Soy Droid In Solo

Chris Agar of reports:

New details have come to light about L3-37, the droid character portrayed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Solo: A Star Wars Story. One of the franchise’s trademark calling cards is placing robots in key supporting roles (often for comic relief), dating back to R2-D2 and C-3PO in the original six films. Lucasfilm made sure to continue the tradition with the new films during the Disney era, as evidenced by fan-favorites BB-8 and K-2SO in the sequel trilogy and Rogue One, respectively. Given how popular Star Wars‘ droids have been over the decades, it isn’t surprising the makers of Solo wanted a fun robot of their own.

Wookieepedia details:

L3-37, abbreviated L3, or Elthree, was a feminine[1] hodgepodge droid associated with Lando Calrissian[3] who was active during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[2]She was a one of a kind droid, assembling and improving herself with scraps of other droids.[4] She pieced her torso together from an old astromech.[1]

This female droid wasn’t put together by no man in some factory.  She built herself all by herself.


Droids can be Mary Sues too.

L3 was also built from already used protocol parts and was also an enlightened navigator.[5] She cared deeply about droid rights.[1][5]

Droid rights?  Oh, good grief.

Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers offers his own perspective:

Robot Head gives his own analysis:

8 thoughts on “Soy Droid In Solo

  1. I did notice the droid was voiced by a female in the previous trailer and was like “really, why?” but with all this new info, all I can say is:
    Why am I not surprised?
    Just firebomb the franchise already.

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