Solo Hit With Blaster Control


“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” ~Han Solo

Well, not anymore.

In keeping with Lucasfilm’s political social engineering, the blasters have been removed from the latest version of the controversial Solo Movie Posters in yet another change.

Kevin Burwick from Movieweb reports:

A new series of Star Wars posters have erased the guns, while also offering some that still have the iconic blasters in tact.

The new Solo posters keep the same color scheme, and have slight other changes. But the main difference, besides taking out the block lettering, is that they erased the blasters out of each character’s hands.

This reminds me of the 20th Anniversary Edition of E.T. The Extraterrestrial, in which the guns in the hands of police officers were digitally replaced with walkie-talkies, and which Kathleen Kennedy happened to be a producer of.

It also reminds me of a comparison of the body count in the Indiana Jones films as done by Red Letter Media.

Crystal Skull had the lowest body count out of all the films, and unsurprisingly, Kathleen Kennedy was a producer on that film as well.

Kathleen Kennedy was also producer of The Force Awakens, in which Rey defends herself from blaster fire with a stick through half the film.

So this latest antic with the Solo posters has Kathleen Kennedy’s activist stink all over it.

It makes me wonder if Kathleen Kennedy’s influence had any role to play in the worst aspects of the Prequel Trilogy.

It also makes me wonder if the blasters will be erased from the Solo film, just as the guns were from E.T. The Extraterrestrial.

Han shot first?  Ha!  Maybe he won’t even shoot at all this time around.  But not to worry.  I’m sure that the bounty hunters who pursue Han will be willing to work it all out over tea and tofu.

At least the women in this franchise are still allowed to glorify gun use.

Good luck to YouTubers attempting to cover this story.


Some apologists are defending these posters, by saying that they’re for international markets.  According to them, European and other international markets can not show people holding guns whether real or imaginary on movie posters.

This changes nothing, because the motivation for doing this remains the same.

The international markets that don’t allow depictions of people holding guns on movie posters, are dictated by governments which are run by people who have the very same SJW mentality.  In essence, Lucasfilm is appeasing foreign SJW bureaucrats.


SC Reviews offers his own perspective on this story:

SC always offers great insight, but I’d like to offer some counterpoints here.  SC cites the following sentence from the MovieWeb article:

Though they also launched a separate International series that still have those blasters in hand.

Collider reported in a March 15th article, that the blaster-less posters are the international posters, which goes back to my previous updateIn an article entitled‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ International Posters Get Some Noteworthy ChangesAllison Keene writes:

In the posters below, you’ll notice that the big block lettering has been removed, and replaced with a more standard logo for the movie. And instead of being identified as “Solo,” Han is now just Han. Those are fairly minor changes, and not surprising given the potential lawsuit, but there’s another noteworthy adjustment — no guns. If you’re wondering why Han looks so weird it’s because his arm was moved down and his gun taken away, resulting in a very odd pose. Qi’ra and Lando come out looking fine, though Chewie now looks like he’s having a class photo taken

So there seems to be some confusion as to which posters are American, and which posters are international.  If anyone can find independent confirmation as to which is which I’ll be happy to post that information here.

But let’s suppose that the baster-less posters are American posters for the sake of argument.

SC also cites the following sentence from the MovieWeb article:

The United States has 48 percent of the world’s guns and has some of the highest instances of gun related deaths in the world, which has caused controversy for decades.

This is where we have to be careful.  Note how the author doesn’t cite the source for these statistics, or link to where the statistics come from.  Many statistics like this are written by SJW activists and then repeated until they become “conventional wisdom.”  But here’s the facts.

Gun violence in America is concentrated in SJW controlled urban centers, in America’s major cities.  Furthermore, that urban centered gun violence is most often perpetrated by gangs.  In fact, when we look at the city of Chicago for instance, we find that some of the highest gun violence rates in America, are in a city that has some of America’s strictest gun control policies.  Despite this, crime in America as a whole is actually at record lows, and the nation has seen a massive decline in gun violence.  This runs in stark contrast to the general media’s narrative, and their use of school children as political pawns to promote and popularize gun control efforts.

