Toxic Fembabies Cry Over Buffy Reboot


A feminist explains her displeasure with the Buffy reboot.

Oh, how the tables have turned.  Jeremy from theQuartering has a lot of fun with this:

A stunning comment regarding the Buffy reboot comes from Anita Sarkeesian.  For those who may not know, Anita is a noted feminist who was in the middle of the Gamergate controversy.  She has a show on YouTube entitled, Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games.  Keep in mind if you watch the video, that when Anita says she’ll apply “critical analysis,” what she actually means is that she’ll impose the Marxist/Freudian based “Critical Theory” that she was indoctrinated with in college onto video games, and that no actual critical analysis is involved.

It’s interesting that Anita Sarkeesian would be so down on the Damsel in Distress trope, given that she herself was a damsel in distress as described in The Phases of a Geeker Gate, according to various accounts.

She was also quite happy with the 2016 Ghostbusters film which rebooted the franchise with an all female cast:

Despite frustrations like this, the Ghostbusters reboot takes the beloved franchise from the 80s and manages to give us more of the rollicking comedic sci-fi adventure we loved in the 1984 classic while simultaneously wiping out much of the sexism that plagued the original.

She also felt that critics of the Ghostbusters reboot were misogynists:

The onslaught of aggression toward the remake is not at all surprising to anyone participating in online culture these days, where attacks against women remain a daily occurrence. In fact, online misogyny is so tiresomely predictable that the film anticipated it. In one of its most grimly funny moments, Abby (Melissa McCarthy) and Erin (Kristen Wiig) see a comment left on a YouTube video they have posted: “Ain’t no bitches gonna bust no ghosts.”

Some internet misogynist may have commented that “ain’t no bitches gonna bust no ghosts” on that video the new Ghostbusters upload to YouTube, but in the end, just like the heroes of the original, they bust the ghosts and save the day.

Of course, we all know how truthful SJWs are, and how representative of reality that their entertainment is.

With regards to the impending Buffy The Vampire Slayer reboot, Anita had this to say:

I can only imagine the nature of her tweets talking about the Ghostbusters reboot at the time.

Even more stunning than that though, was the headline at the ultra-feminist website, The Mary Sue.  Princess Weekes writes:

No, I Don’t Want a Black Buffy Reboot, and Here’s Why

When the news broke over the weekend announcing that Joss Whedon was not only launching a Buffy reboot, but doing so with a black female lead, my reaction was a very heavy sigh.

There was a time when this kind of news would have excited me in ways I can’t even explain. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of my favorite shows, in spite of many things, but not only am I not interested in a reboot, but this move to make the lead black—as reported by Deadline—is just a bad move on multiple levels for me. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not inclusive casting that I’m objecting to. I just want black women to get their own stories.  

Maybe Anita and Princess just have a problem with strong black females.  Maybe they just have a problem with watching people who don’t look just like them, and don’t understand the social and cultural importance of representation for marginalized people.  Any of that sound familiar?

Can someone get me a Fembaby Tears mug?  It wouldn’t be sexist and/or misogynist, since men also now claim to be feminists.  Therefore fembaby would apply to all whining feminists equally regardless of gender.

Now yes, Princess is a black female writer.  And SJWs may breathlessly point that out in the comments section below before arriving at this sentence in order to prove…something.  But melanin content is irrelevant.  What matters here is that she’s an SJW.  And as we know, white male SJWs have a bizarre tendency to routinely talk about white males as though they themselves aren’t white males.  Think of how often white male SJWs decry the white male lead in film and television.  It’s likely that we’re seeing the same psychopathology at work here.

In any case, just imagine all of the carefully composed hyperbole in all of the “think” pieces that I’ve responded to on this blog, which can now be appropriated and repurposed when responding to these toxic fembabies.

Many white women see themselves as rightfully at the center of all narrative, and believe any narrative that doesn’t feature them as heroes, even when they are featured in supporting roles, has displaced them.

And that goes for both categories of reactionaries—the Buffy fan upset that the franchise’s heroes now includes (*clutches pearls* and/or *gasp*) female people of color and the misogynist, racist, classist, dark side of the populace that’s always been present, wielding power in one form or another.

But saying there’s a lot of cultural anxiety around this particular generational handoff is an understatement. And when you consider that Buffy fandom has long been presided over by white women, it’s natural this would lead to angry policing over what Buffy is and isn’t. And that policing can be ugly and lead to toxic fandoms in which people who aren’t white women don’t feel comfortable.

It’s also about telling the original batch of Buffy fans that the franchise isn’t necessarily for them anymore. It’s rather for those who have been waiting on the sidelines (fans who weren’t white women) or fans of all stripes young enough to have fallen for Buffy through reruns.

Yes, there is a ticked-off splinter of the Buffy fandom angered by the reboot. These Hope & Change fembabies have been spreading their overblown hatred all over social media. As you might imagine, those “fans” aren’t very comfortable with the reboot’s more progressive messages. Their hysteria-tinged reactions are best ignored.

You can find good conversation and criticism of Buffy online, but you have to wade through the small number of very loud, very angry and often very white female “fans” who try to spread the message that Buffy is ruined due to its inclusion of actors and characters who aren’t also straight, white females.

This is all simply beyond delicious.

16 thoughts on “Toxic Fembabies Cry Over Buffy Reboot

  1. My, it isn’t as awesome when it happens to something they like, is it?

    There are a few things we must keep in mind here:

    One, Whedon is a very creepy pervert who has used his power as a producer to become a Weinstein lite creep. He’s also desperate to get back some SJW points back after the #MeToo movement bit him in the rear, so of course he would go for a black Buffy reboot as a last ditch effort to regain relevance amongst the “progressives”.

