SJW Boldly Argues Against Points That No One Is Making

Social justice warriors want to be social justice folk heroes.  In order to achieve that status, they need to be fighting social justice issues like racism and misogyny.  If no one is being racist or misogynist, then they’re forced to respond as though people are being those things in order to earn social justice street cred.  This is why more often than not, the SJW argues against points that no one is making.  Such is the case here.


They enjoy arguing against points that no one is expressing, and taking long walks on the beach.

Luke Giordano writes a piece at entitled, Complaining about diversity in Star Wars is a new level of baby boy stupidity.

The endless chorus of whining from Twitter eggs and YouTube commenters and the Trumpiest parts of the internet about how the agenda of Social Justice Warriors is infringing on popular media is so weak and pathetic, it’s incredible that they don’t see the irony of labeling others “cucks.”

SJWs are very practiced in seeing things that don’t exist, as we’ll demonstrate.

They get angry about the all-female cast of the Ghostbusters when the alternative was there being no Ghostbusters at all for the past twenty-five years. But I see the thought process. Something used to look like them and now it doesn’t.

Nobody got angry about Ghostbusters 2016 because the cast was all female.  Rather, what happened instead, were that fans were unhappy with the concept of the project being a straight reboot, rather than a continuation in the original GB universe.  What fans had hoped for and called for, was a story about another franchise of the GB company in a different city set in the original GB universe.  This would allow for cameo appearances from original characters and actors who might want to participate from time to time.  Additionally, it would have widened the GB movie franchise, by allowing for movies to be made of different GB crews in many different cities.  One of those crews could certainly be all-female.  So the all female cast was never part of the original complaint.  How that came into the picture, was when Paul Feig and some of his cast stupidly accused those critics of being sexist and/or misogynist.  Of course, Feig’s baseless accusations didn’t apply to the actual criticisms that were being made, but that didn’t stop uneducated SJWs such as yourself from parroting the fabricated narrative.  Ultimately, no Ghostbusters at all would have been far better than the Ghostbusters we were given in 2016.

Nick Fury used to be a cool Kurt Russell white guy instead of a cool Sam Jackson black guy.

Actually, Nick Fury used to be David Hasselhoff.  How cool that guy is depends on your own point of view.

At least I can trace the steps of how they got there, even if it’s a ridiculous conclusion to arrive at.

I’ll help correct you.

But the complaints about the diversity in the new Star Wars movies — first The Force Awakens and now Rogue One — are a new, special brand of baseless crybaby foot-stomping.

Actually there haven’t been any complaints about the diversity in the new Star Wars films.  That’s a fantasy that SJWs concocted, so that they have some social issue to fight against with their silly little raised fists as though it’s still 1968.  Diversity has been a part of the Star Wars franchise for a very long time, and you would know that if you had watched the films rather than just letting the past die.  The actors in the Disney era films are perfectly fine.  It’s the moronic social justice material they’re given to work with that is the problem.

These are not films that take place within the demographics or racial politics of modern-day America. They don’t have to rely on American and world history as the shared knowledge of how things got to a certain point for why people look and act the way they do. They’re not even like Game of Thrones, where the world acts as an alternate universe analogue to medieval Europe, which provides the real-life basis upon which you can add dragons and zombies. It makes sense for Game of Thrones’s racial and sexual politics to be similar to our world’s because the show is a reflection of our world — that’s the real life grounding that lets you get away with the dragons and zombies.

This doesn’t really apply to the universe of Star Wars.

Really?  Because many of the demands for equal representation and gender equality that SJWs screamed at Lucasfilm, stated that since the world’s population was 50% women, the Star Wars franchise should reflect that and have 50% female characters.  They made these demands despite the fact that the title of the franchise Star Wars has the word “war” in it, and wars are predominately fought by men.  So why should Star Wars reflect our world in one regard, but not in others?

The actors in the original Star Wars film are largely white and male because it was filmed largely in England in 1976. That’s who was available. The film is not very diverse because they most likely didn’t even consider it an issue at the time. This is not a fault on them in particular because all cinema was like this. It most likely wasn’t a conscious decision to make the cast of the film completely white, it was simply a reflection of the time it was made.

Also, normal people don’t obsess over the artificial divisions of race.

This is evident even by Return of the Jedi. The Rebellion is a coalition made up of humans of all races as well as various alien species. The highest leadership position is occupied by a woman. By contrast, the Empire is all white and all male. The difference between the two sides at that point had to have been a conscious creative decision. If the original Star Wars were made in 1983 it probably would have reflected the changing social climate of the time, the same as if it were made in 2016.

Or it could be that the first Star Wars film was a relatively low budget film as most science fiction movies were at the time, and that George Lucas only had the budget for aliens in the cantina, and not for much more aside from Chewbacca.

People who oppose this alleged “forced diversity” are probably aware of all this.

They’re also probably aware that compelling characters like Lando Calrissian from nearly 40 years ago had more depth and complexity than any of the characters in today’s diversity fashion shows, including the white ones.

But Hollywood, they say, is carrying out an SJW agenda.

They are, but it has much more to do more with the content of their moronic lecturing than it does with melanin content.

