Lando Admires His Own Butt And Bulge In Last Shot Novel

According to Amy Ratcliff at, page 41 of the hardcover edition of Last Shot features the following passage:

“Pants: Dark purple with a gold stripe up either side. Pressed and creased sharply down the middle, of course. Subtly flared at the hems over shined and waxed narrow-tip dewback-skin boots, sloping inward and tight toward the top. Tight enough for a bulge and insinuation of an ass; not so tight as to cut off circulation or impede a smooth cavort across the dance floor.”

What wondrous worlds that author Daniel Jose Older takes us to.  It certainly makes for a nice contrast to Han’s adventures in babysitting.

So when are we going to get Leia admiring her own healthy rack spilling over that gold bikini top in the name of equality?  Or would that be sexist and/or misogynist?

But I’m a bit cautious here, because this does read like satire.  If anyone discovers that this is in fact satire and sends me the info, I’ll be happy to update this post.

Then again, those who thought that Hando was purely shipping fantasy, may want to rethink being so certain.


What a crime that nobody else can see Lando’s butt through his capes.

30 thoughts on “Lando Admires His Own Butt And Bulge In Last Shot Novel

  1. Well, it’s always been clear to me this SJW, Lovecraft hater moron they hired to write this book was more interested in pushing his deranged SJW ideology on the potential readers than in writing an interesting story. Am I wrong to think the only reason this dimwit has any sort of writing career is because the publishing industry is SJW controlled at the moment?

    But that is what SJWs do. They kill what you love, wear the carcass as a skin suit and then try to convince you it’s the same thing.

    The thing is, all of this book clearly reads like an awful, stupid fanfic written by a 13 year old girl raised by ultra hippie parents. If this is the best this Daniel guy can do, he should have stayed working as a medical dispatcher (which is what I think he was), that way he could have remained a productive member of society.

    Curse them.

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    • No, you’re not wrong at all. As long as you’re willing to propagandize degenerate SJW politics, you’ll get hired nearly anywhere in the entertainment industry. No other qualifications seem to be necessary.

      Yes, SJWs have a Reverse Midas Touch, where everything they touch instantly turns into pure $h!+.


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  21. I just re-read that passage from the novel; that’s hilarious! Are we to take this Tumblr fan-fiction bullshit seriously?

    As long as your politics are in line with theirs, you can write any old shit and get away with it.

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  23. This novel was the breaking point for me in the shitty fucking Disney era of Star Wars publishing.

    I tried. I really tried but at about the 25% mark of this novel, I got so angry with the shitty writing and the flagrant posturing of the author, I threw it against the wall. Then I tore it up, and then I threw it in the garbage – along with Wendig’s shitty trilogy.

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