Bryan Young Attempts To Connect Non-Existent Dots

Many readers of this blog will be familiar with Bryan Young as the Star Wars writer who got caught publicly discrediting himself.  Recently, he attempted to manufacture a correlation between the purely imaginary Nazis that SJWs stupidly see lurking in every shadow 72 years after their defeat in Germany, with the criticism over the Hux character being treated as comedy relief.


Bryan uses both brain cells to invent a new narrative.

Bryan doesn’t bother to consider the possibility that the humor was just bad, that it just didn’t work.  He also doesn’t bother to ask if the same folks found other humor around Nazis and Hitler to be funny, such as this:

The humor surrounding Hux was the very wet kind of humor one expects to find in a sitcom, not the dry kind of humor that has appeared in adventure stories like Star Wars.  So it was mostly just misplaced.  When a writer makes fun of and mocks the villain, the villain ceases to be “ruthless,” and just isn’t very threatening anymore.  The humor regarding Hitler in The Last Crusade worked because it was brief and dry, and didn’t belabor the joke.


Hitler signs Last Shot for Han Solo.

Here Bryan stupidly attempts to connect the “alt-right” with Nazis.  Bryan thinks that Nazis were right-wing, because his head is filled with political indoctrination rather than genuine education.  But I’ve taken the time to write extensively about how there’s no question that the Nazis were actually very left-wing, and you can read that blog post here.

In actuality what this is, is Bryan attempting to manufacture a correlation between the imaginary Alt-Right bugaboos and the Nazis, just as he stupidly attempted to manufacture a correlation between Geeks + Gamers and Ethan Van Sciver with the Solo boycott.  But I think in order to do this effectively, Bryan needs to articulate whether he speaks exclusively about the Alt-Right, or if his “correlation” also applies to the Far-Right, the Extreme-Right, the Uber-Right, the Ultra-Right, and/or the NeoCon.

Yes, but not in the way that Bryan would like others to think it does.  I’ve also written extensively about the left’s gross misunderstanding of politics in Star Wars, and you can read that blog post here.

Of course not.  It only applies to the critical fans that Bryan seeks to mischaracterize.


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15 thoughts on “Bryan Young Attempts To Connect Non-Existent Dots

  1. One of the many objective faults of Disney Star Wars is that the bad guys aren’t credible. Darth Vader was not only credible, he was downright scary. Boba Fett, Tarkin, Jabba and Palpitine were all credible. Kylo Ren? Hux? Snoke? – all joke cartoon bad guys. It’s like trying to paint a picture without black, only light grey. The result is washed out and unaffecting. Note that Disney tends to avoid the really dark aspects in it’s product, because of their reputation as entertainment providers for children. It would appear they have done the same to “Disney-fied” Star Wars.

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  2. When I was a child, there were a few things taken for granted as “common sense”, such as: “opening a door for a woman”, “it isn’t whether you win or lose–it’s how you play the game”, and “the customer is always right”. But after reading the tweet contents of these regressive alt-lefts (Bryan Young, Rian Johnson, J.J. Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, Chuck Wendig, and so on, and so on,) I’m getting a very distinct impression: none of these older values have any impact on that party today. But why?

    + Opening a door for a woman is offensive, sexist, misogynistic, racist, homopho… oh, too much? Well, we could always pile a few more epithets. After all, they’re FREE!

    + “it’s how you play the game”. They don’t play fair when writing. Words are no longer used to convey truth. Modern writing resembles baseball bats entwined in barbed wire, best used on dissenters, in a painfully obvious (and ineffective) attempt to anger all outside their camp. After all, do you know any SJWs or leftists who are blissfully happy?

    Lastly: “the customer is always right.” These writers source from a school of thought that says: “Shout down valid critiques!” This has a detrimental effect on constructive criticism. Duncan Hines, years ago, would retool a product if as few as 10 housewives wrote in expressing their dislike for the product. Their reasoning was that the 10 writers represented thousands who were not bold enough to express like sentiments. Hence: “With Improved Flavor” printed on the new boxes. Contrast that with:

    + a disdain for the movie goer’s critiques;
    + utter disregard for how SJW politics has not helped the film industry (Ghostbusters reboot / Star Trek / Star Wars, etc.);
    + utter disregard for how the same politics have adversely affected the comic book industry (in the 1990s Marvel publications that sold less than 90K copies were terminated as unsuccessful, while modern books are hailed as successes if they manage 22K, many titles putting out as little as 18K).

    If their revenue stream isn’t from the public pockets (Solo, etc), then where is the money coming from to support such a unified front?

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  3. “Is it honestly because they don’t like seeing Nazis laughed at and made the butt of a joke?” Has this guy ever seen or heard of “The Producers”, one of the greatest comedies ever made? Has he ever heard Mel Brooks say, “See Hitler on Ice!”? Has he ever seen any of the WB cartoons of the ’40s like “Daffy – The Commando”?
    This “weak villain” habit is the same problem I have with the MCU. I was so disgusted with the Hulk knocking Loki like a rag doll and Star-Lord’s dance-off challenge to Ronan, I wanted to slap audiences for making these stupid films hits. So disrespectful and sets a bad example for kids regarding heroism.

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    • You know, if you were writing these irrational delusions because you were being payed to, I could understand. It would be a spineless MO, but there would be a logical motive behind it. But I fear that you truly believe in what you said, which if anything makes me feel sorry for you.

      And personally, I don’t really care about the fan-fictional Tarkin wannabe nor the joke that are the movies he appeared in. But reading your illogical implication that people who want competent and serious villains see those same villains as their heroes (or subscribe to their beliefs) is just laughable. The fact that you don’t even (want to) realize how stupid your assertion is, is just sad.

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      • It’s remotely possible that he’s aware of just how stupid his “correlation” is. But as is the case with all unthinking socialist SJWs, he doesn’t care. His primary motivation is to use this as a vehicle to mischaracterize his political opposition. That’s why critics who are politically abnormal are magically spared being maligned by his moronic “correlation.”


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