telegraph that criticism of The Last Jedi comes on from:

“…one tweet from a guy with three followers and then a lot of people react to it.”

Ilara Brophy and Jessica Arrowsmith at The Daily Mail stupidly wrote:

The latest installment in the Star Wars franchise has bizarrely been called too ‘politically correct’ because of its more diverse cast.

Which of course is entirely incorrect given that Star Wars has always had a diverse cast.

So the writers at the Daily Mail would appear to be stupidly making things up.  What the criticism is about instead, is poor the film craft, and the deeply moronic social justice propaganda.

The Daily Mail also writes:

However, the ‘online backlash’ certainly didn’t deter people from seeing the film.

In fact, it did.  After the highly successful opening weekend, ticket sales waned fast.  And China showed total disinterest.  But apparently, the waning toy and merchandise sales, and the confirmed Rotten Tomatoes score, constitute “a tweet from one guy and three followers” according to Boyega.


Unaware of reality.

8 thoughts on “Boyega Dismisses Backlashers

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