The Phases Of A Geeker Gate

Recently, the gentleman who heads World Class Bullshitters called for a list that outlined the phases in Geeker Gates, during one of their High Council live streams.
I submit the following outline for consideration.  This is based on my own experience with the recent Star Wars controversies and similar controversies in other IPs.
This is only a starting point, and therefore is a work in progress.  I invite suggestions and insight from others.
I want to stress, that my primary interest is in film and television.  So others that are more deeply involved in comics, novelizations, video games, board games, role playing games, card games, etc., may have additional insight.

They’re coming for your IP next.

1. SJW CRITICISM – The IP is criticized by SJWs for being racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, and a smattering of other things.
2. IP IS ABOUT TO UNDERGO REBOOT – or reimagining, or remake, or whatever term is fashionable at the time.
3. THE BARNACLING – SJWs barnacle themselves to the IP both within its production and without in the fan base, and start lecturing long time fans.
4. FAN CRITICISM – Long time fans of the IP voice legitimate criticism of the new direction.
5. SJW RESPONSE TO FAN CRITICISM – A large fan backlash is created when SJWs both within and without the production falsely accuse critics of being racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic etc.
6. DISMISSING THE BACKLASH – Media publishes pieces declaring the backlash doesn’t exist.
7. IGNORING THE BACKLASH – Media publishes pieces instructing others to ignore the “tiny vocal minority.”
8. SUPPRESSING THE BACKLASH – Blogs and websites delete or otherwise “redact” critical comments and posts in discussion forums under the aegis of “hate speech.”
9. BACKLASH INTENSIFIES – As an inevitable side effect of suppression, backlashers seek out other venues to express their criticism, and some publish their own, growing the backlash exponentially.
10. HATE HOAXES & FALSE FLAGS – The rank and file SJW activists get heavily involved in shouting down critics, and creating false flags and hate hoaxes in an effort to discredit critics.
11. IP FAILURES – The IP starts to falter as fans drift away and sales plummet.
12. THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS – A female member of the production (it could also be a gay man) is granted victim status over a fishy event in order to deflect from the failures of the IP, and shame critics into silence.
13. DESPERATE PLEAS FOR COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT – “White Knights” in the media call for creative authorities to smack down the backlash and restore control of the narrative in response to The Damsel In Distress event.  Media publishes multiple articles with the same talking points and buzzwords such as “toxic” in an effort to mischaracterize the fan base. Major news outlets report on the story, and quote these “think” pieces as authoritative.
14. ANSWERING THE CALL – Celebrities and creative cast & crew answer the media’s call, and make public statements admonishing critical fans, typically over false accusations.
15. THE FINAL PUSH – Media entities, and rank and file SJWs tell long time fans to go find something else if they don’t like it anymore, in a last ditch effort to push critics out of the “community” once and for all.
16.  IP BLEEDING – The IP continues to hemorrhage money, as long time fans continue to abandon the IP in droves.
17.  FANBASE OBLITERATION – The fanbase is utterly destroyed, leaving behind only the small handful of SJWs who don’t make any purchases.
18.  THE END The new incarnation of the IP comes to an end.  Since the majority of the fan base has abandoned it, there’s no more controversy or discussion about it.  It’s over.  The best case scenario is that the original IP is largely forgotten with the exception of a few die-hards who still carry the torch.  The worst case scenario is that the new incarnation of the IP overwrites the original IP, and the original IP is forgotten altogether and overshadowed by the new incarnation in all future media mentions.
19. MIGRATION – The remaining SJWs jump ship to devour a new IP that is popular, and undergoing a transitional phase.
20. REBIRTH – The process begins anew.

A special thanks to Ethan Van Sciver for catching some grammatical problems which I’ve since corrected, who comments on this list:
To  understand the foundational and historical basis for Geeker Gates, read this blog post here.
Veeh has some additional insight into this list in his video:
World Class Bullshitters has commented as well.
An updated version of the Phases of a Geeker Gate can be read here.

AFP Reports On Lies That Other SJW Writers Make Up

According to their website:

AFP is a global news agency delivering fast, accurate, in-depth coverage of the events shaping our world from conflicts to politics, economics, sports, entertainment and the latest breakthroughs in health, science and technology.

So it may be a surprise to some readers that AFP has published an inaccurate and sketchy account of the actual controversy surrounding the current state of the Star Wars franchise.  In their article entitled, Toxic Fan Culture: A ‘Star Wars’ Story, they write:

As much as they are about lightsabers, hyperspace and the eternal struggle of good versus evil, the recent installments in the “Star Wars” saga have also been about rebutting conventional wisdom on who can lead a movie.

No.  They haven’t.  Particularly given that the films have always been ensemble pieces with no primary lead.

