Understanding The Historical And Foundational Basis Of Geeker Gates

This is where the reader must begin to ask themselves how far down the rabbit hole they’re willing to go.  For some, this may be too deep.  But I present it anyway to those with an open mind, and genuine curiosity.

Recently, I presented an initial draft for an outline detailing the basic tactics in Geeker Gates, which seek to infiltrate, assimilate, and transform various pop culture IPs.  But it’s important to understand, that this is merely a small scale tactic that is used as part of a much larger long-term strategy in a cultural civil war that’s been waging for many decades.

Now, it’s important to understand, that many SJWs at the bottom of the Collective won’t have any knowledge of this.  The rank and file SJW has merely been programmed in school to engage in “activism” as a method to “affect (or effect) change.”  They’re what Vladimir Lenin is reported to have referred to as “useful idiots.”  They don’t understand the bigger picture that they’re being used for.  In schools and universities, students are taught all of the golden promises that socialism and communism offer.  But they’re not taught the historical reality of what socialism and communism result in, the Scandanavian socialist utopia myth notwithstanding.  Those who subscribe to this indoctrination, become the SJWs that we know today.

So many of them will mock this as merely a “conspiracy theory.” But this is all basic history that is available to anyone who can read, and it can all be verified independently by those who wish to do so.

Of course, many of those who mock this, will be the very same personalities who routinely criticize and mock capitalism.

So, with that as a preface, down the rabbit hole we go.

The Long March Through The Culture

Meet Antonio Gramsci.


His hair could be blue.

Antonio Gramsci was a radical socialist turned communist who pushed his political views in Italy where he lived during the 1920s. He would busy himself with publishing periodicals like L’Ordine Nuovo: Rassegna Settimanale di Cultura Socialista (The New Order: A Weekly Review of Socialist Culture) which appealed to fringe left radicals. In response to laws enacted in Italy that were designed to deal with such radicals, Gramsci was arrested in 1926 and was sentenced to serve 5 years on the island of Ustica, though his sentence was increased to 20 years in 1928.

While in prison, Gramsci scribbled manifestos in 32 notebooks which contained his political and philosophical thoughts. The notebooks were smuggled out of prison and published in Italian a few years after World War II, though they wouldn’t be printed in English until the 1970s. His writings essentially contained support of Marxism, but eschewed any kind of revolutionary violence or force.

Rather, what Gramsci advocated instead, was what he called the long march through the culture,” whereby Marxists would gradually and incrementally infiltrate the institutions of society’s “superstructure” such as entertainment industries, media, schools, universities, literature, civic organizations, churches, science, judicial systems, labor unions, pop culture, and at least one major political party with the purpose of creating ideological hegemony. The institutions could then be fundamentally transformed from within by like minded activists or SJWs, who would then “remoralize society.”  This is what some writers also refer to as Cultural Marxism.

John Dewey, the father of modern public education and also a Fabian Socialist, agreed with Gramci’s approach:

“Change must come gradually. To force it unduly would compromise its final success by favoring a violent reaction.”

It also is congruent with the general tactics that Fabian Socialists advocated:

“For the right moment you must wait, as Fabius did most patiently, when warring against Hannibal, though many censured his delays; but when the time comes you must strike hard, as Fabius did, or your waiting will be in vain, and fruitless.”

Other entities would also adopt this strategy including György Lukács who helped form the Frankfurt School in Germany.  Professors from that school would later migrate to work at Columbia University, where they used this strategy to create what is known as “Critical Theory,” which now forms the foundation of all university curricula. Those professors in turn “educated” the children who would turn into hippies during the 1960s and 70s, who in turn became professors themselves and “educated” the modern SJW.

The idea that Gramsci gave birth to, “the long march through the culture,” postulated that if all of the cultural institutions were assimilated from within, then the culture as a whole could be changed over time, and violent revolution would be unnecessary.

Star Wars is but one such cultural institution.

This is why we we’re now treated to on-the-nose social justice lectures about evil rich people engaging in slave laborillicit arms deals, and animal abuse, and a variety of other things in all of the new Lucasfilm media under Disney.

With all of this in mind, I strongly encourage my readers to now watch the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


36 thoughts on “Understanding The Historical And Foundational Basis Of Geeker Gates

  1. You have just ascended above and beyond the usual “Star Warz is being infiltrated by SJWs” youtube account. Looking forward to following you. Also glad you’re doing a blog and not a FB page that can be censored.

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      • I was a Philosophy grad student at Columbia in the 90’s. The Dept was uniformly anti-post structuralist, anti-Derrida, anti-Marxist. We were taught to regard all that stuff as bad poetry, at best. These SJW movements come out of the * Studies departments but do not represent serious intellectual life at Columbia, which is unfortunately in its own little bubble.

