Star Wars Author Claudia Gray Thinks The Force Is About Kindness

SJWs continue their unhinged hysterics over the fishy Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident in a transparent attempt to distract away from the monumental failure of Solo.  Today we review the Twitter rantings of Star Wars author Claudia Gray.


She might have a problem with the patriarchy.

As mentioned many times before, SJWs are incapable of distinguishing between genuine harassment and satire/parody.  Also as mentioned before,  SJWs routinely like to pose as their political adversaries, and perpetrate Hate Hoaxes in an effort to prove points that don’t exist.  Who can forget the infamous Tea Party Infiltrators?  SJWs are notorious for this stuff, and do it literally all of the time.

That’s because you see anyone with an opinion that differs from your own as a harasser.


It’s only a matter of time before these crybabies play victim.

Well, looks like your dearest hope is materializing.

SJWs always think their own special bubble enclosed safe space represents the “vast majority.”  But as the box office for Solo demonstrates, it turns out that it is SJWs who in fact are the “tiny vocal minority.”

That makes no sense whatsoever.  The Force is based on the concept of Chi.  It has nothing to do with kindness, decency, or how you treat people.  It’s not Christmas Spirit or Karma.  Just ask the Sith who also use it.

What I don’t understand is what someone who can’t grasp the basic concept of the Force is doing writing Star Wars books.


8 thoughts on “Star Wars Author Claudia Gray Thinks The Force Is About Kindness

  1. But Itchy, SJWs hate Christmas with an all devouring passion. Seriously, they effing detest it, it’s one of the things they hate the most.
    How can we expect them to understand anything spiritual if they have no idea what a spiritual concept is?
    SJWs have no basic morals. Their moral compass doesn’t work, they can’t distinguish the basic good traits of humanity because they constantly reject them in favor of whatever may hurt it the most.
    So yeah, Star Wars is not a property fit for SJWs to write. On second thought, no property is fit for them to write.

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    • It’s really not. It’s about War, which they oppose. It’s about shooting guns (blasters) which they hate. It’s about a patriarchal father and his patriarchal son, which they despise. These SJW idiots talk about leaving something we despise, but one wonders, what attracted them to the franchise in the first place. Clearly it was cosplay, and not much else.


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