Rian Johnson Avoids Derivatives

Sean K. Cureton of ScreenRant reports:

Taking to his personal Twitter account, Johnson took the time to respond to the query of a Star Wars fan who was specifically worried that The Last Jedi would fall prey to far too many recycled plot points and imagery. Speaking in defense of himself and the motion picture he has poured his heart and soul into, Johnson replied with the following post:

“I’ve addressed it the only way I possibly can – by spending the past three years of my life making a film I do not think is derivative.”

So, just to be clear:

The First Order Vs. The Resistance is not derivative of The Empire Vs. The Rebellion.

The Praetorian Guards are not derivative of the Emperor’s Guards.

The Supremacy is not derivative of the Executor.

X-Wings Vs. TIE Fighters is not derivative of X-Wings Vs. TIE Fighters.

The AT-M6 is not derivative of the AT-AT.

Salt is not derivative of snow.

Captain Phasma is not derivative of the Cylons.

Canto Bight is not derivative of Carillon.

BB-8 is not derivative of V.I.N.C.E.N.T.

And Porgs are not derivative of Pikachu.

Any questions?

3 thoughts on “Rian Johnson Avoids Derivatives

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