Toy Sales Grow Despite Claims That “Kids Don’t Play With Toys Anymore”

With the routine and now undeniable reports that Star Wars toy and merchandise sales were slumping, and with World Class Bullshitters really being at the forefront with videos showing the toys just sitting on shelves for weeks and months and even years on end, it was undeniable that merchandising in the Star Wars franchise just wasn’t what it used to be.

Therefore, the Collective needed to concoct a new reality defying narrative.  Kids don’t play with toys anymore, they now say.

Well hold on to your stormtrooper helmets.


They’re not playing with those. is reporting that US Toy Industry Sales Grow To $7.9B After Toys R Us Closure.

In the first half of 2018, sales in the U.S. toy industry rose by 7 percent to $7.9 billion. The increase occurred during the liquidation of Toys R Us, market research group NPD said in a press release.

Toys set at between $5 and $19.99 led the market growth, and, when it came to categories, youth electronics increased by 43 percent and dolls rose by 17 percent. In addition, box office action figures and accessories grew sales by 16 percent.

If toy sales grow when kids don’t play with toys anymore, is that anything like a falling tree not making a sound if no one is around?

22 thoughts on “Toy Sales Grow Despite Claims That “Kids Don’t Play With Toys Anymore”

  1. We had a birthday BBQ yesterday for my niece who is turning 5. We gave her Candy Land, a Duplo ‘My Town’ set (she loves building things) and a baseball glove (bright pink, green and purple). She also received coloring books, a pink wind-up car, bubbles, and tiny indoor tee-pee so that she could have, and I quote, “a sleepover with all of my dolls and buddies!”

    Her Daddy loves the silly ‘Darth Vader and Son’ book series, but Mommy has put her foot down saying no Star Wars books or toys for her until she’s old enough to see ‘Star Wars’ (1977) without getting really scared. Which may be awhile. She gets scared of ceiling fans. And hand dryers in the ladies’ room.

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    • Addendum: My brother is a music teacher, and my niece is taking to the piano like a duck to water. Yesterday he started her on the slightly simplified version of the theme to ‘Star Wars’.

      Mommy wasn’t home at the time.

      (hee hee hee)

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  2. Heh. Speaking of “toys”, it looks like Star Trek is suffering from the same thing Star Wars went through: doubling down on the fans, firings, controversies… reported from Midnight’s Edge, entitled,

    “Star Trek Discovery and the Return of Picard: The Controversies Behind The Scenes”

    If that’s too off-topic, and I’m under a post deletion warning, then I hasten to offer Alex Becker’s review of the current state of Star Wars. This one’s a doozie, especially near the end where he divulges how much (mind-boggling) spending he would have done, had Star Wars remained on track,

    “IT’S OVER! Star Wars Dies Quietly As Fans Move On”


    • I don’t do post deletion warnings. Almost everything can be posted here, in the spirit of free speech. It’s why I don’t require registration.

      Many of the long time properties are going through the same things. So normal people will have to invent new franchises that SJWs will barnacle to in 40 years.

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  3. If kids don’t play with toys…then how come I can still see a lot of kids in toy stores looking for toys? Seriously, do these people writing silly articles about kids not wanting toys anymore go out of their rooms?

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    • It’s almost as if “truth” is whatever these crackpots feel they can post! The two videos I linked to in my post above speak of toys and merchandise sales. Seems that Star Trek (first vid) is having major difficulties selling stuff because many see Star Trek Discovery to be Star Trek’s Last Jedi, complete with subversive nonsense and lagging toy sales. No one wants toys based of the new franchise.

      The second vid has Alex Becker mentioning the money he saved because he’s pulled back on buying. Again, I’ve only got what he’s had to say… no tangible proof other than his testimony, but had Star Wars continued to be a George Lucas-based franchise, Becker’s reveals how many thousands of dollars he would have invested. Emphasis is on how much Disney did NOT make.

      Clearly, it would appear that Disney’s $4.05b purchase of LucasFilm was a mere petty-cash expense for Disney. Oh yes, the average person reels at how much cash this is. And Kennedy was given carte blanche to do with it as she pleased. I think it was petty-cash money because Iger’s bid to buy Fox was in the upper 70s when it comes to Billions of Dollars? LucasFilm purchase pales in comparison. What Iger did NOT expect was the effect on the REST of Disney’s assets this Star Wars debacle would have. It weakened DSNY market value. The subsequent scandals, such as Gunn and so forth, did little to help stabilize Disney shares.
      #GetWokeGoBroke #RianTheBoatMaker


      • Speaking of Star Wars toys…one thing is for sure, these Star Wars toys will continue to rot inside toy stores due to the lackluster reception of the recent movies. I can still see old Star Wars Black Series toys that are on shelves despite the reduced prices and because of these…the toy sellers don’t want to stock new ones so us old fans would have to scour the net or other specialty shops for those.

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        • Becker was a major, serious Star Wars fan. He’s done a number of vids on Star Wars. Two minutes reviewing his vid list exposed 18 titles. Titles such as:

          Sure, he takes things from a business perspective…but not always.


            • “No insult was made or implied by me. I just don’t know much about him.” Exactly how I perceived it. No insult perceived. And I figured I’d let Becker speak his mind.

              Perusing his channel showed 18 Star Wars-based vids. This is a small, somewhat random sampling (they were previewed, just not each video on his channel before selecting).

              Purpose: to provide a source of videos for possible (at your discretion) use on this blog. From someone who visits your blog daily, I feel it’s my civic duty to help in any way possible. =)

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  4. Well, ironically I bought a Leia figure from the Disney store recently as part of their Toy Box line (which is just bigger versions of the discontinued Infinity figures). I will only buy anything from Lucas’ era but skip the Disney Wars figures (like Rey). When I brought it up to the cash register, the cashier (female) sighed, “I wish we had more Leia stuff.” I replied, “I wonder when they’ll make Ahsoka and Padme”.

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