Are They Going To Portray Han Solo As The White Male Moron Cliche?

In the new footage from the Solo movie that was recently released, a particular comment from Emilia Clarke stood out to me:

“He does these stupid things, that should never work, and they do.  And he does it with bravado.” ~Emelia Clarke

To understand the point I’m attempting to make here, I think it’s important first to watch the following video to get some proper context:

This is a trend in pop culture that has been going on for some time.  The white male is doing something stupid, while the wife or girlfriend folds her arms, shakes her head, rolls her eyes, and acts mortified.  It’s become a cliche.

Mark Duffy from Digiday writes:

The objectification of women in advertising has been drastically reduced in the last 10 years, replaced by a wave of empowering “Femvertising.” And more and more brands are featuring gay and interracial couples in their ads. It’s a beautiful thing.

How about the white man as de facto dummy? Ha, yeah no. Sorry, no progress on your front, dudes.

In advertising, humor sells. Brands like to know that, at the very least, they’re making consumers laugh. Agencies like to make clients laugh because if they’re laughing, there’s a better chance that they’ll be buying.

But original ad humor takes talent and time. Well boo to that! Let’s go with the same tired linchpins we’ve been using for 50 years … one of which is the Stupid White Husband/Boyfriend/Man.

Despite the fact that Lord & Miller were rumored to have been fired for making the film too comical, how many times recently have we heard about how much comedy there will be in this film?

Will Emilia Clarke’s character be the woman folding her arms, shaking her head, and rolling her eyes at Han?


The only straight white male that can exist in Lucasfilm’s SJW galaxy is a dumb one. Just ask General Hux.

4 thoughts on “Are They Going To Portray Han Solo As The White Male Moron Cliche?

  1. Of course they will. Kennedy’s writing team can’t do anything differently.
    Just be glad they are “gracious” enough not to kill Han here, because you know they would if they could. Or perhaps they will, and tell us how Han is replaced by a transwoman who becomes the Han from the OT.


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