Chuck Wendig Unwittingly Promotes #SeeJurassicWorld2 Campaign In Latest Meltdown


While Solo was bombing again during its second weekend, Aftermath author Chuck Wendig took to Twitter to lash out against the Comicsgate scandal and comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver.

Ethan responded with another one of his hysterical videos:

As a result, Chuck spent the rest of the day lashing out at the “tiny vocal minority” of #TheFandomMenace, by frantically typing out a barely coherent progressive manifesto on Twitter, in 25 to 140 character stanzas.

We don’t despise Star Wars.  Rather, we despise what ignorant SJWs such as yourself are doing to it.

Apparently you didn’t pay attention to any of the news over opening weekend of Solo?  How about the 2nd weekend?

We’re rooting that your version of Star Wars is faring poorly.

Actually, TLJ‘s numbers were affected, the dropoff after the opening weekend was shocking, and portended this happening for those who didn’t stick their heads in the sand.

Huh?  TLJ and especially Solo both demonstrated that fewer and fewer people are returning to buy your ice cream.  Maybe that’s what your mad at?

Well Chuck, you live in a Collective, where everyone is required to think identically.  Diversity of thought is strictly forbidden for you.  But normal people are individuals, and therefore think individually.  Some people liked TFA, but not TLJ.  Some people didn’t like either.  But each individual has their own reasons for being disatisfied with the current direction of Lucasfilm, no two will be exactly alike.

Again, TLJ‘s numbers were affected, the dropoff after the opening weekend was shocking.

In some respects I agree.  In keeping with your ice cream metaphor, the social justice propaganda did all the heavy lifting in pushing normal people away from the franchise, just as it does in every other cultural institution that it infects.  That was the bulk of the sundae, and it will likely continue to grow.  The boycott was likely just the cherry on top of that sundae.

Yes.  It is multifarious.   The poor treatment of critical fans by Lucasfilm representatives, the imposition of moronic social justice propaganda and the subsequent SJW fatigue, the massive box office drop off after opening day of The Last Jedi which portended of bad things to come, the waning toy and merchandise sales which indicated waning interest, letters written by the fans and sent to Lucasfilm and Hasbro, the in-your-face announcement of Lando Calrissian’s pansexuality and the celebration of a social justice droid shortly before release, the refusal to cast fan favorite Anthony Ingruber as Han Solo, Lucasfilm staff marginalizing the same criticisms coming from women and people of color, and of course, the boycott.

 Right.  They just get pushed away by your social justice propaganda.  Naturally.

Thank you for the plug, Chuck.


It’s not about making Jurassic World 2 a success.  It’s about supporting the director and producer who has respect for the fans.  Lucasfilm staff could learn a lot from him.

But the fact that you’re raging on about the #SeeJurassicWorld2 campaign is an excellent indication that it’s the right thing to do strategically.  Thank you for your confirmation.

Hey, remember the days when you guys thought that everyone would go see the movies and buy the toys and merchandise, because Star Wars?  Good times, right?

Just like there’s lots of reasons that Star Wars is faring poorly?

Well I’m glad Ethan Van Sciver channeled your dipshit rage, and was able to get value from your worthless ravings.

We’re officially getting into tin foil hat territory.

Yes, yes.  Sexism this…racism that…bla, bla, bla…

Don’t the Reptillians and the Illuminati play any role in this?  What about the Men in Black?  The Pleiadians?

What about the non-whites and non-women who have the exact same opinions?

Chop through it with what?  How?

Pot meet kettle.

Identity politics is strictly for the small minded and immature.  It’s merely a large scale version of high school politics where the silly artificial divisions of geeks, jocks, and burn-outs mean so much.  It’s juvenile.  Grow up.

Then Chuck decided to provoke fans again the very next day.


It’s always only a matter of time before the bullies play victim.

Chuck may still be going on and on, I just can’t keep up with it all.  But others have commented on Chuck latest meltdown as well:

For those who may be interested, you can read about Chuck Wendig’s past meltdowns here, here, and here.

Fans who may have been blocked by Chuck’s Twitter account, but who would still like to respond to Chuck’s public statements with feedback, can respectfully contact him through his website, his Facebook account, his Instagram account, his tumblr account, his Flickr account, his Google+ account, his MySpace account, or his email address, terribleminds [at] gmail [dot] com.  You can also comment on his blog, or at his YouTube Channel.

Thanks to for covering this story.

11 thoughts on “Chuck Wendig Unwittingly Promotes #SeeJurassicWorld2 Campaign In Latest Meltdown

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  2. I tried reading the first Aftermath book. It’s horribly written and I’m willing to bet it sold well only because it’s the first post-RotJ book on the new EU. It’s easy to see such a “success” inflated this damaged man’s ego to places it shouldn’t have gone. In fact, in saner times this man/person/otherkin/object/spice/sauce (I don’t know what fruit flavor Chuk identifies as, I’m afraid) would not even be considered to write anything. Chuck’s skills as a writer are below kindergarten level.
    How bad is this book? Well, let’s say my dog walking over my keyboard for a few hours could have done something better.


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