SJW Suppression Of The “Tiny Vocal Minority”

Jesse Milestone of Mindless Entertainment via Geeks + Gamers recently made some insightful observations:

In particular, I want to focus on this statement that Jesse made:

“Even though, a lot of the fans of The Last Jedi (why are there any), but a lot of the fans of The Last Jedi, they’re the ones being like, ‘Oh, the haters are so aggressive, and they’re so mean, and they’re so terrible.’ Actually, we’re just out here speaking our minds and you’re far too fragile and sensitive to hear that without taking it personally, and crying into your pillow about it.  Um, no.  We are actually the ones being targeted s lot more.

“If you’re one of the people who is actually publicly in any sorts of forums complaining about The Last Jedi, you’ve probably taken a lot of heat.  You’ve probably, possibly been down voted straight out of the forum, or in [some] cases people have had their information blocked, they’ve had threads shut down, because of people reporting it.  Because ‘Oh my God, if you hate this movie, then you hate me, and that’s offensive!’  Seriously?”

Jesse correctly identifies the problem.  But I would argue, that the problem is far worse than even she might suspect.  To understand what is happening right now in Star Wars fandom, we have to understand the political realities underlying these events and actions, and the larger cultural civil war currently being fought around it.

As always with SJWs, this all boils down to politics.  The primary reason that SJWs are defending TLJ so passionately, is because of the political propaganda that TLJ pushes.  SJWs adore media that affirms what they already believe, and despise anyone and anything that criticizes or conflicts with it.


SJW Critical Thinking 101

Settled science correctly predicts SJW misbehavior, and their online intolerance of contrary and alternative viewpoints.  In 2012, reported on a study conducted by the liberal leaning Pew Research Center:

Not exactly shocking news for those exposed to them for years, but the respected Pew Research Center has determined that political liberals are far less tolerant of opposing views than regular Americans.

In a new study, the Pew Center for the Internet and American Life Project confirmed what most intelligent Americans had long sensed. That is, whenever they are challenged or confronted on the hollow falsity of their orthodoxy  — such as, say, uniting diverse Americans — liberals tend to respond defensively with anger, even trying to shut off or silence critics.

The new research found that instead of engaging in civil discourse or debate, fully 16% of liberals admitted to blocking, unfriending or overtly hiding someone on a social networking site because that person expressed views they disagreed with. That’s double the percentage of conservatives and more than twice the percentage of political moderates who behaved like that.

The proportion jumps even higher when someone on a social site disagrees with a liberal’s post.

Only 1% of moderates would block or shut out someone who dared to disagree with them, compared to 11% of liberals, whose rate was nearly three times that of conservatives.

The same 11% of liberals would block or unfriend people who offended them by daring to argue about political issues, vs 6% and 7% for other political views.

Liberals (14%) even blocked or shut out those they deemed posted too frequently on politics, vs 8% and 9% for moderates and conservatives, respectively.

Of those who dropped or shunned someone over political disagreements, Pew asked a follow-up question:

— 21% of them blocked, unfriended or hid a coworker,

— 31% blocked, unfriended or hid a (formerly) close personal friend,

— and 18% blocked, unfriended or hid an actual family member.

Bottomline, this study is obviously racist.

Many SJWs excuse their oppressive bullying misbehavior, by labeling contrary or alternative thought as “hate speech.”  SJWs oppose Free Speech, because they cannot win debates in an environment of intellectual freedom.  SJWs are aware that they possess inferior arguments, so the only way they can win debates is by intimidating and shaming their opposition into silenceCensorship is the only viable tool they have to win any debates at all.

This is where the SJW concept of the “Safe Space” or “Free Speech Zone” was born.  Such spaces and zones represent an effort by SJWs, to contain speech which they perceive as “problematic” to the Narrative.  The Narrative that SJWs would like to dominate all discourse and/or dialogue.  The speech restrictive environment of the modern college campus serves as a perfect example of what SJWs would do to the nation as a whole, were they ever to gain real uncontested power.  Even many SJW women, once leaders of the suffrage movement in times of old, now actively lead speech suppression efforts under the aegis of 21st Century feminism.

What we are witnessing playing out right now within Star Wars fandom, is a microcosm of this much larger cultural civil war, and Jesse Milestone sees it.  SJWs are now attempting to impose their special brand of restrictive speech conventions onto Star Wars fandom.

As Jesse mentions, some of us have experienced that imposition first hand.