Releases like “Rogue One” and “The Last Jedi” made a fortune giving women and characters of color like Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Finn (black actor John Boyega) screen time alongside the traditional male, white heroes of the series.

A feat that was accomplished 40 years ago with the Princess Leia and Lando Calrissian characters.


White male.

But the inclusive Disney era ushered in by 2015’s “The Force Awakens” has its own Dark Side — the vile online behavior of a vocal minority offended that their sacred cow is being stolen.

Disney ushered in no such thing.  Women and people of color have always been a part of Star Wars since it’s inception.  Disney isn’t blazing any trails in this regard.  Only people who have stupidly let the past die think they are.

“The Last Jedi” stars Kelly Marie Tran, John Boyega and Daisy Ridley — shown at the Star Wars Celebration in April 2017 in Orlando, Florida — have been the targets of abuse by male, white fans of the blockbuster space saga.

What evidence do you have that any such purported abuse is exclusively from white males?

“It would be unfair and too general to say that ‘Star Wars’ has a fandom problem. What it has is a white male fandom problem,” said film writer Kayleigh Donaldson.

Yes, I’ve responded to Kayleigh’s uneducated piece here.

This toxic subset of devotees — overlapping with elements of the far-right and the misogynist “incel” men’s movement — are angry that the new films are no longer targeted solely at them.

I can not believe that a news publication purporting to be legitimate actually used the adolescent pejorative “incel.”  Unreal.

Amid the vitriol about untrammeled political correctness, it is worth noting that “Star Wars” still lacks gender parity and, even in the Disney era, has a long way to go before it can be a paragon of inclusiveness.

The most female-friendly release, “The Last Jedi,” features women during less than half of the running time while men get two-thirds of the dialogue in “The Force Awakens.”

That’s probably because it’s men who predominately fight wars.  Note the word “wars” in the title of the franchise, Star Wars.

“Yet this is enough… for these toxic fans to cry propaganda and claim ‘their Star Wars’ is over,” added Donaldson, in an essay for the SyFyWire entertainment website.

Yes, I’ve responded to Kayleigh’s uneducated piece here.

“The mere inclusion of women and people of color is enough for them to cry foul and claim they’re ‘taking over’ the franchise.”

– Sacrilege –

It’s hardly sacrilege, given that no one is crying foul over the mere inclusion of women and people of color, or claiming that they’re taking over the franchise.  Kayleigh is stupidly making these things up, as are all SJWs who parrot this utter nonsense.

“The Last Jedi,” in particular, is accused of destroying the legacy of “Star Wars” by tearing up a carefully-constructed, decades-old mythology and promoting liberal identity politics.

Yes, we can point the deeply moronic social justice propaganda in the screenplay.  All of the actors who are forced to perform that crappy screenplay are perfectly fine.

While Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) have avoided the slings and arrows, Kelly Marie Tran, an American cast member with Vietnamese roots, has been mercilessly attacked.

For which there is little circumstantial evidence, which I’ve written about here.

Tran, who plays mechanic Rose Tico, wiped her Instagram account earlier this month after prolonged sexist and racist abuse by a legion of trolls.

Actually, she likely disabled her account, making the contents unavailable to the public, in order to better comply with a social media NDA, since Episode IX was beginning pre-production at about the time that the account was disabled. You can read more about that here.

Her page on the Wookieepedia “Star Wars” reference site was edited to change her name to “Ching Chong Wing Tong” and she was described as “stupid, autistic and retarded.”

SJWs routinely like to pose as their political adversaries, in order to perpetrate Hate Hoaxes in an effort to prove points that don’t exist.  Who can forget the infamous Tea Party Infiltrators?  SJWs are notorious for this stuff.

In fact, it was a feminist SJW who put together the De-Feminized Fan Edit in an effort to mock and ridicule “MRA” critics of The Last Jedi.

The movie’s amiable, patient director Rian Johnson has faced death threats and endless abuse from those who seem to see him as more of an existential threat than Darth Vader.

And yet as far as we know, Rian has still not called upon local law enforcement and the FBI to investigate the matter, suggesting that Rian himself is concocting yet another Hate Hoax.

A petition demanding the removal of “The Last Jedi” from the “Star Wars” canon has attracted 107,000 signatures while another asking for a personal apology from Johnson passed 10,000 on Monday.

So what?

This is a movie that critics loved, and its lowly 46 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes appears to have been artificially depressed by bots unleashed to game the system.

– Mockery –

What’s mockable here is the fact that you didn’t do enough research to know that the point you’re parroting has been discredited, and that the entity making that claim has been outed as an SJW Hate Hoax effort.

It’s not just “The Last Jedi” that has roused the mob.

Ridley deleted her Instagram after being hazed following the release of “The Force Awakens” and sought therapy to cope with the stress.

