Did Mark Hamill Turn To The Dark Side?

By now, most fans are familiar with the multiple statements made by Mark Hamill about his reaction to The Last Jedi script:

Many dismiss these comments as either out of context editing, or compare it to Mark Hamill’s complaints about the Return of the Jedi script.  Though frankly, the sheer amount and nature of Mark’s complaints over The Last Jedi are hardly comparable to his previous concerns, or are able to be so easily dismissed.

So much so, that he has expressed regret over making his conversations with Rian public, and has apologized for his criticism of The Last Jedi.

And now, Mark takes a pot shot at Backlashers.  Backlashers, who had largely been defending him, and who mostly agreed with his own reactions to “Jake Skywalker.” Grant Davis from Heroic Hollywood reports on Mark Hamill’s tweet:

Why the seeming change of attitude?


Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Perhaps because he was given a role Episode IX, as is now rumored.

Larry Bartleet from NME reports on two more Mark Hamill tweets, that suggests he may be returning in Episode IX in some form:

Did Mark Hamill change his attitude thanks to an offer from Disney/Lucasfilm that he couldn’t refuse?

This is all pure speculation of course, based on what tidbits of information are publicly available.  But Mark Hamill’s change of heart is interesting, particularly when watching what many felt was Mark Hamill’s unvarnished reaction to seeing the completed film for the first time:

7 thoughts on “Did Mark Hamill Turn To The Dark Side?

  1. To paraphrase Gimli, Disney’s arm has grown long indeed and it’s likely Hamill could have difficulty finding work. He lives near James Gunn, who has expressed interest in having him in an upcoming ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, but a Marvel appearance might be stifled if Disney doesn’t see him as a team player.

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  2. I meant to include this quote that I came across today: “Lots of times actors have very good instincts. They’re thinking about the character a lot more than you are. You’re looking at the whole thing, they are looking at that particular person. If they’re uncomfortable or something doesn’t work, it’s usually because there is something wrong with it. ~ George Lucas in ‘The Making of Star Wars’ by J.W. Rinzler.

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