CNN Advises Lucasfilm Not To Listen To Its Dissatisfied Customers

SJWs in the media are frantically typing out think pieces explaining why Solo was such a colossal failure after the 2nd weekend.  They’re beyond desperate to attribute the lack of interest to anything other than the boycott.

Why didn’t they write these pieces after opening weekend?  Well, a couple of them did, but it seems that many of them genuinely believed the excuses about BBQs and naked yard work detracting from people attending the theater on Memorial Day weekend.  They likely thought that Solo would pick up over the 2nd weekend.  You can feel their utter shock that it didn’t when you read their pieces.

Some are blaming a lack of vision.  Some are blaming the white male.  Some are blaming a lack of women.  Some blamed not enough social justice.  Some are blaming everything they can think of.

And now, those who have a vested interest in the social justice propaganda that the franchise is now infected with, are cautioning Lucasfilm not to bow the demands of dissatisfied customer’s.



Brian Lowry of CNN writes an article entitled, ‘Star Wars’ should resist bowing to the force of its most vocal fans.

In it he writes:

Disney and Lucasfilm are dealing with the first conspicuous setback of their five-year-old corporate marriage, as “Solo: A Star Wars Story” has fallen far short of gargantuan box-office expectations. While the studio ponders whether that requires adjusting course, a small, rebellious and inordinately vocal quadrant of the fan community is delighting in — and deriving an unfortunate message from — those woes.

“Solo” delivered less than $30 million in its second weekend — plummeting by nearly two-thirds from its less-than-stellar opening, bringing its total just shy of $150 million. For a mere mortal movie, that would be just fine, but it’s a pallid addition to the “Star Wars” universe, which has shattered box-office records and routinely amassed huge returns.

The subplot to that, and it’s an odd one, comes from “Star Wars” fans who see “Solo’s” underwhelming results as vindication — a blow against the Disney empire, and Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy. Reinforced by Internet echo chambers in the way intense political partisans find like-minded brethren online, they harbor what is almost certainly a magnified vision of their numbers and how widely their passions are shared.

But Brian, we’re reading moronic pieces such as yours and Scott Mendelson’s routinely, so we can hardly be said to be living in the same kind of Internet echo chambers that you people in the Collective do.  I mean, it’s living in that echo chamber that is directly responsible for the utter shock that you and your kind are feeling right now.

As Vulture noted, there’s no real way to quantify how vast this portion of the “Star Wars” fan universe is. Indeed, with so many moving parts and variables to consider, it’s difficult to grasp any clear message yet from “Solo’s” under-performance, which of course hasn’t deterred the deluge of web-traffic-driven hot takes trying to do just that.

Well sure there is.  The Box Office for Solo just demonstrated it.  Look, I’m not claiming that everyone who didn’t go was a boycotter.  Of course not.  What I’m saying is that boycotters were the canary in the coal mine, warning Lucasfilm of what was eventually and inevitably going to happen.  They refused to listen, and so we’re at where we’re at now.  Until Lucasfilm and the pundits who serve them are able to address the real problems, this is guaranteed to exacerbate.  What are the real problems?

The poor treatment of critical fans by Lucasfilm representatives, the imposition of moronic social justice propaganda and the subsequent SJW fatigue, the massive box office drop off after opening day of The Last Jedi which portended of bad things to come, the waning toy and merchandise saleswhich indicated waning interest, letters written by the fans and sent to Lucasfilm and Hasbro, the in-your-face announcement of Lando Calrissian’s pansexuality and the celebration of a social justice droid, shortly before release, the refusal to even audition fan favorite Anthony Ingruber as Han Solo, marginalizing the same criticisms coming from women and people of color, and of course, the boycott.

That said, there’s a slightly delusional quality to the victory lap being taken in comment sections and online forums, an assumption that these fans have made a statement that will only further embolden such demands.

It’s certainly possible that disappointment surrounding “The Last Jedi” (a sentiment, incidentally, largely shared by this reviewer) triggered a backlash that played a major role in “Solo’s” weak opening. But it’s beyond naive to think a subsection of fans can dictate Disney’s broader strategy, since the studio didn’t plunk down $4 billion for Lucasfilm to let it sit idle, or allow a small mob with Internet pitchforks to call the shots.

No, the bulk of the people who didn’t attend are normal people who were naturally pushed away from the deeply moronic social justice propaganda in Disney-era Star Wars.  They’ve simply had enough.

But this is nothing new.  This is what always happens whenever SJWs barnacle themselves to any cultural institution.  SJWs have a Reverse Midas Touch, where everything they touch instantly turns into pure crap.