I’m not trying to downplay the horror and seriousness of the recent school shootings here.  But to paint a picture that there is some overwhelming epidemic of violence in America and that it’s among the worst in the world, when people in nations like Venezuela are fleeing by the thousands due to violence, is disingenuous at best and irresponsible at worst.

Here are some additional facts regarding the gun control debate here and here.

Feel good remedies like photoshopping blasters out of posters, won’t accomplish much of anything.  Particularly not when Hollywood promotes and glorifies gun usage out of one side of their mouth, even while protesting it from the other.  In fact that’s where much of the perception of gun violence in America comes from; the movies.

SC also makes a valid point that perhaps the Solo posters were altered out of sensitivity to the recent gun shootings.  But I’d like to offer a counterpoint to that as well.

Far too often, I find that many folks forget the meaning of the word “war” in the title of the franchise, Star Wars.  This franchise is about wars being fought in the stars.  Movies set in wartime scenarios, whether reality or fantasy based, will oftentimes contain guns, and that ought to be somewhat expected due to the nature of the material.  Let’s take a look at some other movies posters, for films that will be released in the coming months.

Here we have the posters for Beirut and 7 Days In Entebbe.  Both films feature guns prominently in their posters, but few if anyone is clamoring for their removal, because thinking people understand the nature of the material.  These are films set in wartime scenarios.

But then the argument might be, that this is an unfair comparison because those two films are based on true stories, and are not fictional films geared towards a younger audience.  Fair enough.  Let’s look at two posters for some upcoming super hero films:

On the left we have the poster for Avengers: Infinity war, in which we see the Winter Soldier, and Rocket Raccoon both brandishing guns.  On the right, we see super hero Deadpool being showered with shell casings in a spoof of the famous Flashdance image.  My guess is that Kathleen Kennedy is not overseeing these two projects, as I haven’t yet seen weaponless versions of either poster.

But again, the primary point here, is that because of the nature of the material in the films, we expect to see firearms of one sort or another in the marketing material.  So too should it be with a franchise that has the word “war” in its title.  And remember, Star Wars was never designed for 3 year olds, as some parents seem to think.  It was always geared towards people roughly 12 years of age and up.  In fact The Last Jedi had a rating of PG-13.  It’ll be interesting to find out what Solo‘s rating will be.


Disney has purportedly responded.  

15 thoughts on “Solo Hit With Blaster Control

      • I have to admit. I got a bit suckered in by the trailer for The Force Awakens. But I walked out of the theater from that film “woke” as the kids say these days.


        • I walked out of TFA thinking, ‘Well the next movies will be better. This was just the windup and the pitch, and the middle movie will be about completely new characters’… which they retconned back in time and then killed them all off just when it looked like they could be substantially interesting for the long haul.

          Liked by 1 person

          • The thing that made me realize that this Sequel Trilogy was going to be crap, was the whole “Remnants of the Empire” scenario. Regardless of all the arguments as to why there would still be an Empire, it still just stinks of hackish writing. It was clear to me that the production staff can not conceive of anything that doesn’t directly come from The Original Trilogy in some way, that they can’t come up with anything original. For the most part, I think most folks watched TFA with nostalgia goggles, and were mostly just happy to see Harrison Ford in the Han Solo costume again. I can understand that, but I was able to see through it.


              • That could have been a good idea. I was mainly interested to see what happened, after the fall of the Empire, rather than see the Empire get dragged on. I wanted to know what would happen in the power vacuum that the Empire left behind. My own thoughts were that, given that many systems were Sepratists during the Prequel era, that a big happy New Republic was unlikely. Many systems wanted nothing to do with the Old Republic, and likely wouldn’t want anything to do with a New One. So my thought would be that there would be civil war between multiple factions. Between those trying to establish a New Republic, the old separatist systems, some regional Imperial leftovers ala Thrawn who become petty local warlords, other factions who want something entirely different, etc.


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  3. “Some apologists are defending these posters, by saying that they’re for international markets. According to them, European and other international markets can not show people holding guns whether real or imaginary on movie posters.”

    What the hell now? I’m from Denmark, and you can hold tits in your hand or have two naked men in a movie poster(we did the two naked men spooning together, lol). So it’s a straight up lie from the puritans defending Disney, if they’re saying European markets don’t allow this. We’re pretty liberal about such things.

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