Star Wars Has An Air-Headed SJW Fandom Problem

Kayleigh Donaldson writes a deeply stupid piece at SyFy Wire entitled, STAR WARS HAS A WHITE MALE FANDOM PROBLEM.


She may, or may not, have issues with the patriarchy.

Oh, brother.  Here we go again.

Kelly Marie Tran, who plays Rose Tico in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, has deleted all of the images from her Instagram account. This presumably came after an extended period of harassment and abuse the actress received from so-called Star Wars fans, particularly those who hated The Last Jedi and her character. 

Well, except that uneducated imbeciles such as yourself are reacting to incomplete and misleading information, which can be read about here.

As of the writing of this post, author Chuck Wendig, who has written several Star Wars novels, is facing a barrage of hate from supposed fans who claim he is part of the “ruining” of the franchise.

Yes, you can read about Chuck Wendig’s adolescent misbehavior hereherehere, here, and here.

All of this happens in the shadow of one of the biggest franchises in pop culture hitting its first financial stumbling block with the under-performing nature of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Some of those fans are quick to take the credit for the film’s slump by claiming it’s sign that their anti-Last Jedi boycott has worked. 

The boycott isn’t solely responsible for Solo‘s disastrous opening weekend, and equally disastrous 2nd weekend.  Don’t get me wrong, the boycott certainly played a small role.  But the bulk of the people not going to Solo can be chalked up to apathy in the general audience, which the massively idiotic imposition of social justice politics into the franchise created.

But this is nothing new.  This is what always happens whenever SJWs barnacle themselves to any cultural institution.  SJWs have a Reverse Midas Touch, where everything they touch instantly turns into pure crap.

We’ve seen that truth expressed in the lowest rated televised Oscars in history.  We’ve seen it in the waning sales of Marvel Comics, and the subsequent replacement of Marvel’s SJW Editor in Chief as a result.  We’ve seen it in the slide of NFL viewership, and the MLB replacing the NFL as America’s most popular sport.  We’ve seen it in the decline of Sports Illustrated subscriptions.  We’ve seen it in the declining ratings of ESPN, which had to fire 100 employees as a result.  We’ve seen it in the plummeting ratings of Late Night talk shows which have taken to lecturing their audience rather than entertaining or enlightening them.  We’ve seen it in declining Box Office at the cinema which has also increasingly chosen to lecture its audience with deeply ignorant SJW politics.  Anyone who doubts that people in the American entertainment industry are political activists rather than artists, can read about how Hollywood screenwriters are now coaching progressive political candidates.  We’ve seen it in SJW controlled universities and colleges which are experiencing big drops in enrollment.  We’ve seen it in East Berliners risking their lives to cross the infamous Berlin Wall in an attempt to escape East Berlin.  We’ve seen it in the SJW controlled city of Detroit, from which so many people have fled that their downtown skyscrapers are abandoned.  We’ve seen it in the blue states of California and Illinois, from which the middle class is fleeing.  We’ve seen it in nations like Venezuela where thousands of formerly well-to-do people are fleeing the disastrous effects of the nation’s newly formed leftist SJW government.

Social justice politics naturally repulses normal people.

It would be unfair and too general to say that Star Wars has a fandom problem. What it has is a white male fandom problem.

Celebrated bigotry against the white male is the hottest political fashion trend among hipster snowflakes.  But we have to wonder how Kayleigh’s misandrous racism applies to all of the female and non-white critics who have the exact same criticisms, some of which can be viewed here.  Why is Kayleigh marginalizing those same criticisms from women and people of color?

Fan entitlement is not unique to white men, nor is it exclusively a Star Warsproblem, but the way it has manifested in this particular community is deeply revealing of such a mindset. Star Wars has made great leaps and bounds in terms of diversity…

Yes.  40 years agoBefore you were born.

This is the problem when people stupidly “let the past die.”  They end up thinking that everything they’re doing is shiny and new.  They think they’re blazing a trail, when in fact, they’re really on a well-worn decades-old beaten path.

…but as Dr. Becca Harrison’s recent study revealed, none of the movies have managed to have complete gender parity in terms of speaking roles. Even The Force Awakens, the film that seemed to kick-start this notion of the death of the white man in Star Wars, only managed 37%. Yet this is enough of a majority for these toxic fans to cry propaganda and claim “their Star Wars” is over. The mere inclusion of women and people of color is enough for them to cry foul and claim they’re “taking over” the franchise.

No one is complaining about the actors.  They’re all perfectly fine.  It’s the deeply moronic social justice propaganda that is the problem instead.

And I hate to break it you kid, but Poe Dameron is about as much a person of color as Rachel Dolezal is.

Being a fan can be a wonderful experience, one that unites you with similarly passionate people and nurtures your creativity. It can introduce you to lifelong friends and spark ambitions beyond our wildest dreams. It can also harbor the worst of us, coddling us at our most reactionary and telling us we’re always right and nobody else can appreciate that story or music or art as well as you can. It can breed a unique kind of paranoia, one that insidiously whispers to us about how nobody gets it quite like you do. It, and the like-minded people around you, encourage you to protect the thing you love because its purity will be diluted if it’s forced to change or welcome in people who just don’t get it. Eventually, it coaxes you into viewing fandom as a competitive sport, and if you lose, your identity will turn to dust.

It can also heavily trigger snowflakes who aren’t accustomed to normal criticism in the real world, having been nursed in collegiate safe spaces where they’re told that everything they say and think is wonderful and worth a gold star.

So, Star Wars stops being special once everyone loves it, and once it stops exclusively centering white men as its heroes, because Rey doesn’t look like a “real” hero, and neither do Finn or Rose. These characters and ideas weren’t around when the films were in their infancy, so obviously they don’t truly belong there. 

No.  Star Wars stopped being special when uneducated SJWs decided to use it as a vehicle to push their wacko political agendas.

Suddenly, the fandom is bigger than ever and full of people who care about things like representation, but they weren’t there when those “true” fans were, which means they don’t belong. They have to be “shown their place” in the pecking order, be they naïve young fans or the actresses getting the attention on screen.  

Yes, we know all about how snowflakes crave representation, and I’ve written about that here.

But the problem you’re having here is that the title of the franchise isn’t Star Equal Representation.  Rather, it’s Star Wars instead.  It’s a story about wars being fought in the stars.  Wars are predominately fought by men.  So that’s the representation that one ought to expect in a movie about war.

That’s what makes you not a “true” fan.  It’s not about an obsession or lack thereof over race or gender percentages.  Rather, it’s the fact that you can’t grasp the basic definition of words like “wars,” or the basic concept of the IP.

But what are you anti-war peaceniks doing barnacling yourselves to an IP about war anyway?  Is it just about the cute cosplay outfits for you?

Nothing good comes from defining oneself exclusively by our pop culture preferences and hobbies. There is nothing to gain or learn from when we see ourselves only as receptacles for consumerist goods, regardless of how artistically worthy they are. The toxicity of white maleness in fandom spaces forces such figures to pretend they’re the true victims.

And what collectivist gobbledygook would you use to describe the awful misbehavior of Lucasfilm representatives, which can be read about here?

While the internet was in an uproar over the treatment of Tran, the podcast Rebel Force Radio, long criticized for its misogyny, tweeted that they had contacted Lucasfilm for a statement on Star Wars creators “attacking fans and inciting the fanbase.” It takes a serious level of arrogance to play that card while a young Asian woman has been run off the internet by that attitude of self-victimization from fans.

It takes even more arrogance to play-act as though you know what you’re talking about, which you clearly do not.

Behavior like this has been excused for too long in fandom. It gets written off as “passion” or is indulged by corporations who desperately want to hold onto these ostensibly profitable demographics. When those Rick and Morty fans rioted in McDonald’s over tubs of sauce, the company responded by calling them “the best fans in the multiverse” and that McDonald’s was “humbled by the amazing curiosity, passion, and energy” of people who verbally abused staff over a condiment. The more this attitude is fostered, the more it is allowed to grow and become irrevocably empowered, particularly in online communities where harassment and abuse is euphemised as “trolling”. We’re now at the stage where fans sending vile abuse via social media is not only expected but quietly excused as “just what happens”. The more this behavior is normalized, the harder it becomes to tackle. The Last Jedi haters position what they do as “critique”, but there’s a world of difference between reviewing a film and running an actress off Instagram because you didn’t like her character. Anyone who can’t or won’t tell the difference is part of the problem.

That of course is entirely incorrect.  Here’s what’s actually going on here.

Now that it’s starting to dawn on SJW pea-brains that it is in fact they who are in the “tiny vocal minority,” they are desperately trying to make themselves relevant by inserting themselves into a conversation in which they don’t belong.

This is a conversation between Lucasfilm, and their dissatisfied customers.

If I go to a Target store and I want to complain about their customer service or about some product they’re selling, that’s a conversation between myself and Target. It would be inappropriate for big fans of Target to get into the middle of that conversation, and start verbally attacking me for my complaint.

Such is the case here. For those who love the new direction of Lucasfilm under Disney, God bless you. Send Lucasfilm a fan letter, and move on.

But it’s inappropriate for you to insert yourself into this conversation.  You simply have no proper place in it, even if you stupidly think you do.

Stuff like this needs to be called out repeatedly and with great force. We are long past the point where “ignoring the trolls” was effective, and to pretend to do so merely empowers the bullies. We have seen what happens when these supposed minorities of the fan communities, ones dominated by angry white men, decide to launch concerted harassment campaigns against those with apparent “political agendas” that they accuse of “ruining their childhood.” We saw what happened when the extended public humiliation of a woman by her ex-boyfriend became a platform to attack women and minorities in the video game industry under the façade of “ethics in game journalism.” We saw the aftermath of the racists and misogynists who hijacked the Hugo Awards in “protest” against the increasing diversification of the genre. We saw how Leslie Jones was treated when she did nothing more than join a female-led reboot of Ghostbusters. The pattern of behavior is near identical every single time this happens, and yet we all act surprised when it does.

What actually needs to happen here is continuing open defiance to self-appointed authoritative dimwits such as yourself.  Defying you and your ilk is the only right and correct course of action, particularly given that you have exactly zero authority anyway.

Remember, self-appointed authority and massive stupidity always walks hand in hand.  It’s a universal constant.  You exist as a physical manifestation of that fact.

Case in point: you’re blissfully unaware of the full Leslie Jones story.

This entitlement seeps through the pores of our culture and is repeatedly legitimized as being “just how fans behave.” This is not normal. This is not what fans do. To lump in the young women who found a new hero in Rey with the grown men who are cheering Tran’s exit from Instagram does a major disservice to what fandom can achieve at its finest. There is no way that abuse like Tran’s Wookieepedia page being edited to change her name to “Ching Chong Wing Tong” and describing her as “stupid, autistic and retarded” is rooted in anything other than racism and misogyny. This has nothing to do with being a fan. This is the obsessive screed of toxic white masculinity under the guise of a hobby.

Uh huh.

SJWs routinely like to pose as their political adversaries, to perpetrate Hate Hoaxes in an effort to prove points that don’t exist.  Who can forget the infamous Tea Party Infiltrators?  SJWs are notorious for this stuff.

In fact, it was a feminist SJW who put together the De-Feminized Fan Edit in an effort to mock and ridicule “MRA” critics of The Last Jedi.

Or how about my own experience with the Twitter and Facebook account “Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys” which advertises itself as a white supremecist organization, and then tries to associate with me and other critics?  They’ve also tried to associate with Geeks + Gamers.  By doing so they get clueless articles like this written, and videos like this produced.

So spare us your unwarranted sanctimony, child.  You idiot SJW “activists” are liars, unhinged dishonest freaks, and little more than turds to be scraped off the bottom of a shoe.

Where was your idiotic sanctimony when fans drove George Lucas from the franchise that he created?

Star Wars is not what it used to be, and that’s a good thing. 

In the 21st century, under new management and appealing to wider and more diverse audiences, the franchise has to evolve. Its casting and creative ensembles must reflect our world, not just because it’s the right thing to do but because it’s good for art and business alike. 

Well then, if it needs to reflect our world, then the cast should be predominately men, since men predominately fight wars in our world.

A whole new generation of fans will get to experience these stories for the first time, to find heroes they never thought they could have before. The rest of us will get to see those heroes of our youth in new ways that may not always delight us. Han Solo gets old. General Leia will leave us soon. Luke Skywalker became proud and scared and his actions were not those of the heroic. A large chunk of The Last Jedi is about calling out the hot-headed wannabe heroics of Poe and condemning how he assumes he knows more about the situation than two more qualified women. It’s perfectly fine and understandable to not like those creative choices made, but it must be understood that the franchise is not the enshrined property of a minority group who hate change.

Meanwhile, parents and grandparents get to explain to their children and grandchildren why Lucasfilm is publishing stories about Lando Calrissian admiring his own genitalia.  Can’t wait till Star Wars gets its Galaxina-esque sex scene that USA Today is calling for.

Not all change is de facto good milady.

The qualities that used to define the outcasts – geekiness, a love of sci-fi, a love of trivia – are now what bind the majority of movie-going audiences. Everyone is a geek now, whether you’re queuing up to see The Last Jedi or buying a Poe Dameron t-shirt or playing a Star Wars game on your phone. That seems to scare this toxic subset of fandom the most: the idea that the thing they ardently believe makes them special is actually something everyone possesses, including young women, people of color, LGBTQ+ fans, and so on. In reality, Star Wars was always for everyone, but now online fandom and wider media coverage means those poisonous fans can’t ignore that, even before the films stopped exclusively positioning white men as heroes. Rather than share it, these fans seem dead set on destroying the thing they claim to love so much. That’s not the mindset of a fan. That’s just garden-variety bullying.

Actually the subset of fandom to which you refer doesn’t really care about any of that, particularly since women and people of color have been in Star Wars for 40 years now, and they’ve never had a problem with it before.  That same subset of fans have been fans of other very popular franchises that have showcased strong female characters for decades.

It’s just the really bad storytelling and the political propaganda that is the problem instead.

Look, you’re fighting a war that was fought and won roughly half a century ago.  It’s not the 1960s.  It’s 2018.  You’re not a civil rights activist.  You’re a shell shocked soldier who just can’t let the war go.  Or rather, the professors who programmed you are, since you yourself weren’t even alive when the war was fought and won.  That’s really pathetic.

Star Wars fandom can be a truly beautiful thing, but the rot that has festered at its heart thanks to white male entitlement and gatekeeping is ruining it for everyone. The sad thing is that seems to be what these “fans” want. We can’t let that happen.

The only ones who seem entitled here were the ones screeching for equal representation and gender equality when Star Wars was sold to Disney.  Funny how those same hypocrites don’t have any problems with gender inequality when it goes their way, now that the Force is apparently exclusively female.  Nothing says inclusivity quite like exclusivity.

To quote Rose Tico, “That’s how we’re gonna win. Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love.”

Well then how come Holdo got to fight what she hated?

SC Reviews offers his own perspective on this article:

12 thoughts on “Star Wars Has An Air-Headed SJW Fandom Problem

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  8. Except that there is NOTHING left-wing or SJW about the new Star Wars movies, and NO political/PC agenda, and nothing “ruined” by SJWs.
    And no, your imagined grievances don’t justify the harassment of actors, writers, etc. That makes the person doing it no better than the SJWs.


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