Toys R Us May Go Out Of Business

There’s a number of reports indicating that Toys R Us may soon be going out of business, and closing all of its U.S. stores.


Nobody wants this crap.

Some claim that the poorly selling Star Wars toys helped bring Toys R Us to bankruptcy.  Fortune reports:

Some chalked that up to the struggles at Toys “R” Us, which entered bankruptcy in September. But others point to an over reliance on movie tie-ins and a lack of novelty: Star Wars toys didn’t sell as well as expected, perhaps because kids see them as a tired formula.

Perhaps.  Or perhaps most boys don’t want to play with girl action figures.  That’s a lesson that should have been learned back in the 1980s.  World Class Bullshitters has been at the forefront of reporting on the poor sales of Star Wars toys at a variety of retail outlets, and they make the same observation here:

CNBC reports:

Another blow to the company’s earnings could come from weaker-than-expected sales of Hasbro’s entertainment and partner brands.

While Weiser foresees sales of “Transformers” toys being greater than the $500 million forecast, she said that sales of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” toys could be disappointing, despite being higher than last year’s sales of “Rogue One” toys.

“Our Partner Brands estimate of 8 percent could be too high as ‘Stars Wars’ could have been below expectations,” she wrote.

Despite this, Toys R Us has previously denied that it would liquidate entirely.  USA Today reported:

Toys R Us is conducting going-out-of-business sales at about 170 stores around the country, roughly 20% of its U.S. stores. The company has said it plans to emerge from bankruptcy before the 2018 holiday as a leaner and more innovative retailer.

Let’s hope Toys R Us can survive somehow.  If it does close all its doors, it will only give apologists an excuse to blame cratering toy and merchandise sales for Episode IX on.

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