Is The Solo Boycott A No-Win Scenario?

Star Trek fans will be familiar with the no-win scenario in the form of the Kobayashi Maru.

There seems to be a variety of perspectives on the potential effectiveness or lack thereof in the boycott on Solo.

Some feel that if the boycott is successful, that Disney will spin the failure of Solo into rhetoric that says that people aren’t interested in a movie with a straight white male lead.

Some disagree with that assessment.

Others feel that the boycott for Solo is the battleground, and the chance to send Lucasfilm a financial message.

Some people simply don’t believe in boycotts in general.

So on the one hand, if Solo is a box office success, it’ll send the message to Lucasfilm to keep doing what they’re doing.  On the other hand, if the boycott has an impact and the film is not a financial success, Lucasfilm will spin the failure of Solo and say that people aren’t interested in a movie with a straight white male lead, and then continue to do what they’re doing.  After the fact, many fans will be mad at fans who boycotted, and many boycotters will be mad at fans who didn’t boycott, no matter what the outcome ends up being, fracturing the fan base further.  So is this a no-win scenario?

My own position on the boycott is that I support boycotters, and I also respect the decision of those who still choose to see the film.  Ultimately, I think each individual needs to make their own decision as to whether or not to financially support this film, and the new direction of Lucasfilm.  Everyone should be free to do as they wish with their own money.

But I also think that the boycott is unnecessary.

I’m confident that the social justice propaganda will naturally push large amounts of the audience away, just as it does in every other cultural institution that SJW propaganda infects.  It’s really only a matter of time if Lucasfilm refuses to change course.  So at the end of the day, whether or not the boycott itself works, the fact of the matter is, the wind is at the boycotter’s backs no matter the outcome of the boycott.  All the political spin and rhetoric in the universe won’t amount to a hill of beans, if revenue stops flowing into Lucasfilm’s coffers.  Whether that flow of revenue stops because of a boycott or because of general disinterest in the franchise is irrelevant.

That makes it a bit more of a no-lose scenario in my opinion.


5 thoughts on “Is The Solo Boycott A No-Win Scenario?

  1. Apathy will be what kills the brand. Because there is nothing left to be excited about, and we all know that SJWs don’t put their money where their mouth is so catering to them is stupid.

    But looking at SJW Marvel finally infecting the MCU after a decade with the upcoming Captain and Miss Marvel movies, we can see the SJWs being hired by companies clearly don’t care.

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