Lucasfilm Pulls A Crazy Ivan To Save The Integrity Of Solo’s Twist Ending

Recently SWNN’s anonymous insider leaked some details to them about the sex of the Solo villain, Enfys Nest:

“Enfys Nest is a female. It is not a big role, but it is important. She (the actress) worked closely with Woody Harrelson. She is signed for two more movies, presumably Solo sequels.”

This was seemingly confirmed by independent information, coming from French merchandising.

The text in the image apparently translates as:

“Enfys Nest, an extremely dangerous marauder, has quickly forged an infamous reputation for herself and her gang of pirates – the Cloud Riders.”

This along with some other accompanying clues, is what led me to deduce that Enfys Nest is in fact Qi’Ra, a revelation that would provide the big ending twist in the film that some are reporting on.


Not so mysterious.

But in a transparent attempt to maintain the integrity of this twist, Lucasfilm is publishing material that claims that Enfys Nest is a man.

Kevin Burwick from reports on a description of Enfys Nest published in Lucasfilm’s Star Wars Insider Magazine:

“Busy carving out a nefarious reputation as the violent and enigmatic leader of a gang of swoop-riding pirates, the Cloud Riders, the deadly Enfys Nest is an extremely dangerous and brutal marauder. With his face always obscured beneath a fearsome helmet, Nest is deadly, athletic, and percussively vicious.”

You can see an image of the text from the magazin here:

Kevin postulates:

Since this new information about Solo comes from an officially licensed source, it lends itself to be more reliable than the previous sources of information.

But, isn’t the text on the French merchandising also from an officially licensed source?

If it turns out that we have a poor translation of that French merchandising text, I’ll be happy to update this post with that information.

Sebastian Peris from Heroic Hollywood speculates:

Of course, this could be an attempt to keep a surprise reveal in the film under wraps…

I tend to agree.  If all of the information seen so far can be taken at face value, and if the translation of the French merchandising is accurate, then I see this as an attempt by Lucasfilm to correct course and maintain the mystery of Enfys Nest’s gender and the big reveal at the end, by publishing contradictory information after the French merchandising either accidentally or improperly let the cat out of the bag.


As reported by SWNN, Star Wars Insider has published a description of Qi’Ra which strengthens my suspicion that she is Enfys Nest:

As a child Qi’ra was just another powerless street urchin, making her way as best she could on the grim thoroughfares of Corellia. Running with a street kid named Han, she was determined to move up in the world and gain status and reputation. As she got older, Qi’ra had grown into an independent young woman – clever and calculating , with a sophisticated edge and a knack for devious skullduggery.

Qi’ra is a secretive woman of the shadows, but who she really is is hidden away, and visible only to those she trusts. When her path crosses with Han’s once again, Qi’ra is destined to become an influential force in the life of the young smuggler.

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