Boycott Chuck Wendig’s Marvel Darth Vader Annual Comic Book


Enema induced lock jaw.

Chuck Wendig, author of Aftermath, recently tweeted out a manifesto detailing his struggle to understand the basic business to customer relationship.

Aaron Sparrow had some fun lampooning Chuck’s ridiculous rant on Twitter, and you can read that here.

Audience members are in fact customers, when they purchase admission tickets, or Chuck’s crappy books.

But Chuck Wendig isn’t J.R.R. Tolkien.  Not by any stretch.  He’s not spending years crafting a story without regard to monetary compensation, or even whether or not it will ever get published.  He’s pumping out widgets as fast as he can, just like any other blue collar worker.  He even says so:

Chuck is working as a representative of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise.  Lucasfilm is in the business to sell products, which includes Chuck Wendig’s Star Wars books and comics.

But Chuck will never be able to comprehend this remedial fact, because he refuses to accept or even acknowledge the capitalist system which currently pays his contracts.


To help keep the momentum of #TheFandomMenace running hot until #BoycottEpisodeIX, a #BoycottMarvelVaderAnnual campaign has been proposed.

Chuck Wendig has overheard about this impending boycott in online conversation, and here’s his thoughts on the matter:

Wendig claims that the comic book will be out in August, while Wookieepedia lists the release date as July.

Darth Vader Annual 2 is first special issue in Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith, a comic book series by Marvel Comics. It will be written by Chuck Wendigand set to be released on July 18, 2018.[1]

Other sources also list the comic book as being released in July.

If anyone can confirm the exact date, I’ll be happy to post the updated information here.

Chuck doesn’t think too much of this boycott, or at least that’s what he claims:

This of course begs the obvious question; if Chuck Wendig believes that boycotts only have the opposite effect like banning books, then why does Chuck engage in boycotts himself?

Chuck doesn’t think the boycott against his Marvel Darth Vader Annual will have any effect.

Let’s do our best to correct that, and make that monkey dance.

Contact Disney, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Del Rey books, and let them know that you won’t be purchasing any product with Chuck Wendig’s name on it.


For those who want more background on this boycott, you can read about the history Chuck Wendig’s frequent meltdowns, here, herehere. here, here, here, here, here, and here.  You can also read about the misbehavior of other Lucasfilm representatives here.

Fans who may have been blocked by Chuck’s Twitter account, but who would still like to respond to Chuck’s public statements and intimidation tactics with feedback, can respectfully contact him through his website, his Facebook account, his Instagram account, his tumblr account, his Flickr account, his Google+ account, his MySpace account, or his email address, terribleminds [at] gmail [dot] com.  You can also comment on his blog, or at his YouTube Channel.

Not to worry Chuck, #TheFandomMenace is just a “tiny vocal minority.”
Chuck Wendig helps promote the boycott:

This helps to explain the surge of SJWs with teenager mentalities commenting on this post.


93 thoughts on “Boycott Chuck Wendig’s Marvel Darth Vader Annual Comic Book

  1. “You are, I hope, my audience.” Haha nope. I am sort of gawping at the spectacular public embarrassment to writing that is Chuck Wendig, though. Does that make me audience?

    “You are free to be my audience at any time, and free to get off the ride at any time.”
    Never got on and never will, I couldn’t even get through a quarter of these ludicrously self-absorbed and self-important tweets. Who the hell is this guy again? He seems to think he is some great artist, but all I can see is a bitchy, entitled, coddled, talentless hack. A parasite off the creativity of real artists who came before him.

    I would never waste my time reading the product (yes PRODUCT) of such an obviously impoverished, inferior intellect.

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  2. There is a theory which posits that an infinite number of monkeys banging away on an infinite number of typewriters will eventually type out the works of Shakespeare. Apparently it only took one monkey banging away on a keyboard to write “Aftermath.” Which calls a question to my mind: Is the number of monkeys banging away on keyboards directly related to the quality of the work, as the above statements would seem to imply? Discuss.

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  3. Hey thanks for boycotting Chuck. That’s awesome. I had no idea that a new issue was coming out. I’ll be sure to buy some copies. Probably 4 or 5. I have brothers and a daughter that loves SW. Is there anything else you’re boycotting? I’d like to find out so I can contribute to them as well. Thanks again for bringing attention to Chuck.

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  4. This is hilarious! You feel so strongly about Chuck Wendig that you create what amounts to a free ad campaign for his stuff. Before I stumbled upon this, I didn’t know about his Darth Vader annual. Now, I’m going to purchase it.

    Thank you for promoting a good author.