Daisy Ridley never liked social media in the first place.  Here’s what Daisy Ridley said about social media back on 2015 in an interview with Refinery 29:

They went through it at such a different time. Hollywood was a different place, and there was no social media. It’s hard to compare what you and your co-star John Boyega are going through to even Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio after Titanic, because that was before social media, too. Has that been daunting?

“Well, I was kind of loathe to go on social media. I find the trolling unacceptable and I never wanted to look like I was someone who would accept that. But the 99 — no, I would actually say 100% of the people [who’ve interacted with me on social media] have been so wonderful so far. My life is real average, and it’s nice to share that with people. And to see people’s conspiracies and their theories, that’s fun. It’s really fun to be part of.”

AFP continued:

Her co-star Boyega has been fielding accusations of committing sacrilege since fans found out there was going to be a black Stormtrooper in the “Star Wars” universe.

You’re referring to the purely imaginary black stormtrooper controversy.

The toxic fan culture surrounding “Star Wars” actually pre-dates the perceived political correctness of Disney, which bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion in 2012.

Child star Jake Lloyd and actor Hayden Christensen — both white and male — drifted out of Hollywood after relentless mockery for their performances in “Star Wars” creator George Lucas’s prequel series.

Meanwhile, the people who hung Lucas out to dry for ruining their childhoods are part of the same movement clamoring now for him to save “Star Wars” from Disney.

It doesn’t pre-date the massive stupidity of political correctness at all.

Do you remember when SJWs called the Prequel Trilogy racist?  Do you remember when SJWs called the Original Trilogy sexist?  Have you read all of the uninformed SJW diatribes on Leia’s gold bikini?

Probably not.

While the trolls may not have come suddenly out of a clear blue sky, the toxicity of their obsession has been intensified by the megaphone of Twitter.

So has the toxicity of Lucasfilm representatives.

But it’s not time just yet to despair and beat a retreat to the solitude of Luke Skywalker’s ocean-bound sanctuary on Ahch-To, says David Opie of online lifestyle magazine Highsnobiety.

“Instead of fighting what we hate, the best way to win is by ‘saving what we love,'” he wrote, borrowing the powerful words of Rose in “The Last Jedi.”

“Nothing captures the Rebel spirit more than celebrating the things that matter to us most and treating others with respect. As long as we keep doing that, the Dark Side of the Star Wars fandom will forever be kept at bay.”

Yes, I’ve responded to David’s commonly parroted points here.

SC Reviews comments on AFP’s article:

EA Star Wars Game On Hold As Amy Hennig Leaves Company

The Verge reports:

EA puts Star Wars game on hold as Uncharted creator Amy Hennig leaves company

‘The Vancouver studio is working on something pretty different.’

Last October, EA shuttered Dead Space studio Visceral, but it kept one project alive: a new, story-driven Star Wars adventure helmed by Uncharted creator Amy Hennig. Development was to continue at EA Vancouver — but it looks like that might no longer be the case.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Hennig revealed that she left EA in January, and is currently in the process of forming her own studio.

But as for the Uncharted-like Star Wars adventure, it appears that development has stalled, and there’s now a very different game in the works.

“I’m not doing anything Star Wars,” Hennig tells Eurogamer. “And, who knows what the future may hold, but that project is on the shelf now. The Vancouver studio is working on something pretty different. It’s really not… Y’know, once you go more open world it’s such a different game to the one we were making. Everybody loved what we were doing and I’d love to see us resurrect that somehow, but it’s complicated.”

With the ongoing struggles of Battlefront II, and the sting that came from the cancellation of Star Wars 1313, it’s been a rough few years for players looking to explore a galaxy far, far away.

Examining Rian Johnson’s Massive Stupidity


A fan recently took to twitter to highlight the distinction between Rian Johnson’s turd burger and genuine Star Wars.


In response, Rian had one of his characteristically snarky and clueless responses stocked and ready to go.



(Bonus track)

— Rian Johnson (@rianjohnson) June 27, 2018


So, it needs to be recognized that historically George Lucas has been a very contradictory man.  He’s been waffling between talking about 12 Episodes and no Episodes after VI for decades.  So while he’s definitely an inspired man, his words aren’t gospel  by any means.

Next, let’s tackle Rian’s examples in his counterpoint.

First, I’m not sure why Rian would include a picture of Luke getting his hand cut off.  Luke doesn’t die in that sequence.  So this one can be easily crossed off the list.

Second, he includes an image of Anakin skywalker, who also doesn’t die in that particular sequence, but instead lives to become Darth Vader.  So this one too can be crossed off the list.

Third, he includes the death images of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Queen Amidala, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Mace Windu. All supporting characters, none of whom whose death would carry the emotional weight that Kasdan speaks of.  Kasdan was very likely speaking about a primary character, such as Han Solo, who he felt should die in Return of the Jedi.

