Chuck Wendig Melts Down For Kelley Marie Tran


During the caterwauling over the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident, Chuck Wendig took to Twitter to spew out yet another barely coherent manifesto.  It would appear that this time, he focuses on convincing himself that he and his SJW kind are not the “tiny vocal minority” that they in fact are, as the box office for Solo clearly demonstrates.

Some are now speculating, that one of the reasons behind the hysterics we’re seeing after Solo’s disastrous 2nd weekend, is that Kathleen Kennedy has already been replaced, or that perhaps she has chosen her own replacement.  SJWs like Chuck who know this, are now lashing out because they have inside knowledge that their time is potentially limited.

For those who may be interested, you can read about Chuck Wendig’s past meltdowns herehere, here, and here.

Fans who may have been blocked by Chuck’s Twitter account, but who would still like to respond to Chuck’s public statements with feedback, can respectfully contact him through his website, his Facebook account, his Instagram account, his tumblr account, his Flickr account, his Google+ account, his MySpace account, or his email address, terribleminds [at] gmail [dot] com.  You can also comment on his blog, or at his YouTube Channel.

8 thoughts on “Chuck Wendig Melts Down For Kelley Marie Tran

  1. This brouhaha over KMT is so ironic. Jake Lloyd, Hayden Christensen, Ahmed Best, George Lucas and even Natalie Portman had to put up with toxic fans and the media for 19 YEARS. Jake Lloyd has especially felt the heat. Where was the outrage then? It’s this fandom menace that finally made Lucas sell Lucasfilm and now the shoe’s on the other foot.

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