Donald Glover Engages In Identity Politics On SNL

If there was a shining light in the trailers for the new Solo film, it was Donald Glover who seemed to impress even some hardened skeptics with his delivery of lines as a young Lando Calrissian.  Some of that good will may evaporate however, as the following footage of Donald Glover engaging in identity politics on SNL starts making its rounds on the internet:

The writers of SNL have Donald Glover going after low hanging fruit which is easily discredited:

Instead of celebrating Lando Calrissian as the first black lead character in a Star Wars film from 40 years ago, they instead have to portray Lando as the only black character in a Star Wars film in order to further their SJW political agenda.  This allows actors such as Thandie Newton, to pretend that John Boyega was the first black actor in the franchise, and that the old franchise was a racist affair which Disney has since course corrected with historic civil rights strides.

Having tolerated screenwriters lecturing on Twitter, authors going off the deep end on Twitter, voice actors trolling on Twitter, directors making baseless accusations, it appears that Lucasfilm reps will be doubling down on the very identity politics that is driving fans away from the franchise.  The next incident is probably just around the corner.

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