The Last Jedi’s Russian Bots Explained

Nobody wants to know this stuff.  It’s exhausting.  But somebody has to put it out there for folks who are having a difficult time understanding the direction that Disney is taking with Star Wars.

So to start, I’ll briefly lay out the basic story.  Feel free to jump below the picture of Hux if you’re already familiar with this.

i09 reports on a purported Russian Bot campaign to keep the Hux character alive through all three Sequel Trilogy films coordinating around the hashtag #HuxLive:

There’s a peculiar moment featured in Anthony Wonke’s 90-minute Star Wars documentary The Director and the Jedi, which is now available to watch on the digital release of The Last Jedi. According to Film School Rejects, it includes a moment where Johnson—at a production meeting—discusses a Russian attempt to influence the film with a social media campaign. Yes, really.

What did they want? For General Hux to survive the trilogy.

“It’s amazing,” Johnson said during a production meeting. “There’s a coordinated effort by these Russian accounts. Hundreds of them.”

A coordinated effort, which included hashtags like #HuxLive, urged Lucasfilm and Disney to keep Hux alive through all three films. Johnson didn’t really know why Russian bots were so eager for General Hux to survive, though some speculate it’s because of how they idolize authoritarian regimes.

The favored theory seems to point to a love of authoritarian regimes:

Russian accounts flooded Johnson’s mentions early in the production to ensure that their favorite oppressor made it through the new trilogy. Why the Russians bots love Hux is clear now — they are way into authoritarian regimes.

Russian bot accounts have a hard-on for authoritarian quasi-fascist regimes, so clearly trying to keep General Hux in Star Wars was on their priority list.

Keep in mind here, there’s no evidence that these Russian bots love authoritarian regimes.  Maybe they just like the Hux character or actor, or are simply trying to agitate Americans on a variety of cultural fronts.


“Everything new is well forgotten old.” ~Russian Proverb

Here’s the explanation.

Now, I was originally going to pass on this story.  To the uninitiated, this all seems like tin foil hatted conspiratorial claptrap.  But then my own initial suspicions were independently confirmed by two separate sources.

I genuinely empathize with SC and Jeremy.  I don’t know either of them personally, but from their YouTube videos, they both come across as great guys who just like to enjoy pop culture, and movies, and video games, and just have fun with that stuff.  Neither of them seem particularly interested in SJW politics, and seriously, who could blame them?  So when they’re suddenly confronted with the bizarre nature of SJW thought and behavior, they’re understandably confused and flabbergasted.

Unless a person pays close attention to the narrative that SJW politics pushes, which is a tedious task, that person will be unprepared for just how deep the rabbit hole goes with SJW psychopathology.  This is an attempt to explain the thought process of the SJW narrative here to those who prefer common sense and logic.

First, it’s important to understand that the SJW narrative and reality are two entirely different and separate things.  The two never intersect.

Second, yes, this is all about Trump because remember, these people are political activists first and foremost, with genuine art being only a very distant secondary concern.

With that in mind, this all  begins and ends with Trump.  According to the SJW narrative, Russian Bots hacked Facebook advertising to promote Trump’s candidacy during the U.S. Presidential election.  This was just one small story, in the much larger Trump/Russia Collusion narrative.  For those who might not know, the SJW narrative contends that Trump colluded with Russia in an effort to sway the results of the 2016 Presidential election in Trump’s favor.

So the activists who produced The Last Jedi are pushing this Russian bot story in an effort to say, “See, the same Russian Bots that helped Trump win the election, tried to help this authoritarian/fascist character.  The bots like this authoritarian/fascist character, in the same way that they like authoritarian/fascist Trump.”  They seek to fabricate this connection through popular culture.  A connection between the Trump Administration and the First Order (The Empire).  They want fans to make an association between the two.  Remember, SJWs routinely refer to Trump as a fascist, not having any understanding of what genuine fascism actually is.

That’s the SJW narrative.  Now for reality.

The Trump/Russia collusion investigation has been going on for 14 months, and as of this writing, there is zero evidence that any Trump/Russia collusion took place.  It’s a witch hunt intended to fish for any evidence of any wrong doing of any kind.  Some will say, “Sure, of course Republicans would say that there isn’t any evidence of collusion.”  But it’s important to remember that many Republicans don’t like Trump either.

There’s an adage that says whenever leftists accuse their political opponents of something, the accusing leftists themselves are guilty of that very something.  It’s a fairly consistent phenomenon.  Not only is there no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion, but there actually is evidence of Democrat/Clinton/Russia collusion instead.  So continuing the false Trump/Russia collusion narrative helps to obfuscate and direct attention away from that.

The Russian bots on Facebook focused on polarizing issues, and exploited racial and religious divisions (just like SJWs do), in an effort to create general chaos rather than support one candidate or the other.  The Russians sought to undermine confidence in the legitimacy of the election, and in turn undermine the President’s mandate to govern, whomever that President turned out to be.  And domestic leftists in the United States, like The Last Jedi cast and crew, and some SJW fans, are all too eager to be the Russian’s useful idiots in the effort.

Brian Lloyd confirms SJW thinking in his own Last Jedi bot story at where he mindlessly wrote:

From spreading fake news and helping to cloud reality further with the likes of Donald Trump, it’s pretty serious stuff. It’s been deployed to help Donald Trump win the Presidency, discredit critics of Vladimir Putin – and, apparently, keep Domhnall Gleeson in a job.

Even though, the bots were ultimately found to have no effect on the election whatsoever.


It’s the power of colluuuuuuuuuuuuuusion.

But who’s side are the Russians really on?

American leftist politicians and activists routinely use quasi-Soviet rhetoric.  SJWs writing articles use the same language.  The SJW’s openly stated beliefs which are wholly Marxist/communist in their nature, are now taught in schools and universities.   And those institutions are now run mostly by SJW freaks.  SJWs like to stupidly carry the old Soviet flag.  It is known that American leftist officials actively worked to sway the elections of foreign nations.    Famous lefty icon Teddy Kennedy asked the Soviets to interfere in Reagans’ re-election.  Vladimir Putin himself, is ex-KGB.  So you have to ask yourself, who is it that the Russians would be more inclined to side with?  Republican Trump, or socialist Democrats?

Although, American SJWs should be warned of what happens to children who play communist revolutionary, shortly after the revolution is won.  It’s unfortunate that leftist SJWs are so hopelessly uneducated, but I digress.

The main point here is that the cast and crew of The Last Jedi and other Disney/Lucasfilm productions are political activists pushing a political narrative, they are not artists telling stories.

We had to read Rogue One screenwriter Chris Weitz tweet, “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization,” after the fabricated black stormtrooper controversy in TFA.

We had to sit through Rose Tico lecturing us on social justice nonsense in the dialogue of the movie itself.

And the whole SJW activism mentality persists in the deleted Southern stereotype stormtrooper sequence, which I’ll discuss in a future post.

SJW propaganda is in the movies, it’s in the novels, it’s in the comics, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll be laid real thick in Episode IX.

12 thoughts on “The Last Jedi’s Russian Bots Explained

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  8. Ummm… as one of those so-called “Russian bots” (that weren’t actually bots, these were real people), I can tell you that #HuxLive movement had nothing to do with authoritarian regime support, and much more to do with fangirls supporting kylux pairing (you can see how half of the pair dying makes it much more difficult to ship). Sorry, no political agenda whatsoever, just based on the looks and his proximity to the male lead.


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