We’ve seen that truth expressed in the lowest rated televised Oscars in history.  We’ve seen it in the waning sales of Marvel Comics, and the subsequent replacement of Marvel’s SJW Editor in Chief as a result.  We’ve seen it in the slide of NFL viewership, and the MLB replacing the NFL as America’s most popular sport.  We’ve seen it in the decline of Sports Illustrated subscriptions.  We’ve seen it in the declining ratings of ESPN, which had to fire 100 employees as a result.  We’ve seen it in the plummetingratings of Late Night talk shows which have taken to lecturing their audience rather than entertaining or enlightening them.  We’ve seen it in declining Box Office at the cinema which has also increasingly chosen to lecture its audience with deeply ignorant SJW politics.  Anyone who doubts that people in the American entertainment industry are political activists rather than artists, can read about how Hollywood screenwriters are now coaching progressive political candidates.  We’ve seen it in SJW controlled universities and colleges which are experiencing big drops in enrollment.  We’ve seen it in East Berliners risking their lives to cross the infamous Berlin Wall in an attempt to escape East Berlin.  We’ve seen it in the SJW controlled city of Detroit, from which so many people have fled that their downtown skyscrapers are abandoned.  We’ve seen it in the blue states of California and Illinois, from which the middle class is fleeing.  We’ve seen it in nations like Venezuela where thousands of formerly well-to-do people are fleeing the disastrous effects of the nation’s newly formed leftist SJW government.

So while many predict that by the time Episode IX roles around, that many will forget their anger and Episode IX will do just fine.

I have a different perspective.

SJWs can never admit they’re wrong.  In fact, I have no doubt whatsoever that they’ll be doubling down on the social justice drivel that has driven normal people away from the franchise.  When that advertising inevitably hits the air, normal people will shrug their shoulders, and not attend out of complete and total apathy.  No boycott will be necessary.

Because I agree that the box office bomb wasn’t due solely to boycotters.  I agree that active boycotters were only a small portion of those who didn’t attend.  The larger portion, was due mainly to pure apathy.  And that apathy, is only going to grow.

If you thought Solo losing $50 Million plus was a big deal, then you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Apathy will knock the socks off of any boycott, any day of the week.

Disney/Lucasfilm, meanwhile, have little incentive to do anything but be respectful in addressing their most faithful consumers, since having people feel desperately invested in your product — to the point of claiming a kind of ownership stake in it — is the definition of a high-class problem.

Yeah, you ought to look into that.

As politicians have discovered, there are tradeoffs involved in allowing the loudest and most belligerent voices — those prone to speaking in Sith-like absolutes — to define the terms of debate.

Hearing and being sensitive to what various fans want makes sense, but bowing to the force of a vocal contingent — one that’s perhaps a small minority — is a road fraught with peril. As Han solo himself once said, it’s not always possible to fly by committee.

Most won’t say anything.  They’ll just be silent and simply not attend.  Because that’s what Solo’s box office taught us; that it’s SJWs, who constitute the “tiny vocal minority.”

Ethan Van Sciver offers some commentary on the CNN story:

As Breitbart stated:

As far as I know, and I have given it a good faith perusal, no one, not a single member of the establishment media — even as commenters fill their sites with complaints about how the infusion of Kennedy’s obnoxious politics have ruined the franchise for countless fans — has shown the moral courage to even raise the idea that this might, maybe, could conceivably, possibly, be, perhaps, part of the perchance problem.

This cowardice is a sign, not only of how useless the entertainment media are, but how owned they are by big corporations, how they do not even have the integrity to tell a truth, to report the truth about Mizzz Kathleen’s disastrous arrogance, her bubbled provincialism, her strident scolding and preaching (and all at the expense of story logic and what the fans hold most dear), and how it is murdering the most iconic film franchise in history.

Kennedy is a literal book burner when it comes to Star Wars, and to protect their access and their own delusional need to never acknowledge that left-wing politics equals box office death, these moral cowards are intentionally ignoring one of the biggest entertainment stories of the year.

World Class Bullshitters has more on the topic:

6 thoughts on “CNN Advises Lucasfilm Not To Listen To Its Dissatisfied Customers

  1. I blame the low Oscar ratings not on SJWs (though The Shape of Water is practically “SJW-The Movie”) per se but on the snubbing of Wonder Woman, a film that practiced instead of preached its message. I got into some nasty arguments on Twitter w/ snooty men who thought the film didn’t deserve any awards (two got so rude, I had to block them), yet TLJ did. When I heard the news I thought (in the words of Nute Gunray) “Ah, victory!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but I’ve read really good things about it. From what I’ve heard, it may be the best DC movie since The Dark Knight.


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