Holdo Can Use The Force Too

Matt Miller of Esquire reports in an article entitled, Laura Dern Just Revealed a Key Detail That Changes Her Star Wars Character:

“In their minds, and in their understanding of the origin story, we know that she was a true rebel in the Resistance, and in our culture we might have called her a hippie,” Dern tells EW. “But she was longing for peace, and a revolutionary in that way, and wanted to be trained by and led by Leia, who taught her everything she knew. She wanted to come up in the ranks to support Leia’s mission, but also had this otherworldly side that does involve the Force.”

Dippy hippies leading men into battle?  Sure, why not?  “It’s Star Wars.  Let’s not worry.  Let’s move on.”

Laura Dern Continues:

“Yeah, her primary goal was to protect the light, to protect the Force, and to keep the revolutionaries alive,” Dern tells EW. “And I think the film speaks so beautifully to that with this last image of the next generation of the Resistance, you know?”

So if Leia can use the Force to fly through the empty airless vacuum of outer space, you can bet that Holdo can use the Force to save herself from her own disastrous decisions too.

Feminists will undoubtedly be swooning over Holdo’s glorious return in Episode IX, and will fold their arms with righteous satisfaction as Poe Dameron apologetically grovels to her.


Thanks to John Talks Star Wars for the shout out:

John raises some interesting questions.

Does the Force need protecting?  How does one protect the Force?  Why would a peacenik pursue a career as an admiral?  How peaceful is the Holdo Maneuver?


She believes she can fly. She believes she can touch the sky.

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