Kelley Marie Tran Enjoys Watching Herself

One would think that seeing actors that look like yourself wouldn’t be an issue in a franchise that routinely showcases multiple alien species that look nothing like any human being on Earth.  One would be wrong.

Kelley Marie Tran who plays Rose Tico in The Last Jedi, was recently interviewed by Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ).  Like her character, she rambles on about a variety of social justice issues, most of which were fought an won 40 years ago.

In it she answers the following question thus:

Rose is so real and fun to root for, and I would have liked her as a character no matter what, but it did feel like a huge deal to so many people that she was played by an Asian American.

You know, I sometimes wish we didn’t have to talk about this, and it’s not because I’m not proud of who I am; I’m really proud of who I am. But I wish the world was different. I wish there was equal representation across races, cultures, socioeconomic classes, gender identities, body types, abilities; I wish all people were represented—as writers, directors, producers, actors! I wish it wasn’t so rare.

But the fact of the matter is, as much as I wish the world was different, it’s not. I mean, you grew up in the same world I did. I never saw myself in anything, so I know how important this is. I also think it’s important to be working behind the scenes toward that change we need, and I’m definitely putting myself in a position where one day I will be part of that change.

By “real” I’m assuming that GQ means ridiculous.

Kelley Marie Tran should be warned though.  Enjoying watching characters that look like yourself is a cardinal sin among the SJW ignorati.  Behold Luke Giordano of as he stupidly writes:

The endless chorus of whining from Twitter eggs and YouTube commenters and the Trumpiest parts of the internet about how the agenda of Social Justice Warriors is infringing on popular media is so weak and pathetic, it’s incredible that they don’t see the irony of labeling others “cucks.” They get angry about the all-female cast of the Ghostbusters when the alternative was there being no Ghostbusters at all for the past twenty-five years. But I see the thought process. Something used to look like them and now it doesn’t.  

Kelley Marie Tran may have to report back to the Collective for re-education, because Like Giordano is not alone in his stupidity.  There have been many SJW diatribes published that recite some variation of the “backlashers hate The Last Jedi because the characters don’t look like them” talking point.  So from this, we know that enjoying watching people that look like yourself is a terrible thing to do, from an uneducated SJW point of view.

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