My own first run-in with this growing problem, was at the website Polygon, where I attempted to ask a series of pointed questions to the writer of an article, Ben Kuchera, in an attempt to establish a dialogue and/or discourse.  I didn’t engage in trolling, I didn’t use expletives, I didn’t make threats of violence or vandalism.  All I did was ask questions, and present ideas that ran counter to the Narrative that he was pushing.  You can see for yourself the kinds of questions that I asked right here.  This was my reward for asking those questions and presenting those ideas:



The next run-in I had with this growing problem, was at  There I posted a link to a rebuttal that I wrote on this blog, in response to an editorial that they had posted.  They deleted my posts under the ridiculous rule they have against “self promotion.”  This rule is designed to do two things.  First, to suppress intellectual competition.  Second, to ensure that rebuttals are made in-house, where their moderators can either delete or otherwise “redact” the comments to their liking.  I chose to post my rebuttal outside of their jurisdiction, and they didn’t like it.  They claim that it’s their house, so it’s their rules.  That would be fine if it were a closed private forum.  But they publish their piece publicly, and the misinformation spreads throughout the internet, so it needed to be answered, and their readership deserved an opportunity to read a rebuttal.  I created a second Disqus account, when it became evident that any post from my original Disqus account containing a URL to this blog, would be instantly deleted.  They had the nerve to claim that by doing so I was misleading people, after publicly publishing this misleading editorial.  SWNN however, wants control of the Narrative so they banned my Disqus accounts under silly pretenses.


But I’m not alone, as Jesse indicates.


Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers and myself, among others, were blocked on Twitter by Jason Ward, webmaster of, who has in the past written editorials calling for SJW politics to take over the Star Wars franchise.  Jason Ward decided to Tweet a derisive meme against various YouTubers:


With this single graphic Jason Ward publicly attacked Geeks + Gamers, SC Reviews, World Class Bullshitters, Ethan Van Sciver, John Talks Star Wars, Skyman Universe, Mike Zeroh, Alex Becker, and any other YouTube voice that is critical of Lucasfilm’s current direction.

Jeremy among others responded to this.  As a result, those responding were blocked.


Jason Ward blocked me.

Jeremy’s experience:


And this problem extends into the “professionals” working within Lucasfilm as well.


Both Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers and myself, among others, had the honor of being blocked on Twitter by Lucasfilm author Chuck Wendig, for responding to his inappropriate comments regarding critics of The Last Jedi which I’ve previously written about.  His response:


Chuck Wendig blocked me.

Jeremy’s experience:



Here’s another teachable moment.  I engaged in debate with an SJW on Twitter.  He saw that I used the term “Mary Sue” to describe Rey in this blog post here.  So instead of discussing the points that I bring up in the blog post, he instead chose to attack my choice of vocabulary:


So, here’s what’s actually happening with this SJW.

First, let’s put aside this bizarre assumption of authority that SJWs stupidly imagine themselves to have, which I’ve written about earlier.  Let’s also put aside the fact that I’ve defended female characters, and even gone so far as to explain how Rey could have been handled believably with respect instead of with abject stupidity.  Let’s instead focus only on this SJW’s strategy here.

This is where the abomination of political correctness comes from.  As I mentioned earlier, SJWs are fully aware that they possess inferior arguments.  So by default, they’re also fully aware that normal people posses superior arguments.  So in an attempt to equalize their inferior arguments with that of normal people, the SJW will arbitrarily designate certain words as off-limits.  This means that a normal person’s vocabulary then becomes a minefield.  The SJW waits for the normal person to step on one of the mines when they use one of those designated words, and then is able to divert the conversation away from the main point, accuse the normal person of…something-anything for using a particular word or term, and then direct the conversation towards something that they can easily respond to with pre-fabricated bits of hyperbole that they have memorized.  Limiting a normal person’s available vocabulary diminishes their ability to articulate themselves and their positions effectively, which is what the SJW wants.  The SJW needs to handicap the normal person’s ability to articulate themselves in order to gain a faux intellectual equality.

In this particular case, “Mary Sue” is off limits to SJWs because it is “sexist and/or misogynist,” never mind the accompanying term Gary Stu (or what Daisy Ridley calls the Ryan Craig).  I repeatedly asked this SJW how Mary Sue can be sexist, if Gary Stu exists as well?   But he wasn’t able to articulate a response.  Never mind the fact that women also routinely use the term “Mary Sue” to describe Rey.  We are not allowed to use this term because it is “problematic.”

Problematic to their moronic SJW Narrative, yes.  Which is exactly why it’s so very important to continue using the perfectly acceptable term “Mary Sue” at every opportunity in open defiance of silly SJW speech restrictions.


