We Have The First Week Of Blu-ray Sales Numbers

Courtesy of the-numbers.com, the first week of Blu-ray sales for The Last Jedi have come in, for the week of April 1st, 2018.


First, for some context, let’s look at the Blu-Ray sales for previous Disney Star Wars live action feature film releases.

The Force Awakens:


Rogue One:


The Last Jedi:


Now, it should be noted here, that we only have one week of sales data for The Last Jedi so far.  Anything could happen in the coming weeks as new data comes in.

But overall, this doesn’t look good.

For the first week of reported sales, The Last Jedi sold 1,480,299 fewer copies than The Force Awakens, and only 77,865 copies more than Rogue One in their first weeks.

In dollars, The Last Jedi sold $40,324,282 less than The Force Awakens, and only $6,892,312 more than Rogue One.

For context, The Force Awakens sold 1,558,164 more copies than Rogue One, for a dollar amount of $47,216,594 more than Rogue One.

It will be interesting to watch the sales as more data comes in over the ensuing weeks.

I invite others to double check my math.


A Twitter user who read this blog entry commented:

Here is the data for the 3rd week of The Force Awakens:


So that’s a difference of 2,168,918 units between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi by the 3rd week in release. That’s a $57,512,212 difference in sales between the two in the 3rd week.


Jedi Temple Archives argues that streaming services and electronic sell-thru are partly responsible for The Last Jedi’s poor blu-ray sales.  That article can be read here.

There’s no question that streaming services and electronic sell-thru may be partly responsible for the poor Blu-Ray sales of The Last Jedi. But let’s be clear on a couple of things.

First, streaming services and electronic sell-thru were just as widely as available during The Last Jedi’s release, as they were during The Force Awakens release.

Second, Star Wars is not the average run-of-the-mill movie. Collectors like to have physical copies with box art to place on their shelves. Not any more.

Third, TLJ had tons of extras that should have appealed to fans, especially collectors.  Extras which wouldn’t have been available through the streaming service.

Fourth, we can look at this in the context of the massive box office drop for the Last Jedi after its opening weekend.

Fifth, this falls in line with the waning toy and merchandise sales as a whole.


Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers offers some commentary on this story:

13 thoughts on “We Have The First Week Of Blu-ray Sales Numbers

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  4. Verrrrrry interested in all the updates that will follow. I honestly can’t imagine that it got a bump up after the initial release. We’ll see what the numbers say, but I’m thinking that it’s opener was as high as it got followed by a slow, or even steep, decline.

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