Fourth, Rian includes images of the younglings just before Anakin slaughters them.  The younglings are barely supporting characters.  Can anyone even list their names without looking them up?

Fifth, Rian includes an image of Queen Amidala dying in child birth.  Amidala is a primary character.  But her death was necessary given the narrative in the OT.  It was needed as a catalyst for keeping Anakin in the dark side, and to comply with her absence in the OT, and Luke’s mention about how he never met his mother.  There was simply no avoiding it.

So Rian’s counterpoints didn’t really have any meaning, to anyone who has actually watched the Star Wars films.

The fan responded with the following tweet:

Rian replied:

For me TLJ 100% distills what the spirit & heart of SW has been in my life. But yes it is personal, it’s a certain pov, and it has to be – originals were personal for GL, that’s why they’re alive. SW films will truly betray the heart & spirit of the originals if they lose that,

— Rian Johnson (@rianjohnson) June 27, 2018

So the movie with AT-AT walkers, and the Millenium Falcon, and stormtroopers, and X-Wings, and TIE Fighters, and an Empire, and a Rebellion, is the distillation of the spirit and heart of Star Wars which has avoided a soulless clean homage?

He apparently feels that this will keep Star Wars alive, though his efforts seem to have had the exact opposite effect.


There’s nothing wrong with subverting expectations, and common film tropes.  It’s a worthwhile goal.  The problem Rian is having is understanding that he’s just not very good at that sort of thing.  It’s not the subversion of tropes itself that was the problem, but the execution of it.

Having Luke die in the Sequel Trilogy is as acceptable as it was to have Obi-Wan die in the Original Trilogy.  Having Luke die by passing out after projecting a hologram across the galaxy was just lame.

Having Luke exiling himself after some great failure is perfectly fine.  Having Luke get bested in a lightsaber duel by a tiny girl with no training, and having Luke milk alien space walrus nipples was not.

The manner in which Luke was subverted suggests that the writer really just didn’t know what to do with the character, and brought him in only momentarily to elevate the characters around him, and then to die.


In another Twitter thread, Rian tackled every SJW’s favorite topic; social commentary, also known as political naggery. 

A fan posted:

With WWII fresh in America’s mind, he brought the Holocaust to Playhouse 90. But his teleplay about a lynching in the Deep South was too current, too controversial. The network reset it in the old west. To confront social issues on TV, he’d have to find another way.

And he did.

— Christopher McQuarrie (@chrismcquarrie) June 29, 2018


Rian’s having a couple of problems here.

The first is a basic difficulty with the definitions of words.  Rian likes how the word “unfettered” sounds.  But if he reads the original post to which he responded, he’ll see that the network reset Serling’s screenplay to the old west.  This means that Serling’s progressive social or political messages were…fettered.

This was a common problem in the 1950s through the 1970s.  The Greatest Generation who actually understood socialism due to their first hand experience with it, were still largely in charge of the studios.  They wisely edited the work of dippie hippies to have a more over arching non-specific messaging undercurrent.  George Lucas was no different, and I’ve written about that at length here.

The second problem that Rian is having here is understanding the nuanced distinction between genuine social commentary, and small-minded social justice propaganda.

Genuine social commentary is overarching and is broad and applicable to multiple cultures and time periods, and is built into the structure of the story.

Social justice propaganda is on-the-nose dialogue that preaches the political fashion trends of the moment.

It’s the difference between the politics in the managed OT, which I’ve written about here, and crass Soviet Animated Propaganda:

Is it any wonder, that Twighlight Zone is thought of more highly than Night Gallery, which Serling undoubtedly had more control over?

I think there’a a mental disconnect where they don’t realize if someone is atted on a thread they’re basically talking directly to them. It’s odd.

— Rian Johnson (@rianjohnson) June 26, 2018

Or maybe he did realize he was atting Rian, and was hoping that Rian would wake up to the reality of his own massive stupidity, rather than further demonstrate it.

In any case, Rian’s responses are causing naive snowflakes to declare, “Rian Johnson expertly shuts down fan criticising him.”  Only for those whose intellect is restricted to the finite Twitterverse.


Unfortunately, the unthinking Rian Johnson won a Saturn award for his writing of The Last Jedi:

Since the announcement of Johnson’s win at the Saturn Awards last night, a number of Star Wars fans have bombarded Twitter with their reactions, some happy with Johnson’s victory, and even more furious with the decision. Below are some of the more notable responses to Rian Johnson winning the Best Writing award last night at the Saturn Awards, including both negative and positive responses.

What this means is that the Saturn Awards are equally as meaningless as the Nobel Prize, and for the same reasons.  It’s an award that SJWs give to other SJWs for pushing political ideology, rather than crafting genuine art or making genuine accomplishments.