They’re artificially inserting more diversity because it makes themselves look good rather than it happening naturally, right?

When the characters are written poorly, then yes, it’s artificial.  They’re merely checking off a census quota.  I’d highly recommend reading articles by Erin White from Afropunk, and Lelanie Seyffer at Hypable, for some different perspectives.  It’s unfortunate that you’re unaware that this has all been done before, and has actually been regarded as racist in the past.

Even if this were the case — first of all, who cares? — it’s simply a casting decision to reflect how an alternate universe where there’s no reason to assume that white dominance ever existed would look like.

But Rogue One Co-Writer Chris Weitz stupidly tweeted:

Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization.

So isn’t this Rogue One writer assuming that white dominance existed in the galaxy far, far away?

Giordano continues:

The Star Wars universe does not carry the racial or sexual baggage of Earth.

It does now that SJWs have barnacled themselves to the franchise.

By changing the casting, the creators are simply correcting an oversight that people made all the time in movies forty years ago.

Where have SJWs been for the last 40 years?

The narrative itself isn’t changing. No one in The Force Awakens is taking Rey for granted because of her gender. She’s not proving them wrong with Grrl Power. It’s a story about a woman but not because she’s a woman.

Within the universe, the story is in broad strokes the same as it would be if the character were male. What changes is how we the audience view and accept the themes, the characters, and the narrative with a female character in a position where a male character would typically be in this kind of film.

Well that’s pure nonsense.  The narrative has in fact changed, and it’s easily demonstrated.  As I write in my review for The Force Awakens, the writers were so anxious to prove that girls can be “even more so” than men, that they’ve forgotten the first phase in the hero’s journey. When we first meet Luke, he’s a naive inexperienced farm boy, who complains about wanting to hang out with friends, gets scolded by his Uncle, gets knocked unconscious by a Tusken Raider, gets pushed down in a bar by a drunkard, gets his hand slapped by Han and has his piloting skills insulted,has to be defended by an elderly Jedi, gets insulted about his lack of height by Leia, gets mauled by a wampa, crash lands his X-Wing in a swamp, and gets his hand cut off during his very first lightsaber duel.  These are known as trials for the hero.

Not Rey though. She gets to skip the first phase of the hero’s journey so hear her roar! Somehow, she can pilot the Millennium Falcon and use a lightsaber all without any training at all. Sure she fumbles a bit getting the Falcon off the ground, but in only a couple of minutes, she’s evading Tie Fighters and deftly flying through the tight spaces of wrecked Star Destroyers. Not only is she Han Solo, but she’s Luke Skywalker too! Effectively fighting off a trained Knight of Ren, whatever that is, in her very first lightsaber battle. But don’t you dare question her girl power you misogynist, even though it doesn’t leave much left for Finn to shine with. At least Disney will be selling plenty of Cover Girl Star Wars make-up.

But the Star Wars universe and the people and aliens who populate that world are not affected by it because it’s not an issue in their world like it is in ours.

Sure they are.  The Last Jedi is the story of a couple of days worth of failed missions that leads all but a dozen or so Resistance fighters to their deaths all because the women in charge forgot to gas up.  It pretty much affects everyone.

So to be upset about a black woman inhabiting a role in a film that would otherwise have gone to a big walking red fish guy is fucking stupid as shit.

Probably.  So it’s a good thing that no one is upset about a black woman inhabiting a role in a film that would otherwise have gone to a big walking red fish guy.

This is of course not to say that because this criticism of Star Wars has no legitimacy that criticism of the female Ghostbusters or the more diverse character casting of Marvel and DC properties is legitimate.

Who is saying that?  No one, that’s who.

It just highlights how rooted all of this kind of criticism is in pure emotion, with not an ounce of logic behind it.

Probably because that kind of criticism doesn’t exist, and is purely imaginary.

They complain about this stuff even in a universe where they have no history or demographics to point to.

In fact, they aren’t complaining about that stuff at all.

Not a single facet of Star Wars’s story even remotely hinges on the race of the human characters. But it’s still an issue to because a certain group of people — mainly men, mainly white — have a fear-based reaction to perceived irrelevance in our culture.

Why do you hate white men?

Not every casting decision needs to be perceived as a threat to your existence. 

No one is perceiving casting decisions as a threat to anyone’s existence.

There is more diversity in film and television because the world is constantly changing.

There has been for 40 years now.  Where have you SJWs been?

There will always be white male heroes in popular fiction. That’s not going to change. 

It’s not going to change?  But you just said that the world is constantly changing?

What’s changing is that there will be more heroes along side them that look different than you’re used to. 

We’ve been used to that for at least 40 years.  It’s not 1968 anymore.

No demographic is becoming irrelevant in our culture.  The only thing that makes people irrelevant is how unwilling they are to accept change.

Those changes took place decades ago.  This means that the only thing here that’s irrelevant is  your caterwauling.

4 thoughts on “SJW Boldly Argues Against Points That No One Is Making

  1. If they hadn’t nixed the already existing canon of the EU, then the population at large would be newly discovering the heroes and villains of all human varieties, species and genders, enough to render most of the grandstanding moot.


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