Disney Purportedly Responds To Solo Poster Blaster Controversy

I previously discussed the removal of guns from the Solo movie posters.  It appears that Disney may have made a statement on the matter.


Maybe they carry concealed in Brazil.

Stephen M. Colbert from ScreenRant states that the blaster-less posters are specifically for Brazil:

First of all, the posters arent for the United States. They’re posters for Brazil. Brazil has had its own recent national debate over firearms, but that’s not even the reason their posters look different. Screen Rant has spoken with Disney about the posters in question and they’ve verified that the posters are specific to Brazil, and they are likely that way because Brazil is trying to push a more family-friendly image for Solo (or “Han Solo” as it’s marketed there) in that region. The posters aren’t distributed in the US, and the change has nothing to do with the gun issues in the US.

That’s really quite interesting, if that’s what Disney is claiming.  Because according to an article entitled, People Are Ready to Buy Some Guns in the World’s Murder Capital, written on March 20th 2018 by David Biller at Bloomberg:

Desperate Brazilians are wondering whether they’d be better off armed, given that around 60,000 of their compatriots are killed each year. Polls show support for gun ownership gaining ground. In an election year, politicians are paying attention.

“Everyday, everywhere you look, the criminal is armed with a high-powered weapon as the citizen tries to hide,” Rogerio Peninha Mendonca, the lawmaker behind the proposal, said in an interview. “What we want is for the citizen to be more capable of defending himself.”

The idea runs counter to recent calls in the U.S. for greater gun control, as well as the global trend towards restricting access to firearms that’s seen Australia, the U.K, Canada, New Zealand and Germany tighten their laws in recent decades.

Forty-two percent of Brazilians believe gun ownership is a citizen’s right, according to a November survey by pollster Datafolha. That’s up from 30 percent four years earlier. And of the lower house lawmakers who have expressed opinions publicly, slightly more than half support the proposed legislation, according to a scoreboard maintained by Peninha’s staff.

Stephen M. Colbert at ScreenRant continues:

Second, the “changes” to the posters aren’t actually changing anything. The controversy is mostly based on the comparison of two sets of posters (example above) that appear identical other than the fact that one set features the characters with guns and the other doesn’t. Not only were these posters released at about the same time, but the posters in question are the first Solo posters for Brazil, meaning it’s impossible for them to have been “changed” as there were no previous Brazillian posters to change from. The only reason people think they were changed is because they’re comparing them to the Spanish posters, where the characters all still have blasters. The casual eye may not be able to differentiate between Spanish and Portuguese, but it’s clear they’re different languages as one movie is titled Han Solo: Una Historia de Star Wars and the other is Han Solo: Uma História de Star Wars. Other words are also different, such as the Spanish “cines” and the Portuguese “cinemas.”

Nonsense.  If the posters really were specifically for Brazil, then they were changed (or customized if you prefer that word) to appease like-minded SJW bureaucrats in Brazil who oppose loosening their guns laws in the midst of a contentious public debate.  The last thing they want to do, is give their political opposition potential inspiration through a movie like Solo.

It’s worth noting that Stephen M. Colbert doesn’t really supply any direct quotes or official statements from Disney, only claiming that they’ve “spoken with Disney.”

Further food for thought:

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