What Really Happened To Jake Lloyd?


Recent events has the shill media blaming fan backlash for the tragic turn that Jake Lloyd’s life has taken.  But as always, the media’s narrative is easily discredited.

So what really happened?

When we look at media publications from 1999, we see that the media didn’t have too many kind things to say about young Jake Lloyd.

From The Guardian:

Young Anakin is poorly characterised, you never believe this angel-faced lad could ever become Darth Vader. Much better, had he been a little older and drawn like Edward Furlong’s John Connor character in Terminator 2, where a basically a good lad could convincingly go bad depending on how nurtured. The people of Mos Espa annoyingly call young Anakin, ‘Annie’, leading you to expect the young prodigy to break into Tomorrow at any moment. (This also explains why in later years he takes to wearing a black dress).

Also From The Guardian:

3. Anakin Skywalker’s Hair. Star Wars has never been strong on hair – Leia looked like she was wearing ear muffs – but Anakin’s hair is truly revolting.

From Newsweek:

THE KID CAN’T ACT: Insiders call 9-year-old Jake Lloyd (who plays Anakin Skywalker) “”Mannequin Skywalker”–word is he stinks. Counterbuzz: But he’s so cute!

In fact the article from Newsweek was so upsetting to Ron Howard, that he took the time to write a letter admonishing them for their thoughtlessness:


In 2017, Bleeding Cool warned the fans that Ron’s letter might be a bad omen for Solo:

That’s right. Ron Howard thought The Phantom Menace was “truly amazing.” Howard doesn’t go into detail about how much Jar Jar Binks played into his verdict, but at this point it’s probably safe to assume that Howard loved Jar Jar. He was probably his favorite character in the entire franchise, maybe tied with the Ewoks. Hell, he may even bring him back for Han Solo, since he liked The Phantom Menace so much.

10 years after the release of The Phantom Menace, Jake Lloyd was interviewed at Supernova in Sydney, Australia:

Who does he blame?

Not fans in general.  But rather, high school and college students.

Jake stated,

“High school…they wouldn’t let it go.  You know how they can  be in high school.  They’re so charming and intelligent.  Awesome people.  Yeah, that was wonderful.  College has been similar.  Again, you’ll never find more intelligent charming people than the drunk students of the college world.”

And what did he say about the fans at the convention he was at?

Jake stated,

“It depends on the fan, obviously.  But the way this one is set up, I’ve noticed that a lot of people just know each other already.  It’s really nice to kind of stand on the outside of that and see them comingle, and enjoy each other’s company, and just know that they’re here to have fun.  And everyone can relate to that.

Every time I come to one of these, there’s always people who bring their younger children, like 9 and 10 year olds, who just absolutely love the film.”

Another interesting interview at the same event, shows the media asking Jake silly questions such as to whether or not being the young Anakin helps out with the ladies, and finishing off with reminding Jake that child stars often turn to a life of drugs:

During that interview when asked about the convention, Jake states,

“It’s nice.  You come for the fans.  That’s what you’re here for, to meet people who take you into their home, and enjoy what you did, and…or even if they didn’t, they still want to come up and ask questions, and sort things out for themselves, and that’s what you’re here for.”

So he wasn’t blaming genuine fans at all.

According to an interview with The Daily Telegraph in 2012, Jake Lloyd actually blamed schoolyard bullying and George Lucas himself:

The 22-year-old became so haunted by the movie he vowed never to act again and he has stayed true to his word.

“Other children were really mean to me,” he said.

“They would make the sound of the light saber every time they saw me. It was totally mad.”

Jake recalls how busy his young life became and at one point he was doing around 60 interviews a day.

“My entire school life was really a living hell – and I had to do up to 60 interviews a day.”

Lloyd felt so much anger towards the George Lucas directed film that he destroyed all of his Star Wars memorabilia, and only reprised his role as Anakin for five video games.

The youngster decided to take early retirement from acting as he was no longer able to fit in at school.

“i’ve learned to hate it when the cameras are pointed at me,” he told a magazine.

Jake, whose mother is an entertainment agent, admitted in an interview Scifitv.com that he doesn’t like watching the film anymore and he blames George Lucas for that.

“When you have something like that there’s a lot of expectations for it to meet the standards of the public and I don’t think George did that.

“For me to go back and watch it now would be kind of creepy.”

But while his 2015 high speed car chase made headlines, what few seemed to know or bother to report, was that while in prison, Jake was diagnosed with schizophrenia.  According to Tech Times:

Last year, Lloyd made headlines after he was involved in a high-speed chase with police that ended with him crashing into a tree. He was arrested on June 15, 2015.

The mother of the 27-year-old actor maintained that his reckless behavior was due to a mental condition he was not taking his drugs for. She even admitted that he had previously tried to attack her when he skipped taking his medication, but she chose not to press charges.

As first revealed on TMZ, Lloyd has now been officially diagnosed with schizophrenia and transferred out of prison and into a psychiatric ward where he will be getting treatment instead of finishing his sentence.

According to the same report, his mother, Lisa, said that Lloyd is doing much better at the mental facility and she can “already see an improvement in his personality.”

So once again we see that the SJW and schill media narrative has no foundation in reality.


You can read about the media’s treatment of Ahmed Best here.

You can also read about Andrew Dobson’s misleading comic that was making the rounds on Twitter, which I’ve discredited here.


Odin’s Movie Blog comments on this story:


24 thoughts on “What Really Happened To Jake Lloyd?

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  6. Watching the interviews, he’s obviously very intelligent, sensitive, decent. What the media did to him is in excusable. And, kids are assholes (like their parents), however, and his classmates apparently rode him into the ground. I’ve got a bit of a problem with his parents that didn’t get him out of that toxic environment. That kind of harassment day in & out for years would be enough to break anyone. I hope the best for him to be able to find peace.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not blaming schizophrenia on the media.

      Rather, I am blaming the the media’s misbehavior on the media instead.

      So it would be you who are the fucking moron and/or a pathetic sack, given your clear struggle with remedial English.


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  14. Purile and pathetic, just using cherry picked events and isolated incidents to excuse the gutless cowards of online trolling. Could drive a Mack truck through the holes in this article.


    • “Purile and pathetic, just using cherry picked events and isolated incidents to excuse the gutless cowards of online trolling.”

      You should consider looking at yourself. I have no idea what brought you to this site, but the site itself does not do any promotion. It does not force its content onto anyone apart from some mechanism which does pingbacks for references or something.

      This site exists in the same way wikipedia does. It is passive, and just sits here. It doesn’t stalk, doesn’t harass, it doesn’t assault, it doesn’t troll.

      So while you accuse this site of trolling, you’re the one who has to go out of their way to come here and unload. Attempting to create a stir, not offering anything intelligent, no references for your claims while being all high and mighty with your ego. You are the troll in this situation.

      From where I am standing, everything in the comment i’m replying to applies to you. You are probably suffering (yes, suffering) from a condition commonly known as ‘arrested development’ and your life could be a lot happier if you sought help with it. If you look at conservative people with rage and hate, the only privilege they have over you is they’ve grown past the part you are stuck at.

      If this has any ring of truth to it for you, get some help.


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