It’s probably easy to think highly of yourself, when the SJW management within Lucasfilm and Disney keep telling you how brilliant you are for your “social commentary.”  But it might be nice to have some folks practiced in genuine film craft around you too.  That is, if you don’t mute or block them, as settled science correctly predicts that progressive pea-brains will.

But given Rian Johnson’s attitude towards Star Wars, which can be summed up as:

“It’s Star Wars.  Let’s not worry.  Let’s move on.” 

What is he doing worrying about social and/or political commentary anyway?

Ethan Van Sciver also commented on these tweets:

As did John Talks Star Wars:

SC reviews comments on the Saturn Awards:


Lucasfilm Insists On Empty Seats For Indiana Jones 5

Chris Agar from ScreenRant reports:

Production on Indiana Jones 5 is set to begin next spring, and there are currently a few pre-production tasks that need taking care of. Finding a supporting cast for Ford is chief among them, and now it looks like the screenplay is back on the to-do list. Originally, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull scribe David Koepp was on Indy 5, but that job has apparently found its way to someone else with Lucasfilm ties.

Collider reports:

As Lucasfilm recalibrates the future of its Star Wars franchise, the company is pressing forward with its other marquee property, as Jonathan Kasdan (Solo: A Star Wars Story) has signed on to replace David Koepp as the writer of Indiana Jones 5, multiple sources tell Collider.

We aren’t sure if he’s rewriting Koepp’s existing script, or merely doing a two-week polish, or if he’s starting completely from scratch. We also don’t know if Kasdan is writing the script with a partner — perhaps his father, Lawrence Kasdan, with whom he wrote Solo, and who counts Raiders of the Lost Ark among his many credits. We also don’t know when Koepp left the project or when Kasdan was hired, be it before or after Solo opened below expectations, so it’s possible that he has been working on Indy 5 for some time now. As for who will ultimately get credit, we’ll leave that up to the WGA to decide.

Jon Kasdan was the screenwriter for the disastrous Solo.  If Jon Kasdan insists on injecting identity politics into Indiana Jones, then social justice warriors everywhere will concoct reasons such as Saturday night laundry, naked yard work, unseasonably cool weather, and the Age of Taurus to explain the lack of attendance.

Maybe the McGuffin in Indiana Jones 5 can be the missing audience members.


Lucasfilm seeks to follow the same path for Indy 5.


Most Wanted Author Admits Solo Tie-In Novel Is Really About Qi’Ra

She also doesn’t think very highly of struggling male authors.  Rae Carson, author of the Star Wars novel Most Wanted, seems to believe that struggling male authors are inherently misogynist.


So if Daniel Jose Older changed Lando Calrissian to a woman without changing anything else, does that mean she would still admire her own butt and bulge?

I don’t know! But lightsabers don’t always obey Force users who are not their masters, ie. when Kylo reached for Luke’s lightsaber but it went to Rey instead.

— Rae Carson (@raecarson) March 30, 2018

Apparently lightsabers are the Glaive from Krull now.  Yes, this person is actually writing Star Wars novels.

Only as long as Rae Carson gets to determine what is and what is not hate speech I presume.


She’s on top.

I’m sure that Star Wars fans are predominately interested in Qi’Ra’s point of view over Han Solo’s.

You mean like the problem with the purely imaginary black stormtrooper controversy?

For those wishing to respectfully reply to Rae Carson with some feedback be prepared, for settled science correctly predicts what her response will be.


It’s only a matter of time before these crybabies play victim.

SJW Recites The Same Tired And Easily Discredited Points


Snobbery and vapidity are typically one and the same.

David Opie writes a piece at High Snobiety entitled, Why ‘Star Wars’ Fandom Can Be So Toxic.  For those of you who read this blog regularly, you’ll already have read these unoriginal points in many other “think” pieces that I’ve responded to on this blog.  There’s nothing new here.  But, I’ll go through the motions anyway.

Adorable creatures and lightsaber duels aside, the Star Wars franchise has always revolved primarily around the the internal struggle between good and evil. Ever since Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope first introduced the idea that anyone could potentially turn to “The Dark Side,” this temptation to do evil has become a mainstay of the series and pop culture at large. However, the sad irony of this is that the very Star Wars fans who cheer on the heroes of the films may have now succumbed to the dark side too without even realizing it.

In fact, genuine Star Wars fans are now rising to the occasion and fighting the awful SJW contagion that now infects today’s race and gender obsessed Lucasfilm empire.

Recent efforts to finally introduce diversity to a galaxy far, far away have been welcomed for the most part, yet an increasingly vocal minority of Star Wars fans have tarnished the inclusivity of films like Rogue One and The Last Jedi by directly attacking the people involved online.

Recent?  Where have you SJWs been for the last 40 years?  Women and people of color have been a part of Star Wars for four decades since its inception.

