Lucasfilm Actually Paid Actors To Watch Solo

Scott Rhodie writes a piece at Mumbrella entitled, Solo: A Marketing Disaster Story.

After Scott Rhodie received a $77 ticket to watch Solo: A Star Wars Story three hours before anyone else in Australia, he was more than a little disappointed after he realised 400 of the 500-strong crowd were paid actors.

In it he writes:

It felt badly organised from the get-go, with so many people milling around and nobody pointing us in the right direction. Then when we were told to form an orderly queue, something weird was noticeable: these people weren’t Star Wars fans.

Two young, attractive blokes in front of us in the queue informed us that their agency had contacted them and paid them to turn up to the event.

A girl was told to turn up in something Star Warsy for the event and wore white. More and more of the fans I knew kept telling me the same story – hundreds of extras to make the event happen.

Huh? Surely you don’t need to pay people to attend a movie for the largest franchise in the world?

So a few of us got to chatting to more people and found out that out of the 500 people needed, they had only sold 100 or so tickets. The rest of the 500 was made up of paid actors, paid extras etc.


There may be some future movie stars in the audience.

SC Reviews comments on this story:

That story is just as amusing as this other story coming out of New Zealand, where SJWs working at cinemas walked out on their jobs in a strike on the opening day of Solo to demand…something, hurting the very franchise that caters to their own SJW messaging.

Event Cinemas calls staff strike action during screening of new Star Wars movie ‘unlawful’ video

Event Cinemas is feeling the force of strike action, as a new Star Wars movie premieres across the country.

Earlier, staff at Event Cinemas declared they would walk off the job at 10pm on Wednesday. The decision came after weeks of employment negotiations between Unite Union and the cinema chain’s management broke down on Wednesday afternoon.

Despite the strikes and rallies at Auckland and Wellington cinemas, the cinema chain vowed its Solo: A Star Wars story premiere would go ahead, as it labelled the strike “unlawful”.


Non-actors biting the hand that feeds them.

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The “White Male” Scapegoat Makes Its Official Appearance


Celebrated bigotry against white males is the hottest political fashion trend of the moment among Hollywood elites and the adoring media sycophants who serve them, and especially at today’s race and gender obsessed Lucasfilm.

Slave to that political fashion trend, Scott Mendelson, writes an article at entitled, As ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Flops, Are Movies About White Men Box Office Poison?

World Class Bullshitters correctly predicted weeks ago, that this would be one of the responses to the boycott, should the boycott prove to be successful in any way.

I’ve already tackled many of these issues, so I don’t have to much to say in regards to Scott Mendelson’s silly article.  I have only two points to make.

Scott writes:

 We pretended that China had issues with movies starring minorities or women, yet the last two Fast and Furious series topped $392m a pop. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and xXx: Return of Xander Cage topped $160m in China. Black Panther and John Boyega’s Pacific Rim: Uprising snagged $60m+ debuts.

Well, here’s what Chinese viewers actually had to say about The Last Jedi:

“Wang and Chen both described the new film as visually appealing but riddled with issues such as atypical behavior from established characters. Luke Skywalker was particularly disappointing to Wang, who felt that the character’s brooding behavior didn’t jibe with the resilience and fearless optimism of the young Luke he had come to know from the original trilogy.”

“In Star Wars, it seems only Darth Vader had a brain — it’s such a shame he’s already dead.”


“These actors aren’t very beautiful, which may deter a lot of Chinese from seeing the recent films,” said Chen. “We fans often joke that if Finn were played by Will Smith, Chinese people might be more inclined to watch it — because he’s very handsome.”

I’d also like to point out, that the rerelease of 2001, a 50 year old movie that has a white male lead, is now beating Solo at the box office as of this writing according to

2001: A Space Odyssey remained in first place on the theater average chart with $24,810 in four theaters. The number one film, Solo: A Star Wars Movie, was next with an average of $19,270. The Gospel According to Andre earned an average of $11,951 in four theaters. First Reformed remained in the $10,000 club with an average of $10,064 in 29 theaters during its second weekend of release.

But, many commentators have already done a marvelous job of responding to Scott’s piece.  Here they are:


I Have Not Formed Any Partnerships Or Affiliations With Anyone

A Facebook post recently came to my attention:

https: //

I have absolutely no idea who Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys is, and I have absolutely no affiliation with them whatsoever.  They are lying.  I remain completely independent.

That account also apparently recently attempted the same thing with Rotten Tomatoes with their Twitter account.

Apparently this group claims to be white supremecists.

This of course means that that this person or entity is in fact actually SJW activist(s), who are notorious for perpetrating hate hoaxes, in an effort to prove points that don’t exist. Who can forget the infamous Tea Party Infiltrators?  It’s the same thing going on here.  The context in which the name of their entity uses the word “fanboys” is a pretty transparent indication that this is the case.


Leftist activists are dumb too.

For the record, my position on racism has been repeated here and elsewhere multiple times, and remains the same.  Toxic racism is a deeply sick obsession with the artificial divisions of race.  Whether the concept is “white supremacy” or “white privilege” is irrelevant.  They’re both really just two sides of the same sick coin.

But unfortunately, they associate themselves with various critics, and then get shill media to write articles like this, and post videos like this:

I had a brief interaction with this account on Twitter.