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  3. Glad I dropped by tonight, this is a great article, which confirms many of the things sensible people already know about this issue.
    It also proves how many useful idiots are devastating Star Wars right now. I honestly don’t think the franchise will survive this.

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  4. Itchy!! Itchy, you *did* it! I’m SO PROUD of you! You brought in the public school system! You’re such a David taking on such Goliaths! As I said in a previous comment, the public schools have been dodging this whole process. They seen as something so far back in the SJWs past. Since that’s just ancient history, it’s irrelevant, and must not be brought up. So, wow! Thank you for bringing it up! So insightful.

    “Now, it’s important to understand, that many SJWs at the bottom of the Collective won’t have any knowledge of this. The rank and file SJW has merely been programmed in school to engage in ‘activism’ as a method to ‘affect (or effect)’ change.” –Itchy. Yes, they “are serving as an unconscious vanguard for the very movement most eager to demolish their fondest dreams.” –William D. Gairdner from The War Against the Family. Their fight for a “more perfect” IP will leave them without an IP.

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  5. “Other entities would also adopt this strategy including György Lukács who helped form the Frankfurt School in Germany.” Sounds like the Hungarian version of a certain Star Wars filmmaker!

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  19. I’m should added,that Gramsci not related to the Communist ideology of the Soviet type i.e.Leninism,Marxism-Leninism. etc.
    He definetely was a left communist,or say libertarian communist, but compared to the people like Luxemburg he created full theory.Leninism extension of the marxism of the second international, but they considered formula dictatorship of the proletariat = representative majority by party in liberal democratic system,Lenin formula was dictatorship of the proletariat= dictatorship of the party, this is what that lead to the totalitarian regime under Stalin.
    Gramsci ‘conception :Like Sorel,whom he criticized but from he learnt much ,Gramsci believed that a socialist society meant extending to the whole of social life the principles that governed a democratically organized production plant : it should be a community of producers in which political rule and economic authority conditioned and supported each other.” His other concepts are quite different from Lenin and 2st international.
    See this book-

    Cultural marxism is a myth.


      • Marx wanted a direct ( or participatory democracy).There not separation o on “socialism” and “communism” in his and Engels writings.So workers ( or population ) control of the means of production.So there many currents of this since 1st international- anarcho-communism,anarcho-syndicalism.etc.Theorists of the second international truncated this to the planned economy,but they wanted a radical democratic regime.Collapse of these parties was caused by contradiction between theory and political practice.Lenin approuch (one-party dictatorship) was mainly driven to destroy a Tsarist state.This lead to the Stalinism.And Later Stalin installed simply a puppet regimes in Eastern Europe-these were not revolutions.
        From the point of view of the classical marxism 1917 revolution was not a socialist.
        New left is also this current.It should be stated that Soviet ideology was rewritten at least 6 times since Lenin.See for example,Marcuse book,Soviet marxism. In Soviet ideology not only general things such as freedom were faked,but marxist terms-such as dictatorship of proletariat,socialist ( i.e. direct democracy)-its only existed on local level days after 1917 coup.
        Togliatti build a reformist(non-revolutionary strategy)-called structural reformism,via italiana, later it was called “eurocommunism” that used some Gramscian’concepts.
        See this book-

        This author have book on Gramsci.Gramsci rejects Lenin,2st international,and even Engels brand of historical materialism.PCI was not a Gramscian movement (its never existed, and i’m not think it could exist in today’s world),but not Leninist either.It could be called a left-wing social democratic party,however it have a New Left wing headed by Ingrao.Which called for a left syndicalism.
        ” Discarding the bureaucratic dictatorship of. a single
        party, this wing of the PCI (Ingrao, Trentin and others) could only seek to elaborate the
        1968 experience. Its ingredients are well known: cultural revolution, democracy of
        spontaneous movements, factory councils, egalitarianism, rejection of party
        bureaucratism, support for the most audacious theses of emancipatory and
        revolutionary syndicalism, critique of the “alienation” of industrial labor, and the
        Utopia of a “new organization” of production”.

        See this article by analysis of Soviet-style societies by such people-


        Libertarian socialism/communism-is very large field with HUNDREDS of theorists .How it could be implemented in practice -is another question.
        I’m have a Gramsci’s writings.Its not applicable in a modern world.Main work of course a Modern prince-on a Gramscian party.You could not create such a movement in even a very advanced society.
        For example Kautsky attacked Bolsheviks from the marxist point,caused that his main work was not avaible in USSR.


        All such writings are avaible.For example there 14-volume edition in progress of Luxemburg works.

        Concept of totalitarian regime was defined by many people and have many different meanings.I’m think this work is best-


        I’m could say that i’m not left-wing, but have a centrist views on economics,but consider marxism as theory is interesting.


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