Enfys Nest Lets Out a Big Secret


Yes, Enfys Nest, the villain in Solo, might be a female.  But that’s not the interesting secret.  As Star Wars News Net’s informant told them:

“Enfys Nest is a female. It is not a big role, but it is important. She (the actress) worked closely with Woody Harrelson. She is signed for two more movies, presumably Solo sequels.”

The interesting secret is that there may be more Han Solo sequels in the works.  Who knew that they were already planning sequels for a film which may or may not do well at the box office?

But there’s more interesting bits to follow here, if the SWNN’s source is legit.

So an actress signed on for two more movies.  She must be a heavy hitter, or an up and coming heavy hitter, to carry a trilogy as a the main villain.

There is another rumor that was recently circulating the internet, about a big twist at the end of the Solo film.

So what could this big twist be?

Well, there’s another rumor that Qi’Ra is involved with the Cloud Riders Gang, which Enfys Nest leads:

The packaging for the younger version of the character, packaged as “Qi’ra (Corellia),” indicates that she might be involved with Enfys Nest and the Cloud Riders, saying “At 18 years of age, young Qi’Ra is already enmeshed in a life of crime, working for a gang on Corellia.”

So what’s to be discerned from all of this?

I’d be willing to bet a fine patriarchal steak dinner, that the big twist at the end will be the female protagonist Qi-Ra (which is played by up and coming heavy hitter Emilia Clarke), revealing herself as being Enfys Nest.

That’s right; Enfys Nest is Qi’Ra, and I’m calling it.


You heard it here first.


SC Reviews is understandably skeptical of my speculation, and makes some valid arguments against Enfys Nest being Qi’Ra, feeling that the Enfys Nest character is too tall for Emilia Clarke to play:

But I’d like to play a little devil’s advocate here.

When 3 dimensions are compressed into 2 dimensions through film or digital media, lots of interesting optical illusions can take place.

Take a close look at the split image above, and play close attention to the shape of the physiology.  When comparing the bilateral symmetry of the two figures, we see that the feet line up, the knees line up, the hips line up, the breast and shoulder area line up, the general placement of the chin and eyes on the head line up.  Etc.

Height can be enhanced on film, and routinely is though various camera angles, and lighting.  The camera loves to make Tom Cruise look like the tallest action hero in the world, but he’s actually a pretty short guy.


This can also be accomplished with costume design.  Famously, Boris Karloff shortened the sleeves on his jacket to make Frankenstein’s arms appear longer on film.


So I’m going to stick by my prediction, but I’d be happy to enter a friendly gentleman’s bet with SC Reviews.


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