White Dude Directing Entire Trilogy Doesn’t Want More White Dudes To Direct

While wading through Jen Yamato’s interview with Rian Johnson at the Los Angeles Times in which she refers to Backlashers as “cranky fans,” I ran across this little nugget:

As they were to his “Last Jedi” ideas, Lucasfilm seems open to shaking up the “Star Wars” universe, according to Johnson. “We need some directors who aren’t white dudes,” he said emphatically, in spite of Lucasfilm’s track record to date of hiring only white male directors. “And [Kennedy] knows it, too. It just has to happen. I mean, come on. It has to happen.”

It’s so brave and bold whenever a white dude refers to white dudes as though he himself isn’t a white dude.  Don’t you think?

So why doesn’t Rian step aside, and let people of color direct his trilogy?  Please?

Rian Johnson also had some other kernels of wisdom:

Interesting.  As Lucasfilm and Kathy are pushing it forward, toy and merchandise sales are falling behind.  Apparently Rian and Lucasfilm are under the delusion that The Last Jedi made fans feel things and engaged them in the way that those original movies did.  I guess that’s part of what makes Hollywood an island of fantasy, surrounded by a sea of reality.


Rian patiently explains how wonderful his lame decisions are.


Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers offers his own perspective on Rian Johnson’s comments:

4 thoughts on “White Dude Directing Entire Trilogy Doesn’t Want More White Dudes To Direct

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  4. Its because he’s not white, he’s Jewish. Along with Kennedy and JJ and Eiger ect…. like everyone except Spacey in the #metoo pile. Guy…. if you hadn’t noticed they hate white people yet I don’t know what to tell you. And yes they’re a race, that’s why they don’t let black refugees who convert to judaism into Israel but “athiests” from Manhattan get in with a DNA test. Just…. go read the Times of Israel or Haretz, most racist bile you’ve never seen.


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