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  5. If you boycott every author with opinions you disagree with, I’d argue that you must not read very many books at all. Based on other author’s responses to similar issues, I think the majority of them would espouse similar views to the ones Chuck has shared above. As Neil Gaiman would say, “GRRM is not your bitch,” or in this case, Chuck Wendig is not your bitch – he is not your dancing monkey.

    Yes, an author’s readers are essentially their customers. Having achieved a certain level of success, an artist can most certainly afford to choose who they want their customers to be. So what if that isn’t you? It makes no difference to those of us willing to consider more than one point of view on any given issue.

    “Write a lot. Write fast. Finish your shit.”

    Yes, of course. That’s how writing is done.

    “He’s not spending years crafting a story without regard to monetary compensation, or even whether or not it will ever get published. He’s pumping out widgets as fast as he can, just like any other blue collar worker.”

    There’s no better way to get good at something than to do it a lot. And what happens when you’re good at something? It takes less time to do it, and you do it better. There is no virtue in having spent 20 years polishing a single masterpiece, when you could have produced 20, or 40, or 60 works or more in that time. Yes, there is a limit to the level of quality you can achieve within some amount of time. However, rewriting is not writing. The speed at which a work of art does not necessarily correlate with the quality of said work.

    Why would any artist deign to work within constraints they haven’t chosen, imposed by those they have no obligation to? Toiling for decades on a single unpaid work of art is no more a higher calling than working as a “blue collar writer, as you’d put it, if that’s what’s right for them. An artist is no more beholden to your whims than they are their next rent payment, or for the fun of it, or for the desire to put a story on the page they feel needs to be told, regardless of what you think about it.

    For someone who criticizes Chuck’s supposed inability to comprehend remedial facts, I am in awe of your inability to grasp such basic concepts as those outlined above.

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      • Ohhh, I thought he was giving advice TO the SJW trolls. The comment makes much more sense that way. These pathetically ineffective and self-defeating comment attacks are indeed some of the most embarrassing shit I’ve seen in a while.

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        • Reading the bullying kind of comments left by younger minds today is like walking past a grade school playground. This is where you’d overhear this kind of bullying nonsense. As we hear this, we think to ourselves: “One day these kids will grow up and become a normal, healthy part of society. I must not let their nasty talk discourage me!” Sadly, the evidence is against me. Something is stunting the normal development these children should be going through.

          Using logic, facts, sound argument while avoiding sophistry, insults and bullying is quite impossible for a maladjusted individual. Clearly, had the parents of Social Justice Warriors were themselves denied a healthy diet of Vitamin “N”:


      • Spencer Kimball as in the old fart that believes inn the “White Salamander” letter enough to want to buy it to hide it from public view Spencer Kimball.

        Sorry, but when I quote people I try to quote people who don’t believe in batshit crazy thing like LDS doctrine.


  6. Haven’t been here in a while. I come back and I see a couple of SJWs decided to come show us why we laugh at them. Calling us virgins or acting like concern trolls is not going to change our minds or help Cuck Wending write better and stop acting like and unhinged maniac who seriously needs his meds.
    We are right on this, and you aren’t. Simple as that.

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  7. Hadn’t seen most of Chuck’s observations, thanks for sharing them here. Makes me like him as a person. You, on the other hand, appear to be kind of a dick, who’s main focus in life is tearing down the efforts of others instead of creating anything yourself. That’s just based on this one impression though, maybe down deep inside, you’re just a misunderstood peach of a guy. I’m not really that optimistic though.

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  8. Man, you hate Wendig so much that you let him write your blog. Way more of his words than yours. That’s… Something.


  9. Do you people think about what you’re doing at all? You literally put up a pool of ways to harass this man at the bottom of this post. That’s sick. This is horrid. You say others have the “mentality of teenagers” and yet you wax on endlessly about Star Wars.

    That thread is not a “meltdown.” It’s a reasoned parsing of the relationship of a creator to their audience when their audience just yells at them all day. A “meltdown” is making the banner on your WordPress site some nice people who want to enjoy Star Wars and this site is either a meltdown or a tantrum, though I can’t be certain.

    Wendig isn’t denying the existence of capitalism, nor does he not understand it. But the job of a creative is not to “give fans what they want.” Fans, like dogs, wouldn’t know what to do with the car if they actually caught it. Coppola didn’t write Godfather II by reading fan tweets and modern creators shouldn’t be held to any higher standard of placation.

    Anyway, this site is trash.

    P.S. He’s not saying that boycotts don’t work. He’s saying that YOUR boycotts don’t work. Cheers.


    • How can you possibly ask if someone else thinks, when it’s clear that you don’t have a fundamental understanding of the definition of “harass?” Consider attending a remedial vocabulary class before engaging in adult conversations.

