Chuck Wendig Mindlessly Parrots John Boyega

Previously, John Boyega was quoted as saying that the backlash is:

“…one tweet from a guy with three followers and then a lot of people react to it.”

Well, it seems that this particular bit of silly rhetoric is now making the rounds among other Lucasfilm representatives.

You may know Chuck Wendig as the author of the Star Wars novel Aftermath, which was celebrated for showcasing a gay character, and not known for much of anything else.  Recently, Chuck Wendig decided to tweet his own variation of the commonly parroted “tiny vocal minority” rhetoric:

What’s actually hilarious and sad, is that an adult like Chuck Wendig isn’t following the news of his own industry.

I’ve discussed how the $1.3 Billion dollar figure isn’t at all what it seems.  World Class Bullshitters confirmed this with their own independent commentary.  I’ve discussed the total failure of The Last Jedi in China.  I’ve discussed the waning toy and merchandise sales, as have others.  All of these discussions contain links to source articles from which the information comes, articles which Chuck Wendig apparently hasn’t read.


Too busy chopping bugs out of his beard to read news articles.

Backlashers inevitably responded to Chuck Wendig’s tweet, and Chuck reacted:

Now, Chuck clearly knew that his original tweet would elicit a reaction.  How could he not?  So what’s equally clear, is that he had these two sentences pre-fabricated and ready to post the moment that he received six reactions.  He probably thought it would make him appear prescient and clever.  Ironic indeed.

Chuck is the guy who once said, “A small group of characters can change the entire galaxy.  You don’t need this colossal movement to change everything.  Sometimes you just need you and a couple of your scoundrels, friends, and wookies.”  Chuck apparently no longer believes this.

Chuck waffles though between claiming that there is no backlash, and subtly suggesting that Backlashers are bigoted:

We’ve all heard the age old question, “If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”  Likewise, if Backlashers don’t exist, then how can they be bigoted?  Chuck makes very little coherent sense.

But Chuck does follow the predetermined SJW behavior, by pretending that the backlash doesn’t exist.  The next phase will be to ignore the backlash, in a transparent attempt to depict himself as above it all.  When that doesn’t succeed, what follows will be seething, frothing, frustrated SJW barking involving an unintelligible overuse of  adjectives.

The great thing about this, is that further agitation of the backlash will serve only to amplify the scope of any potential boycott.  So in that regard Chuck is to be thanked for his essential efforts here.

It will be interesting to see if Lucasfilm pressures Chuck to delete his tweets.

Thanks to Geeks and Gamers for catching these tweets before they vanish.



Jeremy from Geeks and Gamers posts an update in the comments section of his video:

Well yes.  It’s what Chuck Wendig needs to do in order to maintain his delusion that you don’t exist.

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