WCB Provides Disney, Lucasfilm, Hasbro Contact Information

The gentlemen at World Class Bullshitters have posted a video that contains contact information for Disney, Lucasfilm, Bad Robot, and Hasbro:

Although this is a very well intentioned effort, I’m sad to say, that over time I’ve seen other fandoms engage in such letter writing campaigns, and they ultimately just don’t work.  When leadership is totally convinced that they are doing the right things, they become impervious to any criticism to the contrary.  No matter how thoughtful or kind or firm or polite the letters may be, they will be arbitrarily dismissed as the ravings of trolls from a “tiny vocal minority.”  To make matters worse, once SJWs get a hold of this contact information, they too will be writing to tell all of these people how wonderful everything they’re doing is.

And frankly, avoiding addressing the elephant in the room, the militant feminism, is like avoiding the topic of alcohol when trying to counsel an alcoholic.  There’s not much point to it.

Remember, JJ Abrams is thoroughly convinced that critics are threatened by women, and has openly stated that the backlash won’t effect what he’s doing with Episode IX.  Rian Johnson has stated that he would still do everything exactly the same in the face of the backlash.   Kathleen Kennedy has said that she doesn’t feel the need to cater to male fans, and that boys are crossing over to watch barking women, despite evidence to the contrary.  John Boyega recently dismissed Backlashers as “…one tweet from a guy with three followers and then a lot of people react to it.”  Hasbro is convinced that their Star Wars line is doing great.

So you have to understand here, that you’re not dealing with people who have a functional relationship with reality.  All of the most reasonable and logical and polite argumentation in the world will not penetrate the thick skulls of these people.  In fact, I’m willing to bet a fine patriarchal steak dinner, that as soon as these companies get wind that their contact info has been published, they’ll change that contact info in order to silence the Backlashers.

As long as people keep giving Disney Lucasfilm money for their garbage, they in turn will keep producing that garbage, letters be damned.

The only real course of action that has any hope of working, is to simply not engage in economic activity with Disney Lucasfilm.  To not pay to see their movies.  To not watch their television or streaming programs and give them ratings.  To not read their books or comics.  To not purchase their toys or T-shirts.  To not play their video games.  Only deprivation of revenue has any hope of getting through to these people, because they are incapable of being swayed, they can only be forced, pardon the pun.  As they say, actions speak louder than words.

Now, some might argue that such a course of action might damage the brand so much that Disney might abandon Star Wars altogether, and then just sit on it refusing to sell it to anyone else.  Maybe.  But then, no Star Wars at all, is far, far better than the Star Wars we’re getting now.

Having said all of that, I now post the contact information in text, for those who still wish to go through the motions here.  It won’t surprise me at all, if the fascist activists at YouTube take down this video as soon as they see it.


(818) 560-1000

500 S Buena Vista St Burbank CA 91521-0001



1110 Gorgas Ave, San Francisco, CA 94129



Bad Robot

1221 Olympic Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404

(310) 664-3456

Hasbro, Inc.

1027 Newport Avenue Pawtucket, RI 02862.

401-431-8697 or toll free 800.242.7276

Customer Complaint Line 1800-255-5516


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