What Can Disney Replace Star Wars With?

Now that Star Wars is circling the social justice drain, what other IPs does Disney have that they could replace it with?  Well, Disney has a number of options.

In 2012 John Carter was released by Disney to a poor reception.

Many chalked up the poor reception to strange marketing practices by Disney, much of which can be read about at this Facebook page.  Despite poor publicity, the movie did not bomb at all., and in fact fans petitioned for a sequel.  Unfortunately, Disney has lost the rights to John Carter, so this simply may not be in the cards.

Interestingly, 2012 was right around the time that negotiations for Disney’s purchase of Star Wars likely began, and as such many feel that the potential John Carter franchise was deliberately torpedoed in favor of focusing on Star Wars, given Disney’s strange marketing practices.


Dejah Thoris would easily kick Rey’s ass.

In 2010, TR2N (Tron: Legacy) was released to a mixed reception.

As late as 2017, there has been discussion of producing TR3N.

While both John Carter and TR2N were flawed films, neither were the level of awful dumpster fire that Star Wars films under Disney have been.  So both IPs still have plenty of viable life in them left to be mined.


Quorra’s disc would fly circles around Rey’s lightsaber.

The same studio that produced The Last Jedi, reportedly found The Black Hole reboot too dark to produce in 2016.  But Disney may be reconsidering that decision, for as late as March 2018 Emily Carmichael was reportedly working on a screenplay for The Black Hole reboot.  In the right hands, The Black Hole reboot could certainly form the foundation for a new franchise.


Dark but coherent.

Last but not least, in 2004 Disney purchased The Henson Company, famous for producing the Muppets.  The Henson company also produced and owns Farscape.

In March of 2018, it was reported that Brian Henson and Rockne O’Bannon were working on a new Farscape script, which would bring back the original characters.  Is Disney keeping Farscape as a backup plan should the Star Wars franchise falter?  Only time will tell.


Aeryn Sun would blow Rey away.

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