Like, Two, Like, Awesome GIFs, Like

Recently I wrote about several Lucasfilm representatives who were sporting “Fanboy Tears” mugs.

Andi Gutierrez, hostess of the extremely annoying Star Wars Show posted a picture of herself sporting the mug with the catchphrase back in 2015:


A great many SJWs wailed online about how the “toxic” fanbase was targeting poor Andi Gutierrez, who after all, was one of the most positive forces in fandom today.

Andi posted an indignant response to the resurfaced image from 2015.


Nothing to do with anything.

Except for like, oh my god, like, her favorite new gif, which like, she ALREADY like, had an awesome like, gif for, in like 2017:





Thanks to Maximus for doing the leg work on this.

And as I correctly predicted, when something upsets or offends normal people, SJWs will gravitate towards it like moths to a flame:

I expect more to follow.

That’s one fine organization you’re running there, Mr. Iger.  I have no doubt that this will only add to the box office for Episode IX.


Twitter terms of service.

23 thoughts on “Like, Two, Like, Awesome GIFs, Like

  1. Well, this is like going to a hardware store, talking to an employee and said employee telling me to go f*ck myself repeatedly with a rusty pipe.
    I guess they don’t want the boycot to end…

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    • Male tears, actually. But I guess the meaning could apply here since the Star Wars fandom is predominantly male.
      And we are the ones lacking class and education according to them. Mind blowing, isn’t it?

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  2. Not nearly enough. Disney really needs to find out who these “fans” who are complaining about TLJ and dox them. Then they should send out their fur suited mascots to harass them at home and at work. Just wait until they’re trying to enjoy a restaurant meal while having to deal with a 6 foot tall man in a chipmunk suit pantomiming insults at them and their families.

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    • I respectfully disagree. I don’t think she needs to be fired necessarily. There is a toxic culture within Lucasfilm that has made antagonistic messaging to dissatisfied fans acceptable. That culture needs to change.


    • I disagree also. Its just a toxic culture. And you will have a certain number of peeps who will just go with it to make it easier to work there. But yeah, the pretty girls always get away with being a bulky


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