In the last few weeks, Last Jedi star, Kelly Marie Tran – who portrayed Rose Tico – deleted all of the images from her Instagram account after suffering months of sexist and racial abuse.

Actually, she likely disabled her account, making the contents unavailable to the public, in order to better comply with a social media NDA, since Episode IX was beginning pre-production at about the time that the account was disabled. You can read more about that here.

While Tran hasn’t explained yet what specifically forced her to take such measures, it’s safe to say that the actress endured more prejudice than most and this was likely to be a deciding factor.

Right, she hasn’t explained anything yet.  You and others are overreacting to incomplete and misleading information because it conforms to the moronic Narrative that you’re so desperate to believe in.  The entire story you’re reciting from other unresearched articles are based entirely on a single tweet from an unverified account.  You can read more about that here.

After all, it wasn’t so long ago when Tran’s Wookieepedia page was edited by malicious fans who re-named her character “Ching Chong Wing Tong” and described her as “stupid, autistic and retarded.”

SJWs routinely like to pose as their political adversaries, in order to perpetrate Hate Hoaxes in an effort to prove points that don’t exist.  Who can forget the infamous Tea Party Infiltrators?  SJWs are notorious for this stuff.

In fact, it was a feminist SJW who put together the De-Feminized Fan Edit in an effort to mock and ridicule “MRA” critics of The Last Jedi.

That’s likely what we have in the Wookieepedia edit.  It certainly fits the profile.

As if that wasn’t unsettling enough, a misogynistic Facebook group has since taken credit for Tran leaving social media, claiming that the end result was “bloody glorious.”

That group has been demonstrated by multiple parties to be an SJW Hate Hoax site, and you can read about that here.

The Star Wars franchise certainly isn’t alone in having an opinionated and rabid fanbase. But unlike another red hot property – all things Marvel-related – these objections rely more on prejudice and ignorance as opposed to story choices and elements of the filmmaking process.

But that’s the opinion which is prejudiced and ignorant, because it’s not based on criticisms that people are actually making.  It’s based solely on a purely imaginary narrative.

Unfortunately, Tran isn’t the only one to endure the wrath of Star Wars fans at their most savage. The Force Awakens actor, John Boyega, has also been the target of race-fueled trolling,

You’re referring to the purely imaginary black stormtrooper controversy which is debunked here.

co-star Daisy Ridley left Instagram in 2016 for the sake of her mental health,

Daisy Ridley never liked social media in the first place.  Here’s what Daisy Ridley said about social media back on 2015 in an interview with Refinery 29:

They went through it at such a different time. Hollywood was a different place, and there was no social media. It’s hard to compare what you and your co-star John Boyega are going through to even Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio after Titanic, because that was before social media, too. Has that been daunting?

“Well, I was kind of loathe to go on social media. I find the trolling unacceptable and I never wanted to look like I was someone who would accept that. But the 99 — no, I would actually say 100% of the people [who’ve interacted with me on social media] have been so wonderful so far. My life is real average, and it’s nice to share that with people. And to see people’s conspiracies and their theories, that’s fun. It’s really fun to be part of.”

David continued:

and The Last Jedi director, Rian Johnson, has spent the better part of six months dealing with “fans” who believe he helped destroy their beloved franchise.

By “dealing” I assume you mean provoking.

The toxicity of certain Star Wars’ fans might have intensified thanks to the power of social media, but the force has always been strong in this regard. Remember when child star, Jake Lloyd, quit Hollywood altogether after people mocked his role in The Phantom Menace? Hayden Christensen claims that negative feedback for his part in the prequels wasn’t the reason why he moved away from acting, but Star Wars must have surely had at least some impact on this decision.

Do you remember when SJWs called the Prequel Trilogy racist?  Do you remember when SJWs called the Original Trilogy sexist?  Have you read all of the uninformed SJW diatribes on Leia’s gold bikini?

What’s perhaps most disheartening of all is how George Lucas was driven away from the very franchise that he created after negative fans balked at his attempts to make the series more family-friendly for a whole new generation. 

In fact, fans were quite happy with The Clone Wars animated series when the franchise was sold to Disney, and were dismayed when it was canceled.

It’s also no wonder then that Solo star Alden Ehrenreich has steered away from social media for the most part.

So has Harrison Ford.

Star Wars isn’t the only franchise that’s attracted its share of toxicity in recent years. Actor Leslie Jones became the victim of online abuse too following her role in the female-led reboot of Ghostbusters, the creators of Rick and Morty publicly denounced fans who criticized the show’s female writers simply because of their gender, and most recently, Stranger Thing’sMillie Bobby Brown left Twitter after becoming a homophobic meme.

You need to familiarize yourself with the full Leslie Jones story.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with disliking a movie and openly critiquing aspects of any franchise can open up a useful dialogue when done so in a respectful way. The problem is when audience members verbally attack other fans and even the artists involved in making the films, all under the guise of “criticism.”