This account has also tried to associate itself with Geeks + Gamers:




TheQuartering offers their insight on this problem:

Some Are More Gender Equal Than Others In Star Wars

When Lucasfilm was sold to Disney, SJWs screamed to the high heavens for equal representation and gender equality in Star Wars.  Equal equality equitably equalized equally for everyone, everywhere, all of the time.

But after the Force became exclusively female, some genders became more equally represented than others.

The first real example of this manifested in the online animated series, Forces of Destiny.

But Disney’s distorted version of the Extended Universe now enjoys this new special brand of “equality” as well. is thrilled to announce:

Now is thrilled to exclusively announce a new book from Chronicle Books that celebrates this eclectic mix of female characters from the films, cartoons, novels, comics, and video games — Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy by Star Wars fan and journalist Amy Ratcliffe, arriving October 2018 in hardcover.

Featuring Leia Organa, Rey, Ahsoka Tano, Jyn Erso, Rose Tico, Maz Kanata, and many more — including characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars Resistance — the book gathers 75 profiles with text by Ratcliffe and all-new, incredible artwork from 18 talented female and non-binary artists.

You read that right.  Lucasfilm, the company whose representatives stupidly lectured fans about fairness, inclusivity, diversity, and equality, is now publishing a book that was authored exclusively by “female and non-binary artists.”  Nothing says inclusivity quite like exclusivity.

Once again, it would appear that the deeply misandrous Kathleen Kennedy is happy to exclude the men that she doesn’t feel a need to cater to.


Diversity and gender equality for me, but not for thee.

Amy Ratcliffe, the author of this new tome, has also been dismayed by the inclusion of male directors at Lucasfilm:

Though she doesn’t seem to have any problem with her book being written exclusively by “female and non-binary artists.”  She may therefore be unable to celebrate diversity at her book release party.

USA Today Calls For A Sex Scene In “Kid’s Movie”

We’ve all heard and read the argument by people who don’t understand Star Wars which states, “It’s just a kid’s move about space wizards with laser swords.”  Today, USA Today is calling for a sex scene in that “kid’s movie.”

Brian Truitt writes a piece at USA Today entitled, “We’ve got a good feeling about this: It’s time for ‘Star Wars’ to have a sex scene.”

In it he writes:

The Last American Virgin isn’t a person. It’s a massively popular film franchise.

The 10 Star Wars films since 1977 have given us an abundance of lightsabers, cosmic derring-do, the Force, bounty hunters, good guys, bad guys and porgs, but no onscreen lovemaking. For characters who spend a lot of time in space with each other, there’s been a distinct lack of intimacy.

SJWs are determined to transform Star Wars into Galaxina, or worse…

To be frank, Star Wars, you’re 41 years old and you need to have sex.

If you’re male, by the time you reach 41 you have a diminished desire for sex.  Unless you’re taking low-T medication.

Look, we’re not asking for much.

You’re just asking for a sex scene in “a kid’s move about space wizards and laser swords.”

Let’s be classy about it: No need for Fifty Shades of Weequay, about one henchman’s debauched, R-rated night aboard Jabba’s sail barge.

That’ll be next.

Obviously Star Wars will always appeal to kids and families, but they’re also PG-13 projects where villains get sliced in half and appendages get chopped or ripped off.

But I thought they were just “kid’s movies about space wizards with laser swords.”

Would some vague movements under the covers be all that out of bounds? Something you’d see on Castle would be appropriate.

Is it really necessary to make parents uncomfortable in what has actually been an all-ages family friendly affair?  How many parents would be willing to take their children if they know they’ll have some explaining to do when they come out of the theater?

Sex in Star Wars can and has been inferred off screen.  Adults don’t actually need to see the act itself play out on screen.  Adults are capable of reading between lines and inferring what is happening off screen without the need to subject their children to the spectacle.  Or at least, they used to be able to.

On the other hand, there may be a few parents out there who won’t mind exposing their children sexualized content in Star Wars.

It’s a bold new age for Star Wars, with bold new fans.

Solo Novelist Thinks Christians Treat People Like Animals

In the aftermath of the disastrous opening weekend for Solo, Del Rey has announced the novelization for Solo, due to come out in Fall of 2018.


Mur Lafferty is the author tasked with writing this novelization.  She loves the L3 character, so fans can expect to get heaping helpings of the soy droid in the novel.



Mur is not a big fan of respecting the American Flag, and seems to think that it represents something sinister.



She also feels that Christians treat “others” as animals.



So I’m sure that fans will be in for yet another rip roaring social justice adventure.


Any guesses as to how she’ll treat the white dude Han Solo?



It’s strange that she doesn’t feel the need to be a dude, in order to be qualified to write about about a dude.

Colin Trevorrow Strikes Back At Lucasfilm Again

I’ve written previously about Colin Tervorrow’s curious tweets that seem to be taking subtle swipes at Lucasfilm here, here, here, here, and here.

Today, Colin tweets out a statement that isn’t quite so subtle.  It’s curiously timed with the publication of articles that attempt to use Colin to generate interest in Episode IX.  If there was any doubt before, there shouldn’t be now.  Colin is on the side of Backlashers.


His 9-year-old understands the basic fundamentals that escape the adults running Lucasfilm.


Mark Hamill responded to Colin’s tweet with the following:


SC Reviews gives his own perspective on this story:



Colin Trevorrow has responded to Mark Hamill:


SC Reviews gives his follow up: