Something Rotten Might Be Going On At Rotten Tomatoes

SJWs are taught in school that activism can “affect change.”  As a result, they’re under the delusion that activism can somehow change the perception of a movie, despite the fact that people can just watch it for themselves.

Readers may recall some time back, the SJW hate hoax social media accounts “Down With Disney” taking claim for hitting the Rotten Tomatoes score of The Last Jedi.  This of course was an attempt by the hate hoax account “Down With Disney” to discredit the Rotten tomatoes score, since it was so awful.  Nevertheless, Rotten Tomatoes denied that any such hacking took place.

Now it seems though, that something genuinely fishy is going on at Rotten Tomatoes.

SC Reviews reports:

Others have noticed as well:



Someone or some group of people it would seem, was padding the critical review score with 5 star reviews.

They were even potentially caught lazily copying and pasting from earlier reviews.



The overabundance of 5 star reviews seem to start in earnest around June 10th, about 4 days after released the first Blu-ray sales numbers for The Last Jedi, and about 2 days after news of those numbers hit YouTube.

With the total and utter disaster of Solo at the box office, and the tanking Blu-ray sales of The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson’s planned trilogy is almost certainly in jeopardy, despite the hysterical claims of cheerleaders.

SJW activists are likely padding the Rotten Tomatoes score in an effort to change perception of The Last Jedi, and perhaps boost Blu-Ray sales, in a vain effort to lessen the jeopardy that Rian Johnon’s trilogy is now in.  The activism will of course not have the intended effect, but that won’t stop them from trying anyway.


Ethan Van Sciver comments on this strange occurrence:

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