Actually, the real problem is being attacked as a sexist and/or misogynist for criticizing a strong female lead, particularly now that strong female leads have been around for decades.

It’s important to note that the vast majority of Star Wars fans shouldn’t be associated with their toxic counterparts, yet, as is often the case, it’s this vocal minority that draws the most media attention.

I’m not sure that you understand who exactly the tiny vocal minority is.


As far-right politics continue to gain traction in Trump’s America, the inclusion of women and people of color in the Star Wars franchise is seen by some white male fans as a direct affront that personally attacks their own outlook on the world.

The fringe left’s celebrated bigotry against the “white male” was bound to pop up in this piece at some point.

To them, the diversity of new cast members is nothing more than an “agenda” set out by Social Justice Warriors who are more interested in hitting their diversity quota than making good films.

All of the actors in the new movies are perfectly fine.  It’s the deeply moronic social justice propaganda in the screenplay that they’re forced to perform which is the problem instead.  Understand the nuanced distinction.

Besides, Star Wars has been diverse for 40 years.  No trail is being blazed here.  We’re on a well-word decades-old beaten path instead.  You would know this, if you hadn’t stupidly let the past die.

Despite the fact that science fiction has long extolled the virtues of diversity and tolerance, the toxic faction of the Star Wars fandom feels that by including actors like Tran and Boyega in the roles previously filled by white men, their ownership over the franchise is being challenged.

At what point did white men play Rose Tico or Finn?

Once the center of this galaxy far, far away, white men are now forced to share the spotlight with people from other backgrounds, something which jars those who are seeing their “superiority” challenged in the politics of real life too. Star Wars is no longer the safe retreat that it once was for these entitled and intolerant fans, something which often drives them to vent their frustrations online in the cruelest ways possible.

Here’s the thing with your unhealthy bigotry against “white men.”
Whether the concept is “white supremacy” or “white privilege” is irrelevant.  Both merely represent two sides of the exact same coin; a deeply sick obsession with the artificial divisions of race.

With such a detestable yet loud reaction, one would be forgiven for assuming that diversity now reigns supreme in the Star Wars universe, yet the truth is that even the most female-centric installment yet only featured women for 43% of its running time. Is it a coincidence then that this particular film, The Last Jedi, also provoked the strongest reaction yet from resentful audiences? Although the gender divide remains unequal on screen and people of color clearly still don’t outnumber their fellow white cast members, these so called Star Wars fans are still outraged just by the mere inclusion of people who are different from them.

We’re talking about a franchise that routinely showcased alien species from all over the galaxy, which are different from every person on Earth.  Alien species which outnumber the humans.

It wasn’t females in general that was the problem.  It was stupid female characters the were the problem instead.  Female characters have been around for decades.  Yet few have heavily criticized Ellen Ripley or Sarah Conner, among many, many others.  The real problem here lies in the semi-literate SJW’s inability to distinguish between a well written female character, and a poorly written female character.

The toxicity that certain Star Wars fans have brought to the media’s attention in recent years has threatened to overshadow the positive aspects of fandom, so it’s vital to reiterate here that a geeky love of Star Wars and other franchises can also be a wonderful thing. 

The media is mischaracterizing the critical Star Wars fans, and failing to do basic research into these events.

While passion unchecked can lead some to overprotect the things that they love, the vast majority of audiences recognize the true message of Star Wars is one of acceptance and treat their fellow fans accordingly.

The true message of Star Wars is war; hence the word “war” appearing in the title of the franchise, Star Wars.  War has very little to do with acceptance.  I think you want Star Trek instead.

Even the most casual of fans recognize that threatening and harassing others is the antithesis of Jedi lore.

As is the inability to distinguish between criticism and satire from genuine harassment.

However, the saddest part of the toxicity debate is that the people causing the problem don’t even recognize their actions for what they truly are – believing instead that they’re protecting their favorite movies from new filmmakers who have set out to ruin their childhood.

Rather than emulate the likes of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, the malicious component of the Star Wars fandom instead shares far more in common with The Empire and the fascist dictatorship that it represents onscreen.

Why would anyone want to emulate Han Solo, now that the sequel trilogy turned him into a dead beat dad?  Why would anyone want to emulate Luke Skywalker, now that the sequel trilogy had him sucking on space walrus teats?

Originally modeled on the Nazi regime, the true face of evil in Star Wars is now reminiscent too of political discourse in modern-day America, so it’s no coincidence that this toxic subset of fans feel more empowered than ever to act on their prejudice.

