Solo Novelist Thinks Christians Treat People Like Animals

In the aftermath of the disastrous opening weekend for Solo, Del Rey has announced the novelization for Solo, due to come out in Fall of 2018.


Mur Lafferty is the author tasked with writing this novelization.  She loves the L3 character, so fans can expect to get heaping helpings of the soy droid in the novel.



Mur is not a big fan of respecting the American Flag, and seems to think that it represents something sinister.



She also feels that Christians treat “others” as animals.



So I’m sure that fans will be in for yet another rip roaring social justice adventure.


Any guesses as to how she’ll treat the white dude Han Solo?



It’s strange that she doesn’t feel the need to be a dude, in order to be qualified to write about about a dude.

9 thoughts on “Solo Novelist Thinks Christians Treat People Like Animals

  1. Ah, yes, SJWs hate this three things over everything else:
    1- White people (even if they are white themselves)
    2- Heterosexual men (black men are not safe from SJW wrath anymore)
    3- Christianity (they may include other religions if those religions make statements against islam).
    So basically, they hate everything that built western civilization. The same civilization that allows them to go crazy.
    A shame they managed to get a hold of Star Wars, because now they won’t leave until they’re all fired or the franchise is completely, absolutely destroyed.
    I don’t envy you, we Trekkies have STD right now ruining the franchise, and if you like Doctor Who that’s currently being destroyed, too.
    We live in dark, dark times.


  2. Was gonna comment how come women can then lecture men on how to be men and blacks can lecture whites on how to be white … but you already wrote the comment for me in your last paragraph.

    Oh well … I wasn’t gonna read the book anyway lmao. Let them dig their graves deeper. Any red-blooded man who sees that this creature wrote the book will obviously not buy the book. Which is good as far as I am concerned.

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