Jason Ward from, also plays this vocabulary game.  He used Twitter to publicly admonish those using the satirical pejorative “Soylo.”


I’m guessing that Jason won’t be purchasing Ethan Van Sciver’s Soylo T-Shirt any time soon.  Ethan Van Sciver made a perfectly good point, how do these people respond when they read Mad Magazine, listen to Dr. Demento, or watch comedy sketches on television?  Do they just devolve into a furious blind rage?  No wonder comedians won’t play at college campuses anymore.

But this growing problem also goes beyond discussion forums and social media.


Recently, I put together a Slave Kathleen Kennedy image.  I came up with the idea, after suspecting that Lucasfilm was deliberately attempting to distance themselves away from Slave Leia iconography, erroneously perceiving it to be sexist and/or misogynist.  The thought here was to put Kathleen Kennedy into the very iconography that she is likely trying to suppress, as a form of protest against the current feminist direction of Lucasfilm.

I uploaded the image to It was up and ready for order for about 24 hours.

Then the next day, on May The Fourth 2018, I tweeted it out several times to various Lucasfilm reps and with accompanying hashtags.

Within the hour, the product was taken down and my shop closed.  According to the email I received from Teepublic, it was due to violating some rule.  The image was altered, so it was protected as fair use satire/parody under copyright law.  There wasn’t any nudity, and it certainly wasn’t any more sexist and/or misogynist than the original pop culture image.  So why?

It’s safe to assume that SJW activists who saw my T-Shirt online, reported it for anything they could think of, to get it taken down.  Yet again, another example of how SJWs seek to suppress the voices of those with whom they disagree.

Thankfully, I contacted directly, they acknowledged the mistake, and the T-Shirt is back up for order as of this writing.

Some small minds however still have a problem with the silly parody:

Apparently “social justice jedi” Jeremy has an issue with culture jamming.  I’d respond, but…



I’ve also had multiple hacking attempts on my email account.


The SJW media also engages in this bullying and shaming misbehavior.

Neil Harrington from attempted to publicly shame Gabriel for posting a video that expressed his decision to boycott Solo.  I’ve detailed that incident here.

Unfortunately for Gabriel it appears that the bullying isn’t over for him, as yet another writer apparently intends to write another piece admonishing him for expressing his opinion.  Gabriel tweeted out the following:

To which writer Brandon Katz responded:

Thankfully, the media’s inappropriate bullying doesn’t appear to be having any effect on Gabriel:


Publisher of Josh Epstein attempted to shame Ethan Van Sciver as a “garbage human being” on Twitter by  for merely promoting a T-Shirt on Twitter that sports his extremely popular Soylo logo; a satirical symbol of protest against the awful political messaging in Disney Star Wars.  Here’s the Twitter conversation:

It’s worth noting, that Josh Epstein is under the fantastical delusion that he’s fighting Nazis, which were defeated in Germany, 73 years ago in 1945 by soyless men far braver and bolder than he.

Josh Epstein is apparently oblivious to the fact that he’s losing the purely imaginary play-war that he’s waging.


You’ve got John Campea who is absurdly attempting to shame boycotters as infantile babies, and stupidly claiming that somehow the boycott affects other people’s ability to enjoy The Last Jedi, as I’ve written about here. recently produced an entire video admonishing YouTube Backlashers for expressing criticism over the very obvious in-your-face SJW messaging in Star Wars.


Check out this hilarious sentence from a guy who was infuriated that I expressed my opinions on this blog.  He told me to get a life.  I asked him what kind of life I should get.  He responded:

I’m not even sure if I can fit all of that in between water polo and luge.

But the level of unhinged hysterics and bullying in response to perfectly reasonable critical opinions of a film franchise is absolutely astonishing.  This is representative of the kind of bullying harassment that critical fans are receiving.


How about this guy, who inappropriately tells dissatisfied customers not to express their displeasure to the company that they’ve been a customer of for 40 years.

It takes quite a bit of nerve to say something like this when you’re the one who doesn’t belong in the conversation.  But again, this is his attempt to control a conversation that he doesn’t have any business being in.


Coming full circle, Jesse Milestone and That Star Wars Girl are now having their womanhood attacked by SJWs for expressing viewpoints outside of the SJW approved Narrative.



