Why Did Daisy Ridley Leave Social Media?


Hint: She wasn’t being harassed by the patriarchy.

Recently, media outlets have been repeating a revised explanation of Daisy Ridley’s disappearance from social media, in an effort to support the Narrative of a “toxic” fanbase that is harassing “creatives,” which was put into overdrive by the fishy Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident.

So why did Daisy Ridley leave social media?

Daisy Ridley never liked social media in the first place.  Here’s what Daisy Ridley said about social media back in December of 2015 in an interview with Refinery 29:

They went through it at such a different time. Hollywood was a different place, and there was no social media. It’s hard to compare what you and your co-star John Boyega are going through to even Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio after Titanic, because that was before social media, too. Has that been daunting?

“Well, I was kind of loathe to go on social media. I find the trolling unacceptable and I never wanted to look like I was someone who would accept that. But the 99 — no, I would actually say 100% of the people [who’ve interacted with me on social media] have been so wonderful so far. My life is real average, and it’s nice to share that with people. And to see people’s conspiracies and their theories, that’s fun. It’s really fun to be part of.”

The unacceptable trolling, constituted 0% of her interactions on social media according to Daisy’s own statements.

Then later, in September of 2016, Sam Haysom reported at Mashable:

Remember when Daisy Ridley deactivated her Instagram account last month?

At the time, there was speculation the Star Wars actress had quit following the negative attention one of her posts about gun violence received.

Then there were reports that she’d reactivated her account to share the following note, before swiftly deactivating it again.

#DaisyRidley Reactivated her Instagram earlier today, and posted this then deactivated. We support your decision.🙌🏻 pic.twitter.com/afqqRDPFwH

“I felt a pressure being on it,” Sky News reported her as saying at the recent Student Academy Awards in LA.

“I was like, ‘I need to post. Oh my God, it’s been this many days’,” she said. “It’s actually been kind of nice not to be on it.

It’s sad news for fans of Ridley, who was undeniably pretty awesome on social media — and from the sounds of it, she’s not planning to rejoin anytime soon.

“I’m 24,” she continued. “I have a lot of growing up to do. I have to deal with loads of stuff myself personally. For that to be projected with millions of people watching, that is like a bit of an extra pressure.

“I think some people handle it well. Just right now it’s not for me, but who knows.”

The good news? Ridley is still very much active on Facebook, so all is not lost.

Ethan Van Sciver discusses the Mashable article which he found with some good detective work:

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