Who Is John Lasseter?

John Lasseter was the former head of Pixar and chief of Disney animation.  He was responsible for the production of John Carter and the ensuing fallout within Disney over John Carter’s failure at the box office.  There was reportedly a feud between Bob Iger and John Lasseter over Disney’s weird marketing practices of John Carter.


Unlikely to get his toys back.

Lasseter has also been accused of infusing children’s entertainment with political propaganda.  As The Hollywood Reporter tells us:

After Pixar head honcho John Lasseter revealed ahead of the opening of Cars 2 that the oil industry would be the “uber bad guy,” a blogger at LonelyConservative.com wrote this: “We conservatives and believers in free markets are accused of being paranoid when we say the Hollywood industry is trying to indoctrinate our children with left-wing propaganda. But now movie directors and producers are coming out and admitting what they’re doing. I’m just glad I found this out before I allowed my kids to persuade me to take them to see the movie Cars 2.”

Then suddenly without warning, Lasseter took a vacation from Pixar, in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.  According to Fast Company:

That’s when Lasseter announced he was taking a six-month hiatus from his work duties due to a series of “missteps” that made staffers feel “disrespected and uncomfortable,” as he wrote in an email to employees.  Lasseter’s announcement came just before The Hollywood Reporter published an article alleging lingering hugs and on-the-lips kisses from the Lasseter, as well as comments about women’s physical attributes.

From the telegraph.co.uk

Lasseter was reportedly known for getting drunk at company events and for “grabbing, kissing and making comments about physical attributes of women”. The company was also allegedly “never a welcoming environment for women”.

Lasseter was put on a 6 month sabbatical from Disney after   Many questioned his ability to return after the sabbatical.

But astonishingly, as of March 2018, it was reported that Disney was considering allowing Lasseter to return.  According to MarketWatch:

LOS ANGELES—Executives at Walt Disney Co. have discussed bringing animation guru John Lasseter back to the company in a new role that would reduce his managerial power but allow him to retain creative influence, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Pixar put the notion of Lasseter’s return to the employees in a “day of listening.”

But according to telegraph.co.uk, one Pixar employee was quoted as saying:

“If John goes back, it will kill women in animation,” another former Pixar insider is quoted as saying. “The message will be so clear: Shut up and take it.”

Given the political climate in today’s hyper-feminist Lucasfilm, it’s highly unlikely that Bob Iger would risk even more turmoil in the now fragile company.

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