But what really drives all of this home, was a comment made in a conversation in a thread on the WDW Magic forums, about the content on this blog.  Someone had posted a link to this blog, and this was the conversation that ensued:







You see, no one should be reading or linking to this blog, even if it has factual information, and even if you disagree with the points expressed here.  That’s the narrow minded fascist SJW mentality that we’re coping with.  Anything that runs counter to their Narrative is “sexist and/or misogynist,” possibly racist, and thus “hate speech,” and ought to be ignored and/or silenced.

It’s approaching the point where reasonable and enlightened Star Wars fans may have to discuss the franchise on an Intellectual Dark Web just to avoid the childish hysterics from SJW savages who are incapable of tolerating thoughts that differ from their own.


It’s amusing that these SJWs were some of the same people who once claimed that Backlashers didn’t exist and that we ought to be ignored.

But here’s the bottom line:

It’s easy to claim that the opposition is a “tiny vocal minority,” when you’re the one actively suppressing the opposition’s voice.

Now that it’s starting to dawn on SJW pea-brains that it is in fact they who are in the “tiny vocal minority,” they are desperately trying to make themselves relevant by inserting themselves into a conversation in which they don’t belong.  This is a conversation between Lucasfilm, and their dissatisfied customers.

If I go to Target store and I want to complain about their customer service or some product they’re selling, that’s a conversation between myself and Target.  It would be inappropriate for big fans of Target to get into the middle of that conversation, and start verbally attacking me for my complaint.

Such is the case here.  For those who love the new direction of Lucasfilm under Disney, God bless you.  Send Lucasfilm a fan letter, and move on.


The notion of attempting to control the narrative of conversations is utterly alien to me.

While there’s some common ground in the YouTube channels I view, I also view Mindless Entertainment, Geeks + Gamers, SC Reviews, World Class Bullshitters, Ethan Van Sciver, John Talks Star Wars, and many others, specifically because they offer perspectives that differ from my own on a variety of issues.  It is in contemplating these alternative and contrary perspectives, that I am able to either refine my own current arguments, or that I pause, reconsider, and change my mind.  These YouTubers are free thinkers and as such I find them compelling.

It would be utterly dull and pointless to listen to commentators whose viewpoints mirror my own.  Nothing of value can be gained from such an exercise.  But apparently there are some who feel better when their own opinions are reflected back at them, and who fall to pieces when forced to consider ideas that aren’t their own.  Perhaps a “safe space” is just what they need.

Whatever the case may be, thankfully the louder that SJWs get, the more material they produce for YouTubers to rightfully mock.


It’s only a matter of time before these bullies play victim.

11 thoughts on “SJW Suppression Of The “Tiny Vocal Minority”

  1. You’ve gone legend… truely… this in the most thorough rebuttal of anything I have seen since The 99 Theses.

    I am going to link to this too. People need to see this. Man, seriously… how long did this take you??

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is one of the best articles regarding this issue that I’ve read.
    And for me tt’s familiar enough, too, we on the Marvel side of Disney have been dealing with SJW infestation for years now. Ever heard of Comicsgate? Well, it served nothing, Marvel comics is completely destroyed now. Unsalvageable. It has turned to 100% sh*t.
    And you know what? The Marvel SJWs won. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting muslim Miss Marvel along with SJW Captain Marvel next, so expect the MCU to be nothing but preachy feminazism, SJW ideology pandering and empty Virtue Signaling from now on. The Marvel movie franchise is now also fully converged, even more than what it already was.
    Sorry for the rant, though, there are very little places where we Marvel readers can vent now.
    All I can say is that it’s going to be a long struggle until this madness is over and it will be uphill for most of it.


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  9. I’m coming to this article quite late but I have to ask the question – what is happening with EVS and Jason Ward lately? In, at least, the past three videos I’ve seen from EVS, he seems to be intimating a thawing of relations between him and MSW.

    This is the MSW who is not above sicking their SJW pussy posse onto anyone who dares step outside the accepted groupthink.

    I’ve had my own issues with the MSW machine – for daring to question the wisdom of airing allegations of sexual assault on Twitter (the individual I questioned was Ash Crossin). The MSW posse, led by Jason & Steele Saunders came down on me like a tonne of bricks. They abused me online. Many issues death threats. They were somehow able to look up my home phone number and threaten me verbally. My eight year old daughter actually heard the call and was traumatized.

    These people are not ones to be forming alliances with. They are the prime example of why the Star Wars fan community is such a dumpster fire. They believe in some sort of born-to-rule entitlement and they will savagely go after anyone who dares challenge their orthodoxy.

    I sincerely hope I have this wrong re: EVS and Jason Ward.


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