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    • If our boycotts don’t work Kevin, then why is he babbling on and on about “toxic fans”? You do know that he once tweeted that prequel fans should commit suicide, right? And “Aftermath” has the lowest rating on Amazon. So bad, some people returned their books for refunds. Disney is a major corporation that has a lot of power. I’m sure it can withstand criticism unless Disney is paying you to be here.

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      • They won’t buy it. SJWs like to mouth off online a lot, but they never follow through. I’m not sure if it’s because being the lazy unemployed schmoes that they are, they have no money to spend, or they are just too lazy to get off their butts and do something that isn’t violent, but the chronically poor sales of all SJW “products” are proof they won’t support Wendig as they claim. Talk is cheap.

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      • They’re far too used to getting their parents to buy the junk for them. Besides, if that’s the standard we’re going to use, then we can all clearly agree that the number of purchases does not reflect an equal amount of admiration or love.

        Disagreeing with moron Star Wars writers does not imply a desire for something to go wrong for them personally. We don’t wish them death or violence or their house burning down in the night, for Heaven’s sake! This is a conflict of ideas and ideologies. It takes years for a mind to be so brainwashed that it degenerates into becoming an SJW. It’s going to take time to talk such zombies out of the darkness, and into the light.

        There are many who are emerging from the left, snapping out of the mental fog that led them to insult, use twisted thinking, juggle conflicting ideas while believing they belong together. Even MatPat at FilmTheory points this out:

        Mat explains: “The Illusory Truth Effect”, as he puts it, “is the phenomenon in which you tend to believe information that you heard repeated over and over, regardless how truth that information actually is. When we hear something a lot, we tend to believe it without questioning.”

        We are watching this growing generation believe stuff because they’ve heard ONE SIDE OF THE STORY because it’s fed to them without end. So when Itchy presents the other side of the story, it’s time to pull out the sprayed-on indignation and make fools of ourselves!


  10. Have you scum-soaked SJW fleshbags given up already?? I was enjoying checking off every single SJW cliche in your terrible troll posts. Don’t give up now, you pussies always fold like napkins. You’re so wet, so soft.

    I want MORE from you! Get to it!

    – more ‘sad, tragic’ concern trolls

    – more – ‘hate’, ‘harassment’ fake accusations

    – more ‘we are right and you are wrong so fuck off’

    – more ‘incel, try getting laid’

    – more ‘cringe, embarrassing’

    – more “the makers don’t care so nyah”

    – more ‘alt-right’

    – more ‘fanboy’

    – more ‘grow up’

    – and the best one of all, I need more “I’m going to buy it TWICE and THRICE so ha-HA, just you WAIT! We’re going to show you!”

    You’ve been doing that one since Ghostbusters 2016. LOL. Still ain’t workin tho… LMFAO!!!!

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  12. I don’t see what he said that was so wrong, though. He said he’s not there to be at someone’s beck and call. JD Salinger didn’t talk to any fans or doing any interviews for DECADES. Of course he’s dead, so you can’t boycott him.

    Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean they owe you a response.


    • Who exactly is asking Chuck for a response? I think you’re reading words that aren’t there, and missing the words that actually appear.

      If J.D. Salinger’s books are still being published, then of course you could boycott him. But that’s not the point.

      Chuck is an easy target, because of his childish public antics online, but his involvement is really just incidental. It could have been any Lucasfilm related personality. The boycott of Chuck’s Marvel comic is aimed at Lucasfilm, for whom Chuck is contracted with.

      If you don’t see anything wrong with Chuck’s antics, then go buy his books. Enjoy!

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  13. Thank you, Itchy, for this post. If for nothing else, it demonstrates the toxic responses of individuals, the hive mind that’s growing more prevalent in the USA.

    During the Great Depression in America — a time of great scarcity — Adolph Hitler’s hive-minded Nazis grew and festered unhindered and unchecked, feeling “empowered”. True, the Chancellor’s authority gave them that feeling: the feeling that they could bully anybody that disagreed with them. I mean, can we just imagine how that ultimate power corrupts ultimately?

    US soldiers volunteered to fight against the viral hive-mind that had set its sights on dominating Germany, Europe along with the rest of the world. Their most effective tool was propaganda, noted by MatPat as “The Illusory Truth Effect.” The difference between Nazi Germany and the current United States of America is that red-pilled Liberals, Centrists and Conservatives have platforms where they can voice their disagreement.

    If you, Itchy, have the freedom of speech, the right to disagree with how things are going down politically in your country, why are fellow citizens of yours actually wanting you not to exercise your First Amendment rights? It seems the only right they want you to exercise is the Right to Remain Silent. And if the expression is true, the proverb that says: “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing,” where is the “good” in people who oppose you with such childish bullying?

    Continue to speak your mind. Those who wish to silence you clearly oppose the true meaning of “Freedom of Speech.”


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