The problem that you’re having here is that your knowledge of Nazis and fascism is informed solely by comic books and movies, so you have no idea whatsoever what Nazis actually were.  You can cure that problem by asking yourself a series of very basic questions:

Did the Nazis support a Constitutional division of powers, or did they consolidate centralized power?
Did the Nazis champion deregulation, or enforce hyper-regulation?
Did the Nazis support limited government, or big government?
Did the Nazis support free markets?
Did the Nazis support free speech?
Did the Nazis support religious freedom?
Did the Nazis promote private firearms ownership?
What do you know about the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact?

All hope is not lost though. Sure, it can be disheartening to hear of people who twist the message of Star Wars to their own spiteful ends, but they’re still the minority. In reality, most Star Wars fans remain supportive of both each other and those who help bring these stories to life. 

What evidence do you have that either faction is either a majority or a minority?

While there’s no easy answer to dealing with this small-minded segment of the fandom, the rest of us would do well to remember the powerful lesson that Tran’s character embodied at the end of The Last Jedi. Instead of fighting what we hate, the best way to win is by “saving what we love.”

Well then how come Holdo fought what she hated?

Nothing captures the Rebel spirit more than celebrating the things that matter to us most and treating others with respect.

What on Earth are you talking about?  The rebel spirit is the spirit of defiance.

As long as we keep doing that, the Dark Side of the Star Wars fandom will forever be kept at bay.

The Dark Side of the Star Wars fandom will be leaving the fandom shortly after Episode IX tanks at the box office, after which SJWs will find some new franchise to barnacle themselves to.  Probably the MCU.

Beware Of Strangers Bearing Gifts

So #TheFandomMenace is understandably jubilant over the recent video that Grace Randolph has posted:

Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers commented on this video:

As did Ethan Van Sciver:

As did World Class Bullshitters:

As did Reviews 4 You:

Them among others have an understandably positive view of this news from Grace Randolph.

However, SC Reviews has watched Grace Randolph somewhat regularly, and cautions fans to be skeptical, because many of Grace’s exclusives have turned out to be untrue.

I share SC’s skepticism, for several reasons.

First, many have commented that Grace herself is an SJW to some degree, so there’s that.

Second, it wouldn’t take a YouTuber much effort, to merely watch the videos by some of the regular critical personalities, take what they’ve said in regards to insider information about panicked meetings within Lucasfilm, embellish the tale a little bit herself, and then make a video.  She would essentially be giving people exactly what they wanted to hear, and a savvy YouTuber knows that right now, videos which are critical of Lucasfilm get views.  She would also know, that all you have to do is put in a few digs at SJWs, and many fans of Geeks + Gamers, Ethan Van Sciver, and World Class Bullshitters would say, “Hey, you’re all right Grace Randolph,” and then hit her subscribe button.

Third, all should be very skeptical of any insider information they receive.  We already know that in the past some parties may have falsified insider information, and fed them to rival websites in an effort to discredit them.  It may only be a matter of time before they use these same tactics on YouTubers.  Grace herself could be victim of such a ploy.

This story doesn’t make much sense to me for the simply fact that Bob Iger himself is a known leftist.  He supports gun control.  Disney’s Marvel comics have gone full SJW under Iger.  Disney’s ESPN under Iger has gone full SJW to its own detriment.

There are rumor’s that Disney’s Marvel will be going full SJW after Avengers 4.

When a shareholder confronted Iger about liberal bias in the media, this was the result:

I find it very difficult to believe, knowing all of this, that Iger would use the phrase SJW himself.

Why would Iger be angry with Kathleen Kennedy over the imposition of SJW politics in Star Wars, when SJW politics is infiltrating every other corner of Disney, and when Iger is likely an SJW himself?

I’d advise #TheFandomMenace to act only on confirmed reports.

Kathleen Kennedy, Bob Iger

Kennedy and Iger at the SOLO premiere.

Will Episode IX Open With Leia’s Funeral?

Dirk Libbey at CinemaBlend speculates:

The Last Jedi surprised a lot of people, for good and ill, and that means that predicting what will happen with Episode IX is likely a fool’s errand. Having said that, the one thing we do know about the final part of this trilogy tells us all we may need to know to guess how the new film will open. It will probably open with a funeral: the funeral of General Leia Organa.

There are numerous ways this could be handled, but opening the film with the funeral allows for the story to deal with what it needs to and provide the audience the catharsis it will need before the rest of the movie gets going.

By making Leia’s funeral the opening scene, Star Wars Episode IX will deal with this unfortunate necessity early, which means the viewers will be ready to move on once it has happened. In addition, it has the potential to act as a unique catalyst for the action. Recent rumors have indicated that Billy Dee Williams will make his return as Lando Calrissian in Episode IX, and what better way to bring Lando back into the story than by making him one of the people attending the funeral? Whether Williams’ return is a cameo or a significant supporting role is unclear, but either way, if Lando is alive, would he miss Leia’s funeral?


If they launch her into space, she might just fly right back.