    Two, white SJW feminist women hate all and every single thing that takes attention away from them. They hate it with a blood burning rage when black or asian women are paid more attention than them, even moreso if it is in a franchise they believe they “own” which explains their rage right now at the Buffy reboot or the rage these people aimed at the pro-LGBTQ, anti-toxic masculitnity *race swapped* Charmed reboot (the race swap was their main issue). White feminists believed they “owned” those franchises, and hate the reboots are not centered on white straight “progressive” females because they won’t be able to watch themselves on screen as a form of validation to their endless attention seeking.

    BEcause for white feminist women it’s all about getting attention and agenda pushing, but attention *always comes first* to them. (Anita is a massive attention craving “feminist” after all).

    It seems we’re coming full circle again, and the ridiculous SJW ideology is going to crumble once more a few years from now, just like it happened when it was called the Hippie movement. It always happens. A shame it will have destroyed so much in the process, countries included, this time.

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    • I said this on Marshall’s blog months ago remember when people were saying that Firefly/serenity would be the next star wars? That it would be real star wars unlike those awful prequels how did that work out? And remember when people were clamoring for.whedon to make episode 7? Then avengers aou was a disappointment what do the man-children think of their hero now?

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      • I have to admit, that I did enjoy Firefly. But not most of his other work. They dialogue was always too catty and tumblr-esque in most of his stuff for me to enjoy. The first Avengers film was okay though. Too bad his politics has soured me on him.

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  2. I swear. There is no logic to them. You would think they would go ape sh*t in a good way over this. Buffy is coming back, and she will be black too! Hooray! But no, they go ape sh*t in the opposite direction. Utter insanity.

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    • Well right. If logic was a part of SJW thinking, then they’d celebrate this as yet another great civil rights stride. Instead, they’re making the same arguments that those who criticized the Ghostbusters 2016 reboot made, and are oblivious to the hypocrisy, because they never really paid attention to the nature of the GB criticisms that were actually made. they just reacted with unthinking accusations of sexism and misogyny. Now, the shoe’s on the other foot.

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  3. Oh boy, I’ve got a lot to say about this since I heard the news yesterday so bear with me:
    I never understood the near religious fascination with this show because when the show was on the air, it was eclipsed by another feminist show that came out two years before – Xena: Warrior Princess. It surpassed Baywatch in ratings, it, along with its star Lucy Lawless, became a household name, every TV show at the time – from The Simpsons to 7th Heaven, referenced it, spoofed it, or had Lawless guest star. Xena merchandise was everywhere. Xena was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide and even Ms. Magazine. Buffy was only an afterthought. Yet, in the words of Cathy Young, “Buffy largely eclipsed Xena on the cultural landscape as the ‘girl power’ show, garnering the critical analysis, the accolades for creative innovations that ‘Xena’ did first (such as a musical episode), and, when it wrapped up, the grand farewell in media. Too often ‘Xena’ got written off as campy swords-and-sorcery fare, a kids adventure show or a chicks-in-leather lesbian romp.” Buffy also introduced waif-fu, where a 99lb girly girl beats up with much success, a (male) villain 3x her size. Joss Whedon has used this troubling trope over and over again. Xena on the other hand had fully grown women with realistic bodies. Buffy has been accused of introducing flat, non-white who get killed off too quickly (until the series finale of course), while Xena had well-written non-white characters with agency like Lao-Ma, Akemi, Cecrops, Draco, et al. Buffy also had a male mentor called “The Watcher” to guide her whereas Xena WAS the mentor. And if we compare the careers of the two actresses after their respective shows wrapped, Lucy Lawless has had a successful career with shows like “Spartacus”, BSG, and “Ash vs The Evil Dead”. Sarah Michelle Gellar, not so much. Anyway, to wrap this up, here’s my take on Joss Whedon here:

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    • I dislike having to defend Joss Whedon, but in all fairness the reason Buffy could beat up vampires (who are stronger than humans in the Buffyverse) was because she was supernaturally endowed with the strength, speed, and skill to fight them and other demons. This was stated in the movie and in the show. The first season shows Buffy being uncomfortable with her powers and she rejects them, before ultimately accepting who she is under the tutelage of her wise master (her Watcher Giles). So she’s not a Mary Sue as she underwent the Heroine’s Journey in Season 1, and the universe of the show provides an explanation as to why a woman of slight build can beat up monsters. The show sticks to the internal laws of it’s universe fairly well, and gives good reason when it breaks some of them. By the way, I remember reading an article back when the show was airing wherein Sarah Michelle Gellar was surprised by a male fan who jumped out of some bushes to surprise her, and she flattened him because she had been trained in Tae Kwon Do or some similar martial art.


  4. I’m a Hispanic female and I hate the fact that they are remaking Buffy. Sarah Michelle Gellar will always be Buffy so instead of trying to change the Buffy we all love, why not have the lthis movie be based off of one of the slayers before Buffy? Give her a unique and bad ass story line of her own. This way the character can shine and bring something new to the Buffy Universe.


    • Why not? I don’t know. That is the same argument that many normal people made over many remakes/reboots/regurgitations. Normal people who were subsequently called racist, sexist, and/or misogynist by idiot SJWs for making that argument. So I guess you’ll have to consult said idiot SJWs.


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